2001 Oldsmobile Alero from North America


Money pit


My transmission dropped at 1400 miles and they replaced it.

The shift stick broke off when I shifted into reverse.

I have had numerous brake problems.

My dashboard is always lighting up.

My trac off light goes on and off without me turning it on or off.

I have replaced 2 sensors that cost me over $500.

My engine has knocked since I hit 20,000 miles, and the mechanics said that it was fine.

I go through gas like it is going out of style.

The car always feels like it is hesitating as it is going through gears.

I have had it shut off in the middle of an intersection.

My service engine soon light is always on, even after I leave the dealership.

I would never purchase one of these cars again. It is a money pit.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2008

2001 Oldsmobile Alero GL 4 Cy from North America


Negative, ghost rider, the wallet is empty


I guess I should title this "What Has Not Gone Wrong With This Car". I bought this Alero brand new in December 2001 for $10,500. It is now December 2007. I want to keep the car for another three years, if possible, but I do not believe that is feasible.

You name it, I have replaced it.

Fuel Pump- 3 Times

Fan Belt- 1 Time

Tired - On my 4th set

Radiator- 1 Time

Alternator- 3 Times

Windshield Wipers- on 3rd set

Cruise Control- 1 Time.

I also have many mysterious electrical problems with this car. My warning lights come on for a few days and then decide to turn off on their own (i.e. Low Tire Pressure, Trac Off and Service Engine Soon).

The radio in Alero's will stay on as long as they key is in the ignition or if you stay in the car for two minutes without opening the door. After opening, closing and locking the doors, my radio (sometimes) continues to play.

My window seals are not that great so when it rains (more like pours) I have wet carpet in both front floorboards! It smells like mildew a day afterwards, but I always clean up the mess.

My car WILL NOT crank some mornings. I have to keep it plugged up to a battery charger ALL NIGHT and then it goes dead when I reach my destination. My battery doesn't hold a charge--a reason no one has been able to decifer.

My car will go dead sitting at a red light. My RPM's are low and my gas mileage is TERRIBLE after so many repairs.

Not to mention gaskets, oil changes (synthetic) and other small things with the car have been replace numerous times.

Over railroad tracks and speed bumps my front end feels like it's going out and my alignment is very funny-- sometimes it's straight and sometimes it's great!

I paid 10,500 for this car and have spent (after this next repair bill which I am REPLACING THE ENGINE) I will have spent well over $20K for this car. Not worth it in my opinion, but it beats paying a car note. My tag is only $68 so I can't complain that much.

I hope this mechanic helps the car work for another year or two. That's all I'm asking for and I will sure as H* () get my money worth. I will drive this car into the ground again and again. I will NOT own a GM product again.

General Comments:

My heater and AC still work beautifully.

::knock on wood::

The stereo system is great and the car has enough room for me and my stuff, except for around Christmas when I'm traveling with gifts and away from home for three weeks.

The cup holder is o.k. with me.. better location than most cars. The seats are o.k. for a longer ride.

Um.. let's see... that's about all of the positive I have in me about this car.

Good Luck!

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Review Date: 6th December, 2007