1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL 3.1 sfi V6 from North America


A fun, inexpensive sport sedan for drivers who love to drive


I have not had a problem with the car since I bought it.

General Comments:

The Cutlass Supreme SL is the most comfortable car I have ever driven.

My Cutlass drives and handles very smoothly on the road.

It is so much fun to drive.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2002

1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL Coupe 3.4 DOHC 24 valve V6 from North America


A speedy, unreliable, sharp car


Two blown transmissions at 103,000 and 113,000 miles.

Two front bearings were grinding, anti-lock braking system sensors failed.

All 4 rotors, calipers, and brake pads were replaced.

Valve gasket had to be replaced and resealed at 113,000 miles.

Had to replace the master cylinder.

Driver's side door handle broke, and the electronic lock failed.

Both rear struts needed replacing.

Starter motor failed at 110,000 miles.

Turn signal/wiper blade lever had to be replaced.

Ignition wires became badly corroded.

Several electrical problems which caused the car to die and not hold a charge.

Front ball-joint failed and needed replacing.

Keyless entry failed.

Radiator line cracked.

Radio antenna would not receive signals, and I had to buy an adaptor.

General Comments:

The car has great performance and handles very well.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2001

21st Jun 2003, 11:36

I agree. My 94 Cutlass SL Coupe looks great, has plenty of power and rides like a champ. Problems: I drive this car from central Georgia to Central Florida 2 times a week (I commute to work in FL). All my travel is highway miles (650 per week). I have had 2 cooling lines blow out, 1 transmission failure, 1 fuel pump failure, 1 a/c failure, 1 knock sensor failure and 1 dummy shaft oil seal failure. This has all occurred in the last 3 months. I have owned this car for 4 months. The only saving grace for this car is that every failure occurred as I reached either home or work and not on the road. I love the styling of this car, but the reliability bites.

24th Jun 2003, 13:28

I left the last comment on 6/21. This is now 6/24. I take back the comment that the car never left me stranded. The overhauled transmission, (3 weeks ago and still under warranty), literally grenaded the torque converter this morning at 6:30 am while 40 miles each side of anywhere/nowhere and 140 miles from home, (remember, I commute to FL for work). 1 $300 tow bill later the car is back at the transmission shop. As much as I like the looks and the ride, I will sell or trade this POS as soon as it returns from the 2nd transmission rebuild.

21st May 2005, 19:53

I often read the comments on this site about every kind of car. Unfortunately, I must admit you have had the most unreliable car I've seen!!! You are not lucky, I hope your next car will be better!

18th Aug 2006, 16:35

We bought a 94 Olds Cutlass in February. We have had nothing, but trouble trying to figure out why it keeps draining the battery. Granted it has 163,000 miles, but we have replaced the starter, alternator and battery and still today it won't start again. Any help would be appreciated on this problem. We thought we had a good car for her, it still looks great, but won't run..

1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL from North America


Smooth and sporty


Absolutely nothing wrong!

General Comments:

This is a very smooth riding car! Nothing rough about it. Turning, shifting, everything in general, just very smooth all around.

It's more of a plain looking car, but yet sporty. More of a low rider, which also adds to the good looks of this car. Lots of power for passing, off the line, etc.

Overall I am very happy with my car.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2001

21st Feb 2001, 18:03

I purchased a 94 Cutlass in April of 2000. When I first bought it, it was great. I have noticed some rough gear switches. Have you noticed an engine knock when you start yours up? Mine is very loud. I was told it was common with the 3.1L engine. Is this true?

Please email me at lespeches@hotmail.com

27th Apr 2001, 15:15

I have noticed that with my 92 cutlass, the knock goes away as soon as it warms up.

3rd Sep 2001, 23:01

I purchased my 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme SL in 1999. I have had to replace the alternator twice, front brakes, and rear brakes.

The passenger side back window leaks when it rains.

Turning signal/wiper arm switch does not work. Turn signal does not at all, and the wipers only work with the turn signal pushed down for a left hand turn.

Lately it has running high, idling at 2000rpm's. Ready to junk it! 3.1 engine is good, peppy but the transmission sucks.