14th Jan 2011, 13:14

Have to agree re. creaks etc; it does make a lot of rattles, mainly from the glove box/dash and roof, and the wind noise from the rear due to poor fitting window rubbers is very intrusive; constantly check to make sure that the rear windows are not open!

Handing is ropey as well, especially in the wind with it feeling like the steering is not connected to the wheels. Would hate to have used this with worse tyres, since I don't rate the Goodyears at all!

However, you have to bare in mind that this is a car that cost almost half of what a similar spec Yaris cost, and it certainly ain't half the car! It looks good, has shed loads of kit, and is pretty comfortable - not sure what you mean by bumpy; compared to what?

Wouldn't buy again, mainly because I want something quicker and plusher, but would recommend to others.

15th Jan 2011, 03:53

Good comments; yes it is a budget car, but as you say, the cost justifies the car.

Re: rattles, my dash rattles were simple to fix; one was the passenger airbag cover, which needed a gentle tap to seat correctly, and one was the speaker cover against the windscreen; I removed the cover, and used a tiny bit of blu-tack to stick them, and the rattles were gone.

Door seals are poor, and let the wind come round the door edge between the outside and the rubber seal, and also let the crud in around the sills, but they keep the water out!

Compared to say, a new Fiesta, the handling is not great, but compared to the same priced competition like the Matiz, it is very good.

29th Jan 2011, 13:39

Top tip about the bluetack worked a charm! I had to add a little foam to the parcel shelf, as found that rattled, my air bag cover also rattles; pressing it did next to nowt, so will take a closer look tomorrow.

13th Apr 2011, 14:34

Hi, please could you forward me the email address for head office, as I need to contact them and I'm having no luck, thanks.

My email is patsydonna@hotmail.com

17th Apr 2011, 10:35

I always use nd@peroduauk.com.

We sold one of our Myvis and greatly miss it. We needed more space, and wish Perodua UK sold the Alza MPV here.


21st Jan 2014, 17:17

Just bought another identical 2007 Myvi to replace this one - it's even the same colour, from the same dealer and with a similar number plate. Ideal as a second car to our new Zafira, requested by my wife, who loved our old Myvi, and still enjoys driving my Parents' 2010 Myvi - see other comments.