10th Jul 2010, 11:27

But I suppose you still can't have hot feet and cold face, Geoff? Out of all the nuisances I noted with my Sirion, this was probably the biggest. The SX4 is brilliant in comparison! Is the Myvi any different to the Sirion in this respect?

Cheers - Peter.

11th Jul 2010, 11:00

Hi Peter.

The Myvi has the same heating ventilation as the Sirion, but the air-con fan runs on/off on/off all the time, as per earlier post.

I have always found the ventilation system to be excellent for my own needs; but I know what you mean about split level ventilation - it is useful when the weather is cold, but you need to keep alert.

Glad you like SX4.

11th Jul 2010, 11:24

Final update at 59422 miles.

We have sold this 2007 Myvi and retained our 2006 and 2010 Myvis, due to the higher mileage.

I bought the car back off my Parents in March and fitted new wiper blades (£9), new remote battery (£1) and swapped the Avon CR322 tyres off our 2006 car to replace the original Sime Astars, which were still legal, but perishing at 58,000 miles. MOT passed easily.

During this time, some $*&£ stoved in the NSF door, which I used a £14 ebay ding king kit to mostly pull out, but it was too bad to remove fully without professional kit.

I checked the original invoice, and the car was £6700 delivered to our house, with metallic and mats (note price new now £6200 for same car-£500 cheaper). After 3 years 4 months of heavy use and just under 60,000 miles, we sold the car back (cash sale not part ex) to a main dealer for £3000 cash.

Taking into account that the door damage would be £300 or so to put through a bodyshop, the wheel trims were trashed and the mileage was 60,000, this was worth taking.

So, the Myvi - an excellent car and well loved by the whole family. Bearing in mind they are now £6200 on the road new and we sold ours for £3000 back to a dealer as a cash sale after over 3 years and 60,000 miles, the depreciation is tiny.

Also bear in mind the tiny cost of servicing, the warranty covering any repairs, the 50mpg, cheap insurance and lack of ownership hassle (once fettled) and also that you get a very capable modern car with a large cabin, all electrics, air-con and the Toyota/Daihatsu parts on this car, then, put simply it is SUPERB.

I have had 91 cars and I cover a high mileage. The Myvi has been one of the most enjoyable and satisfying ownership experiences of them all, regardless of price.

Factor in the initial price, running costs and depreciation, nothing else comes close.

Would I buy another? Well - we still have the other two Myvis already, both purchased after our experiences of this Myvi, so enough said!


End of report. See ongoing reports on:

2006 Myvi "Great Japanese..."

2010 Myvi "Toyota Passo/Daihatsu..."

12th Jul 2010, 08:56

As a stop-gap until replacing this Myvi, I have just bought an ugly-as-sin, but very cheap 2003 Perodua Kenari, the only Perodua model I have not previously owned.

Kenari is the Malay word for canary...

At least it was cheap!

Report to be added soon.

6th Aug 2010, 05:29

Geoff, I read your comments 3rd March 2010 re badges, DVVT, ABS, MYVI. How do you remove them?

6th Aug 2010, 10:17

To remove Myvi badges/stickers:

Myvi silver plastic badge on bootlid; put a flat plastic blade (I used a tough ice scraper) under the edge of the I in Myvi, without touching the paintwork and pull very hard until the sticky foam backing starts to unstick, then carefully peel back. Mine came off in one piece and could have been re-stuck if needed. If you touch the paintwork and make a slight mark, it can be polished out with metallic T-cut or similar - which also removes any grime around the lettering or any sticky.

DVVT/ABS sticker on back window; easy to remove with a blade scraper - the type with an old-style double edge flat razor blade with a cover on one of the edges. Carefully use petrol or solvent to remove any sticky residue, then glass cleaner.

Bonnet badge; DO NOT be tempted to remove the bonnet badge as there a two locating pin holes under it on the bonnet, which you will uncover - I wanted to remove this and put a newer badge off the facelift model on the grill, but found out before starting - phew!

7th Aug 2010, 14:32

God, I regret selling this Myvi.

Took a good offer and sold it, banked the difference and bought a 28,000 miles Kenari after my excellent experiences of the same componentry Kelisa.

However, I hate it-see report.

RIP Myvi-may get another...

9th Aug 2010, 03:51

Thanks for the badge removing tips. Met a guy in Tesco car park who runs Myvi 1997, no warranty claims since new, just 2 light bulbs replaced by himself, well pleased, only gets 41 mpg. What is your average? Sorry about the Kenari.

9th Aug 2010, 07:42

I take it you mean 2007, not 1997!!

If you read any of my ownership reviews, you will see that I am extremely fussy and will not drive any car with any fault - I will drive myself crazy trying to perfect every car that I own, so that it gives utterly dependable service and could take me to any country in Europe at a second's notice.

Therefore, I really try hard to spot things and will notice things many other owners would not.

With regards to warranty claims, our 2007 car has had a few, but was used a great deal - hard driving of 60,000 miles in 3 years is very unusual in most small cars, let alone a Perodua, and this could be the highest mileage Myvi in Europe! Most users would have ignored the obsessive detailing I had done.

Our retained 2006/56 grey Myvi is faultless (after my own fettling-see report!) and now on 39,000 miles; maybe this silver 2007 one was unlucky?

I always change the headlight bulbs on every car I own to the finest Phillips Xtreme +90% bulbs, or if unavailable use the Osram Nightbreakers, but they burn out too soon. I have never understood why manufacturers do not use the premium bulbs in the first place, as they improve visibility massively, therefore greatly improving safety at minimum cost.

After driving the awful Kenari and giving our 2006 Myvi to my wife for several weeks, I drove the Myvi again yesterday and remembered why I love it so much; so easy to use, intuitive, quiet, refined and comfortable - a world away from the horrid, dated and uncomfortable Kenari.

In answer to mpg query, I get between 45-50mpg and I do not hang around!

Trying to sell the Kenari ('kin hairy!) now and buy another Myvi or maybe another Kelisa if the right one comes up - the Kelisa is cheap and fun, and the Myvi just a damn fine cheap car.

9th Aug 2010, 16:49

Sorry, I meant 2007, must have had a time traveling backwards moment!

I think I saw your old Myvi on Autotrader website at Shakespeare garage? I think I would have taken the amount they gave you.

The chap I met at Tesco was going to wait for the revised model, which his dealer told him will be available soon; his car having covered 37000 miles. He told me his previous car was Rover 75 1.8 (company car), which was never out of the garage, and that the engine blew up 2 days before he retired at 50000 miles. He bought it from his firm for a knock down price, and swapped it for the Myvi.

I notice, looking on the web, that quite a few Perodua dealers are using pictures of the new model on their sites, and that certain colours are not available now.

Thanks again for your help.