1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL 3.1 V6 from North America


Reliable starter car, with a few minor problems


Replacement of brake pads and rotors three times.

Broken rear driver's side strut and mount.

Moderate interior wear. But, at 212 thousand miles the leather is still soft and in decent condition.

After driving the car to about 140 thousand miles the dash lights went out. Since then the problem has still gone uncorrected due to the fact that the problem cannot be located. I have tried changing fuses, a new light switch, and I have had an auto electrician go through the system with a fine toothed comb practically and the problem has still not been found. When the lights are turned on at night you cannot see how fast you are going and the radio/heating and cooling lights are out as well. It makes for a very dark ride at night. This would be the biggest problem besides the brakes that has come about.

General Comments:

It is a great starter car for a young driver. It has lots of the safety accommodations that parents want and it is still fun to drive as well.

The 3.1 has quite a bit of pop. It kept that pop even at 212 thousand. I could only imagine getting behind the wheel of a 3.4.

The quick wear of the braking system and the problem with the dash lights are the biggest problems that have come about with the Cutlass Supreme SL.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2004

4th Jun 2004, 11:10

I just bought a 1991 Old Cutlass with 147,000 miles and do not know how to set the emergency brake. The brake says to pump it, but cannot figure out how. Can you help me?

1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.1 V6 from North America


Best looking car to date, in it's class


This is my second Cutlass Supreme SL, my first one was totaled out by my little sister, however I had no previous problems with my first cutlass until a Ford Expedition came along and took out the passenger side. Any who, both cars combined I put about 22,000 miles on, I have done nothing to either car with exception to oil changes every 3,000 miles and air filters.

General Comments:

This car starts every morning with out problems (unless you leave on the interior lights).

Both 3.1's that I have owned, sound like they have a bit of a lifter knock to them. I just ignore it and change the oil regularly. Other 3.1's that I have heard sound the same, but it don't sound right. I dunno.

The car handles like a dream, looks great when all waxed up.

As far as subs in the trunk, the lid sucks, it is really hard to keep the rattle out, even with dynamat.

I like the 95 dash better than the early 94 dash.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003

1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL 3.4 DOHC from North America


Love it! Why did they stop making it?


I had to replace the rear struts at 75,000 miles.

I also had to replace the alternator and brakes.

I got good service from the local Oldsmobile dealer in Louisville.

General Comments:

I love the performance of the car! It is quick off the line and accelerates very smoothly.

The leather interior is still looking good and the paint is still nice and shiny, no de-lamination or dullness.

One odd thing, the battery is located under the washer reservoir... Why?

My mom and my sister all have this same car, but in different trim level and year models... We are all quite satisfied.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2003

21st Jul 2006, 00:27

I own a 1994 Grand Prix and my battery is also under the washer fluid reservoir, I don't think they planned that out too well! Took me a little while to find it... other than that the car is pretty good.

1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass SL 3.4 DOHC V6 from North America


A sweet car!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. I find it to be very reliable. I put a custom sound system in it, and some new tires, and they are the only modifications I have mad to the car. The only reason it has ever seen a garage, is for its general tune up, and inspection. I have had invitations to put it in the local car shows, and I put it into one, and have had many comments, such as "that's a really sharp looking car". Another comment I received was, "you have one of the most neatly kept engines I have ever seen". For all those people who complain about their 94 Cutlass falling apart, it is because you don't maintain it. Any car you ever own will fall apart with out the proper maintenance.

General Comments:

It is a very quick car, it does a quarter mile in 15.6 seconds, with the stock motor. It cranks out at around 215 horse power with just a K&N air filter. It does get pricey filling up the big gas tank 2 times a week, since it only gets 14 miles to the gallon on back roads. On the highway she gets about 25. But over all, it is a great and reliable car.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2003