1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue GL 3.8 V6 from North America


Many problems, but often reliable..


- The first week I had this car I was in a wreck. My ABS seemed like it froze up on me and I hydroplaned into the vehicle in front of me. (off to a great start I know).

- Oil leak that has been persistent.

- Coolant was leaking out from the hose close to the yellow "do not open when hot" cap. I cut the hose down to a tighter part so it would stay tighter and prevent leaking.

- 65,000 Coolant looked brownish red and nasty in the reservoir, so I had a friend help me take it out and flush the system.

- 70,000 windshield wipers got stuck in the ON position. Motor needed replaced.

- At 75,000 the serpentine belt need replaced.

- Around 70,000 the EGR valve needed replaced.

- At 85,000 the muffler underneath was cracked and needed replaced.

- Rotors and brakes seem to wear very easily, constantly replacing those.

- Service engine light came on around 90,000, code PO440. Found out the "fuel filler neck" was leaking and cracked. Eventually it was replaced.

- 92,000 ABS and brake light both ON. Rear brakes were not working. Found out eventually the ABS motor pack needed replaced.

- Black window seal pealing.

- Passenger side window stopped working when carrying a heavy load.

- CD knobs all busted, and when you unplug the battery the CD player will lock and you cannot use it until you enter the code. I contacted the dealer for that (make sure you write it down in the manual or somewhere in the car).

- Transmission seems to skip gears when driving uphill in reverse, tranny fluid may need replaced (adding some didn't do squat).

- Steering wheel vibrates rapidly at speeds 60mph and up.

- Windshield fogs very easily, constantly wiping it off in the mornings.

- Power windows will not open and freeze during winter (some nights I will leave them cracked open so I can still use them).

General Comments:

- Although this car had many many problems, it was still reliable, and most of the time was still drivable with the problems it had. I never broke down on the highway or got stranded somewhere.

- Very powerful engine that I have heard is one of the best.

- Comfortable leather seats, and many friends have been comfortable in the rear seats.

- I'd stay away from this car if you don't have the money to put into it.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2008

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue Base V6 from North America


Acceptable, reliable daily transportation


Shocks are wearing out.

Passenger side seatbelt is hard to get to latch. Have to press in button a certain way and jam in.

Windshield is cracked.

Motor for heating and A/C is not completely gone, but sometimes emits high pitched noises. Goes away when turned off for a short period of time. Will be replacing soon.

Service engine soon light comes standard on all Oldsmobile models!

General Comments:

Bought this car about a year ago to replace a 1995 Lincoln Continental that passed away due to transmission problems.

I'm not in love with the car like I was with the Lincoln, but it is a fairly comfortable and cheap to maintain commuter vehicle. It has an acceptable amount of power and reasonable fuel economy.

One thing I really love about this car is how good it is in snowy conditions. It's very surefooted even when there's several inches of snow and ice on the roads, and the brakes are firm and solid in those conditions.

The interior feels a bit cheap and dated, and the seats are very uncomfortable on long road trips, but the car carries me and three other passengers comfortably.

The 12 disc CD changer and stereo system work well and sound great, but the changer does run into problems if I hit a major bump on the road. Frequently have to get into trunk to adjust and reset (bi-weekly basis).

Overall, it's not a bad vehicle, and none of the problems I've had with it are things that I wouldn't expect from a 10 year old car. It'll do until it's completely paid for and something else comes along.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2008