21st Feb 2010, 14:40


All issues now sorted 100%, and the car is the best it has ever been.

We are now considering a new one for ourselves, and another for my parents to replace the car in this report, originally owned by me.

With the UK car prices having rocketed in the past 2 years, the 1.0S Sirion is now £9293, yes £9293!!! on the road, whereas the 1.3 Myvi is readily available at less than what we paid in 2007; we paid £6700 then, now the identical car with metallic is available now at £6380 on the road (£4999 for a solid paint red one on scrappage deal).

This being the case, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Myvi as a new purchase in the UK now, as the warranty is now 3 years/60,000 miles, and early production niggles we had have been sorted now.

For a 5 door Toyota based car, with the Yaris engine and air-conditioning, ABS/EBD, split fold rear seats, 4 electric windows, electric mirrors, remote locking and a large cabin, this is an absolute bargain - especially if you look at what a pov-spec C1 3 door costs now.

We have had minor niggles with our, but Perodua has been extremely helpful, and has rectified these early production issues now, so we are likely to order two more new Myvis soon.

22nd Feb 2010, 18:05


Thanks for your thorough review on the Myvi. I have an old car to trade in on the scrappage scheme, and have been in and out of the Daihatsu Garage test driving the Myvi and Sirion. Myvi seems to make sense given the price is cheaper than a two year old Sirion, and I loved the interior of the Myvi - light and spacious with large windows and mirrors.

One niggle I would have is the factory fitted stereo - which doesn't appear to accommodate MP3. I love listening to downloads, and am not sure this is now possible in the Myvi, which is a shame.

You say that they are offering a Myvi at £4,999 with scrappage - where is this at (Shakespeare Garage)? My local dealer is offering it with scrappage scheme for £5,800 - I'd be reluctant to pay that if I can get it cheaper elsewhere, but wonder if they'd still service it at my local dealer under warranty if I bought it from another garage. At that price I may try to haggle some alloys and trim.

Once again thanks for your informative review. You have convinced me that Myvi is the right decision.

24th Feb 2010, 02:55

Many thanks for the positive comment.

We have indeed ordered the one Myvi for March registration from Shakespeare Lincoln - they were extremely helpful and priced our part exchange Myvi on trust without seeing it.

We have ordered a grey metallic Myvi SXi and paid £3380 on top of our 2007 Myvi which clearly demonstrates the SUPERB value these cars offer. It has only cost £3500 over three years, 55,000 miles, which is truly outstanding for a car of this size and spec.

Part of the deal is that the dealer is giving us an extra set of steel wheel rims for winter tyres, so we will have 8 steel road wheels, which we can change at will. Michelin Alpin cold weather tyres are £53.50 each, and give the Myvi capability that matches a standard tyred 4x4 in winter conditions.

Dealers often fit alloys, but we just put alternative wheel trims on (£16 set) as the originals are ugly. We prefer steels as they do not affect insurance, and the wheel trims then fit both sets of wheels. We re-install the unused originals when we sell to give a brand new look to our trade in.

If you visit the excellent Malaysian site www.perodua.com.my/ you will see that a facelift is due, and has been out in Malaysia for 18 months. Perodua UK hint it will be here later this year, but will be much more expensive. The new model has Bluetooth, clock and USB fitted to the standard stereo, seat height adjust and meatier looks with a better badge arrangement on the front.

I would recommend the current car as we ordered, and just have a Parrot Bluetooth kit fitted with iPod/USB lead. This has an integrated clock, illumination and gives a hassle free Bluetooth, music and clock function all fitted for £250.

We always fit LED sidelight bulbs and Philips Xtreme +90% H4 headlight bulbs, too.

Highly recommended. Hope you get sorted and post comments again.

25th Feb 2010, 15:49

I have ordered the Myvi as above for my parents, and I am waiting on news of whether my company will continue with my business mileage allowance or provide a company car.

If the mileage allowance is to continue, I will order a second Myvi for me.

I suppose this is a good recommendation for the Myvi - I bought the car in this report new, sold it to my parents; they are replacing it with a new one, and I am now considering having another one myself.

I have said before that I would have chosen a Sirion over the Myvi - that was when the Sirion was £6300 and the Myvi £6799. Now the Sirion is virtually impossible to get, and Daihatsu are pulling out of the UK, the last Sirions are £9395 - the Myvis are now cheaper than in 2007, at £6180 (red) OTR and come with a better warranty now - 3 years/60,000 miles.

After 3 years and 55,000 miles, I would recommend the Myvi - especially taking into account the 45% retained value, even with this mileage, and the very cheap servicing and running costs. I have owned a Nippa, three Kelisas and a Myvi and can vouch for the reliability (excepting the Myvi teething issues from having one of the first made in 2006), and can say that they provide enjoyable, cheap motoring - along with old school simple dealerships.

The Myvi - an unknown car from the Toyota/Daihatsu family that is well worth considering.

Perodua is very big in its homeland, and their operation there is slick; see www.perodua.com.my/

28th Feb 2010, 11:01

Still thinking about the Myvi.. I wanted a Sirion but it was the same price for a 2008 plate basic Sirion as for a brand new Myvi. The 1.0s Sirion has better MPG and cheap road tax, but at the moment given I am mostly motorway driving 2 miles a day.. maybe the 1.3 Myvi is better. How did you find the Myvi on mortorway driving? Noisy? Comfortable enough?

1st Mar 2010, 12:52

Having owned both a 2007 1.3 Myvi and 2008 1.0 Sirion, either are good on the motorway, being refined up to about 90mph.

The Sirion has a smaller engine, but has underbonnet insulation, the Myvi has a smoother engine and no underbonnet soundproofing.

We once drove Ullapool to Hereford in one day in the Sirion no problems - and my wife was 8 months pregnant. The Sirion has slightly more supportive seats that sit higher and more upright - I preferred them to the Myvi on distance runs, but either will be fine.

I would happily cross Europe in either - both are intuitive to drive, relaxing and softly sprung. If you like sitting upright, choose the Sirion, if you like a relaxed driving position, choose the Myvi.

But at £6180 OTR (red or white) the Myvi is the bargain of the minute, but remember it loses the Sirion kit as follows:

5 year warranty and breakdown, is only 3 year warranty, 2 year basic recovery on Myvi.

No map lights

No passenger airbag switch

No side airbags

No boot light

No parcel shelf strings

Not galvanised

No rear headrests (only low fitted ones)


No fuel computer

No twin glovebox

No Aux input for stereo

No door cupholders (there are 4 others in console)

Boot lifts higher on Sirion due to better gas struts.

Myvi has extras over base Sirion:

Much better, bigger mirrors

LED indicators in mirrors

Rear LED lights

Front mudflaps

4 stereo speakers

Seatback pockets

Better trim colour and twin interior colour

Wipeable headlining.

On balance the Sirion is a better car, but the Myvi is a great car to live with, and at £6180 you'd be daft to buy anything else!