1997 Oldsmobile Aurora Base 4.0 DOHC V8 from North America


The best American classic ever


I have only had the normal problems that all Aurora owner face... the fuel gauge sending unit gets corroded after a few years and gives false readings. It's a $20.00 fix, just haven't got around to it yet.

General Comments:

This is without a doubt the most sophisticated car ever made by Oldsmobile in their 105 year history. Only 189,291 of these cars were produced, with a price tag exceeding $40,000. These cars are nothing short of a Cadillac, they share the same transmission, electronics and engine. The Aurora engine or L47 is the Northstar 4.6 in smaller displacement. They have the same intake, exhaust, lower bearings, heads, connecting rods, cams, etc.

I have been customizing mine for 4 years now, I have a 900 CFM true cold air intake with heat shielding, MSD ignition & Edelbrock custom cat back exhaust. I also switched to 255/55 R 16 tires over the OEM 235/65/ R16. I am pushing pushing 290 hp and 300 ft lb torque.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2009

6th Apr 2009, 19:09

Have you run it at a dragstrip to see if it is in fact putting out 290 HP?

Go to http://aurorah.proboards.com/index.cgi? The Aurora Club of North America, for info & talk about the Aurora.

24th Dec 2013, 03:31

That's why they make a dyno test, to get a readout.

1997 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0L 32 Valve Northstar from North America


The best/most expensive car to maintain that I have ever owned


- Waterpump went at 120,000 ($475 job)

- Wire pinched under wheelwell for foglight and quit working at 95,000 ($197)

- Computer inside ignition stopped reading the computer chip inside the key, therefore it would not start. Had to have the entire ignition replaced and two keys made at 111,000 ($386)

- Cruise control stopped working at 117,000. had to replace entire turn signal switch ($270.00 part)

- Rear struts leaked and the air pump was always on, causing the airpump to stop working. I had to have the two rear shocks replaced along with the airpump ($695)

-The pulley on the alternator was worn down and would tear apart drive belts. There was nothing wrong with the alternator, but after replacing the drive belt four times, I had to replace the alternator because of the bad pulley on the original ($310)

- I had a tune-up done at 105,000 with spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, etc. ($320)

- I noticed at an idle, the oil pressure was only between 8-10 psi. I ended up replacing the oil pressure sensor (Only $70)

General Comments:

I loved my Aurora. It was a 1998. Silver Metallic Mist with Black leather interior.

It had EVERY factory option possible. Heated seats, sunroof, Bose stereo, chrome wheels, AUTOBAHN package, engine block heater and ONSTAR. It had leather, lumbar, the leather was in perfect condition, it still smelled new when I sold it with 137,000 miles.

I had the windows tinted 50% black, had an arche spoiler on the trunk.

I had a performance exhaust put on. They took the resonator out of the exhaust and welded performance mufflers in place of the factory mufflers.

I bought 17 inch factory chrome Aurora wheels off of a 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora.

It was a silver bullet. The autobahn package gave it a faster accelerating 3.71 gear ratio and also allowed it to reach 135 MPH (It did, I governed it at 135 MPH twice, it hugged the road).

I got comments all the time on how nice it looked and turned heads everywhere when the RPM's were high because of the 32 valves under the hood and the stealth exhaust under the car.

I never had an issue with the transmission or engine. It shifted tight and didn't leak or burn a drop of any fluid.

I did the brakes and rotors all around twice in 35,000 miles.

I sold the car for a 2002 Acura 3.2 TL Type-S. It was a little faster and had a higher top speed, but wasn't nearly as enjoyable to drive as my Aurora.

I ended up selling my Aurora to an 85 year old couple. They loved it from the first time they came to see it. They had it for about 2 years and the only thing they had to replace was the rear calipers (I knew this because I kept in touch with them, I needed to know how my baby was doing). They only put about 2,500 miles on it (to the grocery store and church and back).

In December of 2007, the woman who was driving it had a brain aneurysm and hit a car head on, killing herself and totaling my baby. RIP.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2008

22nd Nov 2009, 15:20

Thanks I love my Aurora.

23rd Nov 2009, 20:20

"It was a silver bullet. The autobahn package gave it a faster accelerating 3.71 gear ratio and also allowed it to reach 135 MPH (It did, I governed it at 135 MPH twice, it hugged the road)."

- I have often wondered what the actual top speed of the Aurora would be without the speed limiting programming.

20th Dec 2013, 12:48

137.9 top, cuts off with full power, still capable of maneuvering the vehicle.