26th Aug 2008, 22:18

My Myvi has a CLOCK... it's located at the CD player screen...

27th Aug 2008, 07:53

In the UK the dashboard has a unique fit radio, without any clock. Is your stereo a standard DIN fitting unit?

4th Sep 2008, 04:03

Original writer back. Car performing very well indeed, now at 26,000 miles and still improving.

One point of concern is the UK parts supply - we have two dodgy hatchback lift struts, and a faulty drivers electric window switch cluster, which were ordered in MAY and have still not arrived after chasing 20 times. I wonder what would happen if these were parts crucial to the car running?

Boot struts are not strong enough to lift hatchback in our colder climate. Now on our third set and still not working.

Drivers window switch pack is a common fault - it stops other window switches working and our dealer has three cars waiting (a very long time) for the same part.

Nice car, parts seem to be an issue. Great drive/comfort/ease of use/economy though.

4th Sep 2008, 04:12

Further to my above comment, by coincidence the dealer just rang me to say that 50 people in UK are waiting for these same parts, and that Perodua is trying to source an alternative supplier to avoid fitting parts which will be problematic.

Perodua UK will be in touch in the next two weeks. I told them they should just ring Daihatsu and buy Sirion parts from them - they work fine!! (We run two 2008 Sirions and the 2007 Myvi, and they are of similar design - but the Sirions do not break!)

24th Sep 2008, 04:25

Still waiting for these parts after four months of coping with windows that often refuse to close and a boot which keeps dropping on my head; so rang the dealer again - no news.

I have now made a formal complaint to Perodua UK, requesting rectification within seven days.

As patient as I have been, this is now beyond a joke - what if these parts were crucial?

14th Jan 2009, 13:38

Original writer back with 33,000 mile update: new boot struts fine, but electrical issues back again as door light switch on driver's side working only occasionally, triggering the doors to relock again as the computer does not recognise the door having been opened. The lights on warning alarm stopped working, came back and stopped working again, too.

The car went back in to be checked but we are waiting a fix from Perodua Technical again as it could not be resolved. The suggested removing the rubber surround off the switch which is a bodge as it would then let water in, so when we refused they said they would look into another solution-we are waiting for this still.

The downside to the Myvi is the warranty which expires at 36,000 miles - very soon, although Perodua have said they will repair any ongoing problems reported to them before then.

We like the Myvi, but not the issues - even if they are caused by the disconnection of the seatbelt alarm which we requested and were warned about possibly causing issues.

As I said, I bought the Myvi new and my Parents then bought it off me. I now run a 2008 1.0 Daihatsu Sirion which, put simply, is a far better car, having no issues to deal with now it is due for the first service - this is probably why Daihatsu can offer a five year unlimited mileage warranty and Perodua only give you a 36,000 miles or three years.

We would be happier with the Myvi if we had the better warranty to comfort us with the ongoing faults. It is a nice car, but has a few faults which need a better warranty/mileage cover, poor initial quality control and worries over parts supply: two parts took six months to arrive from Malaysia.

I would not buy another Myvi, knowing what I now know after 2 years and 33,000 miles - I would buy the Sirion again, however.

25th Jul 2009, 15:03

Original reviewer back.

My parents still run the Myvi, and mostly it has improved with mileage being quieter and smoother now it has done 45,000 miles.

Electrics - as the car is now out of warranty due to the daft 3 year/36,000 miles limit, my parents accept the glitches with the door interior light switches not working, and the car thinking the door has not been opened and re-locking itself after 30 seconds, along with the nearside window switch not working all the time (yes we know about the driver's side isolator switch which cuts it off).

However, we now have a fault which needs rectifying and we have not been able to sort it: the high level brake light blew the bulb and the tested replacement bulb (and three others just to check) will not work. We have checked all fuses behind the glovebox and under the bonnet, the wiring, connector blocks and all relevant connections thoroughly but nothing will make it work. Does it need connecting to an ECU reader or resetting?



4th Sep 2009, 12:10

This Myvi went in for a service at local garage, and they investigated the third brake light fault, and found wiring failure further down the loom, which was cut out and replaced for £40 all in. Works fine now, but this is a disappointing fault in a 2 year old car, no longer covered by the warranty after it passed 36,000 miles - the warranty is 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever is soonest... still, the price difference between the Daihatsu Sirion and the Myvi has widened to be about £2000 apart now, so the lack of the 5 year warranty/breakdown is more palatable.

The Myvi is now operating 100%, and drives better and better with mileage - very smooth and quiet now at 40+k.

I still think the late Kelisas are far better "sorted" than these early Myvis, but maybe the new Myvis are better. I note the new shape/facelift sold in Malaysia since 2008 is not yet in the UK.

18th Feb 2010, 08:07


This Myvi now at 54,000 miles, and is running perfectly after being back to the dealer again.

I contacted Perodua UK to ask them to rectify a few electrical issues that have dogged the car for ages, but were not mileage specific, so should be covered after the 36,000 mile warranty ran out. The email came back from Perodua that the warranty is now 60,000 miles, and they would cover any repairs. We were happy with this, but wished we had not paid out ourselves for an auto electrician to replace some of the wiring to the third high level brake light, which had failed previously.

It went in for 3 new electric window switches, and to have the door light switches dismantled and modified; turns out the rubber boots on them are too hard for our cold climate, and restrict the plunger moving in and out properly - they work fine in hotter Malaysia. This was to cure the NSF window not opening, and also the interior light not operating correctly, which in turn confused the central locking into relocking, as it thought the door had not been opened, plus the lights on alarm not working. The work took a week, and a courtesy Myvi was given free of charge.

The car is now at 54,000 miles, and runs on the original rear tyres, two front sets have been replaced, several parking knocks have been professionally painted, the car has been serviced on schedule, and had the above electrical works, the rear boot struts and the snagging done under warranty.

Overall, it has been a good car, and is now the best it has ever been, with a very smooth drive, 50++mpg and low running costs. Perodua and their dealers have been helpful, but we have had issues with parts supply times in the last three years.

We plan to keep it for at least two more years.