1995 Oldsmobile Aurora from North America


Good looking, but the beauty is only skin deep


Windshield wiper spray system rusted.

Right rear power window stopped operating.

Power seat stopped operating.

Fuel gauge sensor broke twice.

Rear window trim leaked.

Roof trim detached.

Radio/tape deck broke.

Heater box leaked.

Rack and pinion steering had a clunking sound.

Oil leak in engine.

Power radio antenna broke twice.

Trunk interior panels came loose.

General Comments:

My wife loves this car; however, I had to ferry it to the dealer over and over.

The one really smart thing I did was buy GM's extended warranty for $600 with a zero deductible. That probably paid for itself 7 or 8 times over.

Two of the most irritating problems were the fuel gauge sensor breaking twice and ditto for the power radio antenna. These are not cutting edge technology items. Why can't GM procure a radio wind up material that doesn't break when Nissan can?

This could have been a real sales leader, but the reliability just kills this cars reputation.

We still own it and I think all of the bugs have been repaired. Since my wife puts on only 4000 miles per year, it'll be around another few years.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2004

1995 Oldsmobile Aurora from North America


A great handling luxurious nightmare


What hasn't gone wrong? The car seemed to fall apart at 100,000 miles. The transmission started slamming into gear. Then it stopped going into reverse. Had the thing overhauled for 2000 dollars and a few days later it automatically switched from drive to reverse in the middle of a highway. A computer module had gone bad.

Then, the car started running rough when it reached 50 mph. The problem was some kind of fuel regulator. (another 500 dollars)

Then, the air conditioning went out. After spending 12 hundred dollars getting the compressor rebuilt it turns out a wire harness on the compressor was shorting out.

Recently, the fuel pump went out (800 dollar repair because it's in the fuel tank) and the water pump and freeze plugs started dumping coolant. (another 700 dollars)

I've probably forgotten a lot of stuff I've had fixed. The point is, when things started going bad on the car the bills really piled up because the engine has to be taken apart during every repair. Nothing is easy to get to.

On the other hand, I really like the way the car looks and feels when it's working. That's why I have continued to repair it. Wish me luck.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2003

1995 Oldsmobile Aurora Sedan V8 from North America


A sedan that GM should of did more homework on..


I have had my 1995 Aurora since April of 2001. Since then I have spent well over what my car is even worth. Here are just a few things: Alternator ($700)

Battery ($230)

Fuel Rail ($800),

Ignition Switch ($500),

Radiator ($600),

Compressor ($850) car would not run without it,

Just to name a few within a short period of time. And mind you this did not included labor.

General Comments:

This could have been a great car if GM would have done more homework on it.

I loved my car when I first purchased it, but as of now I am very disappointed.

Great body style.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2003

16th Mar 2004, 22:25

I agree. I've owned a 95 aurora since 2000 and have probably spent well over $5,000. on miscellaneous repairs. I've loved the car and hated it, now I just hate it. It's in the shop now for a new belt. That'll cost me $500...

26th Jul 2004, 20:47

First of all when buying a used vehicle one should not comment on repairs as you doesn't know how car was treated. I've owned my 95 since November 1994. I've used only mobil one and have 160,000 on motor and it still runs as strong as a bear.

Only problems I've had are normal wear and tear, brakes, wires, ac compressor, radiator replacement, drive belt and cam belt, I've also repplaced struts to keep car handling like new. Early on I was cut off by tractor trailer and rolled the car resulting in minimal damage and no injuries to wife and I.

Best car GM has ever made. I'm actually looking for a 99 so I can drive it for another 7 or 8 years!

20th Jan 2006, 10:51

I have a '95, bought used in '99. I love the car. Yeah, I have had to replace a few things, but after 192,000+ miles it is to be expected. She is still running as of today and I drive it everyday. This car has been to Florida, even Key West, several times and as far as El Paso, Texas.

I just replaced the alternator ($139.00) which took 3 hours of my own time.

If I have a negative comment about my car, it would be that it is not mechanic friendly. This car is a real bear to work under the hood. And having to buy a battery directly from GM was not appreciated either.

Other than brakes, rear shocks, radiator and AC compressor, I haven't had any real problems with the car. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.

14th Mar 2009, 00:45

Why did you pay for the fuel rail? I know they do go bad, but since you paid for a part that has been recalled, you can contact GM and demand a refund. The thermoplastic rails were recalled a few years ago.


29th Jun 2013, 01:39

I ran straight into a pole going 65 and brought the pole down with me. I did not have even a scratch or bruise. And besides that fender, the car was fine. All the doors still opened easily. I loved my Aurora, so I just recently bought another one. It's the only car I want.