2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS Coupe 3.4 SFI V6 from North America


Not made any more... stay away from used!!!


10,000 miles

Dealer replaced warped rotors - warranty

18,000 miles

Turn signal went out - dealer warrantied

Dealer resurfaced warped rotors - warranty

26,000 miles

Noticed an oil leak, dealer replaced lower intake gaskets under warranty.

35,000 miles

Replaced brakes with Powerslot Rotors and Ceramic Pads, and this was the last time the brakes were touched - OEM's were just that bad, I guess.

42,000 miles

Turn signal again, dealer fixed under warranty

48,000 miles

Transmission electrical connections fell apart, transmission was replaced due to internal damages caused by wiring failure - under warranty

56,000 miles

Intake gasket again!!! - Dealer warranty.

General Comments:

Initially I liked my Alero very much. It was a GLS Coupe, and you didn't see many of them on the road.

The Monsoon (sorry, Olds called it the "Dynamic Bass Boost Option" back then) rocked, and I had a spirited car that returned a solid 23-25 MPG mixed driving.

I was fortunate that I kept my old S10 around, as it served as my loaner car each time I had to take it to the dealership. Under the GM warranty, they had to take it for a day to assess if a loaner was needed. So, effectively, I'd get a loaner at the end of the day and by that time, I just said forget it, I'll drive my truck to work.

I ended up trading the Alero in a few miles after it was out of it's 5 year/60,000 mile warranty. I was able to get more on the trade in than I was expecting, and decided to get rid of the car before I started to get burned by it.

I'm now a happy owner of an '04 Accord Coupe EX-L, which has been flawless and better in every way. It's a shame, because 5 years ago when I graduated college, you would have never seen me in an import. My, how things have changed. :P.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2006

2001 Oldsmobile Alero from North America


Good car with a few costly problems


First problem noticed at 25000 after going through a car wash and the floor board was soaking wet. Had the door reflectors replaced and the radio antenna replaced b/c it didn't pick up well.

Second problem cam at 54000 miles when the ignition cylinder had to be replaced.

Next, at 59000 the window regulator had to be replaced b/c window was slipping.

Then once the warranty was expired, at 97000 miles the ignition cylinder failed yet again.

Low and behold now at almost 123000 the ignition cylinder has failed yet again after on 25000 miles and the parts warranty is out.

I had loved this car since I first got it and still feel like I made a good decision due to gas mileage, I just wish that they would recall the ignition cylinder and manufacture it to hold up to the $300.00 it costs to repair it.

General Comments:

This has been an overall good car for me in the 5 years that I have owned it and plan on driving it for hopefully another year or so.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2006

2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 2.4 from North America


The car is a sorry investment


Two months after I purchased the car brand new in 2001 I had problems with the car backfiring. It took three trips and a complaint filed to have the problem corrected.

Now I'm having the same problems that I had 2 years ago. The car kept shutting me out. It won't start. The security light is on. The first time they told me it was the fuel pump. I replaced it and 2 weeks later the car shut down again. They said it was the ignition cylinder. I replaced it now 2 years later the same exact problems. The dealership has been very difficult to work with.

Also right now, the Tract Light and Anti-Lock Light stays on. My driver side window is broken - all I need is the clips, but have to order the entire window.

General Comments:

This type of car is not reliable. This is the last time I buy one made by them. The service departments are difficult to work with. I have made two offical written complaints to the maker of the car.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2006