1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme LS from North America


Best car you'll ever own if you're looking for a reliable and economic car!


Driver side strut tower, Alternator, and intake manifold. Paid 5,500 for the car and put in less than 2,000! The car has always started even in negative weather! Great heat and super A/C!

General Comments:

It's a great car! I love it to death. Bought at 88,000miles, has 171,000 and still runs great! I'll admit my 96' intrepid has better performance, but this car isn't a speed demon. It's a family sedan. The 3.1's has a good balance of power and great gas mileage. This car will get 30+/per gallon of gas and over 400miles per tank. Great car. If you can get your hands on one of these cars from a small town you'll get yourself a great car.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2005

1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.4L DOHC from North America


Love the car - hate the cost


The first year I replaced the water pump, tie rod, struts and battery.

Year 2 was the transmission $1,800.00.

Year 3 the brake system had to be overhauled at over $800.00 and a new battery.

Year 4 treated me with a new heater core $550.00.

The New Year is blessing me with wipers that only work when I turn on the left blinker that doesn't work anyway! A new blinker/wiper switch was quoted $250.00 so far. I also need to reseal the back window due to terrible leaking.

Things I haven't fixed, but will need to eventually add to this list are:

I had to take the fuse out for the rear floor light. It won't go out and kills the battery.

Driver side door lock won't work so I have to climb in through the passenger side to unlock the door. Why don't I just use the automatic door opener you asked?? Well the door lock fuse was removed because when I turned on my lights at night the car locked and unlocked itself the entire ride driving me insane!

Now the truck makes a constant clicking noise when lights are on? (This car is possessed)

The car does nothing the 1st or 2nd turn of the key, then starts, probably need to check the battery wires and terminals?

When it starts it won't hold a steady idle till it warms up, so on cold days I have to sit out in the cold for at least 10 min. to warm the car or it stalls.

Visor mirror lights won't work due to the rotting wires.

Hood release inside car broke so I have to use pliers to pull the wire to pop the hood. Now the wires are breaking and soon I won't be able to pop the hood that way.

ABS light goes on and off on a whim so I learned to ignore it.

I Noticed drops of oil under car the other day. Not too bad yet, but nice little puddle forming.

General Comments:

I bought this car used and they saw a female sucker coming and must have known that I know nothing about cars!

I paid $6,000.00 for the car and have spent over 4,000.00 just to keep it on the road. My friends think I am nuts and call my car Christine, but you know -all in all - I still love this car!

When I do get drive it, it has great power and handling and there's nothing better than dropping the top, cranking the stereo and cruising the highway with my friends!!

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Review Date: 8th December, 2004

9th Dec 2004, 15:33

Go with the older Cutlasses (1980-1987) They're much more reliable. Yeah they may guzzle a bit more gas, but you will save money in the end by not having to replace so many parts on a regular basis. These older Cutlasses are heavy duty and built like tanks compared to the newer ones.

23rd Feb 2009, 19:16

The best Cutlass? 1970 - 72 with a 455!