2005 Perodua Kelisa GXI 1.0L petrol from Sri Lanka


Excellent car for two

General Comments:

Does well on fuel (12km/p/l city drive, up to 20km/p/l outside)

If you are a large person, space might be a problem.

Good accelaration.

Handles well on the carpetted road.

Good traction.

NO ABS. (bummer dude... try braking at 60 when it rains)

NO front defog... (killer man... don't drive in the rain)

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

2002 Perodua Kelisa EZi 1.0 EFI DOHC from Malaysia


Reliable auto car, Value for money


1. Engine mounting not really reliable even originate from Daihatsu.

2. Dashboard a little bit rattling.

3. Awful when long journey driving, not so comfortable to travel far.

4. Unable to handle pathhole so well like Hyundai Atos.

5. Bumpy ride when road rough.

General Comments:

1. Good and performance small car. Powerful auto car.

2. Excellent fuel consumption, able to clock 14KM / Liter easily when driving in city town.

3. No much problem, very reliable mechanical parts, accesories parts sometime might failed, but can be replace easily.

4. City driving was superb, easy to park and faster in jam area, can squeeze at road side.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2007

2005 Perodua Kelisa GXI 1.0 from Singapore


Light oil stain at the back of the rear seats when I collect the car from the dealer, don't really mind since it's out of sight.

Difficulty in changing of gear 1st to 2nd, not smooth, but funny thing is it does not happen all the time, double clutching will solve the problem.

Rear right door need to slam harder to close it.

General Comments:

The cabin is very gloomy (full of plastics) and the seats are uncomfortable.

Getting in and out could be uncomfortable if you have long legs.

The fuel consumption is the strong point for this car, manage to get 16 to 19km/l.

Many people say the pick up is very good compare to other 1 litre car, I not too sure about this because this is the only car I drive.

Parking and maneuvering is very easy.

Lots of good and affordable accessories and car servicing can be done at Malaysia, a stone throw away from Singapore.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2006

17th Sep 2009, 21:47

Now 4 years/79000km driving this car and everything is still as good as new. My fuel consumption is still around 17-18 km/litre; outstanding..!

I have not changed any parts except for the front brake pads.

2005 Perodua Kelisa GXi 850 c.c. from Malaysia


Still, the best value for money


NBR 6246

Well, I had some funny sounds with the car when I drove it at above 120 km/h and also when I turned the car left or right when I first start driving. I took it to Perodua Balakong and they replaced the drive shafts and wheel bearing ~ no questions asked.

The car is a very affordable budget car ~ well, Perodua is a budget manufacturer. Perodua didn't give me the option to pay extra and have a spoiler; or pay extra and have a CD player with a radio; or pay extra and get power windows or pay extra and get a rear windscreen wiper.

So I had to get the spoiler, power window (driver's side only) and rear windscreen wiper installed outside. Perodua should really allow customers to have more choice with accessories.

Instead, they decided what accessories we need by building their Limited Editions, Special Editions and Imago models. You should really allow your customers to have more freedom to customise their cars.

I had to get an airhorn as the tiny beep that came with the car isn't very audible on the highways.

General Comments:

As for performance, my 850 c.c. Kelisa can go 152 km/h when I put Shell V-Power and fuel additive. Now I use Petronas Primax 3 as it consistently gives me 10 km/RM; with Esso Synergy I used to get between 8.9 km/RM and 9.9 km/RM.

I really wish Perodua would make a two-door cabriolet version of the Kelisa; then I needn't get the Brabus Smartcar for two or BMW Mini Cooper...

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Review Date: 27th August, 2006