10th Aug 2010, 09:38

I don't know if you saw my message under Kenari, but Google Perodua Ashford Kent. for details of Kelisas.

10th Aug 2010, 11:21

New model been out 18 month in Malaysia, but looks a bit "chavvier" than the existing one, I think, and loses the nice light grey interior. Does have a sharper front end and a clock though!

I'll be interested to see it when it arrives in UK though.

You guessed right with my old one..!

16th Aug 2010, 16:54

Did my first long journey in the Myvi this weekend; 322 miles to Norfolk for a friend's wedding. Chose an early start, having chosen a varied route using A roads, B roads, and in Norfolk, some "C roads" + a short stint on the motorway, letting the engine vary its revs, rather than go at constant speed all the time, which I am sure helps the engine "run in".

My Tom Tom, my wife, navigated perfectly, and we never took a wrong turn there or back. The car was a pleasure to drive, with excellent handling and ride, with much more sure footedness than my previous car, and also quieter too; no rattles, no squeaks.

The seats were comfortable too, and after the wedding, we carried 3 in the back; two adults and a child, on the short drive to the reception with no complaints from the car or them.

On returning home, I filled up the tank, and was very pleased with 47.8 mpg and no oil used.

I found the headlights OK, but I might replace them as you suggest, as the dark nights and mornings come along.

Very pleased with my purchase; 10/10 so far... Will keep you posted in the future on how it is going.

PS Forgot saw 09 Myvi for sale on route at Vauxhall dealer for more than I paid for mine new. Of course it may have been an automatic, but it might not have been.

31st Aug 2010, 17:05

I have just bought myself a 2009 model with 4k on the clock for £5k and am very happy with it on the whole - totally agree with you about the boot struts and having read your comments will be contacting the local dealer about getting them replaced.

A couple of things I have found:

Disagree about the interior, the seats look worn already in mine due to the fact they mark so incredibly easily, looking to replace them with Sirion seats if I can - I preferred the colour/feel of the seats in my 2006 Daihatsu Charade.

The stereo is truly excellent, I have fitted FLI speakers in the front and 6" Vibe in the back and they sound is very impressive. Additional touches I have made are to fit 2" foam in the rear doors, Butyl around the impact bars to reduce rattle, which has made a fair impact to road noise - just need to do the fronts and the bonnet.

Other issues - the front vent fell out of mine and am awaiting a replacement as well as the rear left window falling out/off its runner. Also I don't know about yours but there is a 'bar' running along the centre of the driver/passenger floor which looks and feels strange under foot - once again 1" foam sorted that!

Finally to echo your complaints, the lack of clock and boot string seems crazy considering the cost they would add! Looking to get some stick on velcro and add a detachable clock to the dash :)

Will finally add, the car I find a little boring to drive compared to my old Charade, which has the same engine as your 1.0 Sirion. The acceleration past 80 is non-existent in the Myvi and I find it to be very strained in the higher gears, almost as though it is missing some high end torque.

You have to say though - if you can get your mates to look past the name and sit in the car they are almost always amazed by how much car you get for your bunce.

1st Sep 2010, 08:56

Good comments.

I had 2 2008 Sirions, and much prefer the Myvi seat trim; our 60k 2007 car looked as new inside, so not sure why yours is worn.

The Sirion did not have the lump in the floorwell - they fitted the insulation as standard.

Good luck with it, hope you enjoy it.

1st Sep 2010, 16:10

Should have added in my comments... thank you for a very thorough review and ongoing commentary about the car, I think it is often lost how a car is over time, and really that is the most important thing, not how it is when it is showroom new!

The seats don't look worn so much as they get dirty easily, already noticing little black marks here and there.

Bought some shoe laces today to try and use as boot string; 79p, and can't really tell difference in appearance between it and the proper stuff!

Currently trying to source some fog lights for my Myvi to really set it off, and when the tyres wear, will replace wheels with alloy equivalent, since won't add a great deal of extra cost if bought with tyres. Having not seen Sirion seats; are they plain black, or do they have some kind of pattern?


2nd Sep 2010, 03:49

Hi again.

Try Scotchguard on seats if you get them dirty? We have toddler and we find they wipe very easily.

Sirion seats are charcoal grey with dots, but Myvi fabric feels much posher.

See one of my Myvi threads re: boot strings - you need the Daihatsu clip (only one if you are saving money) plus string - but be warned, it will twist and get stuck in bootlid rubber and will bring in water. The Daihatsu OE strings are best, as they are slightly stiffer than the cord, and tend to stay inside the lid without fouling the rubber.

All the best.

18th Sep 2010, 17:19

Out of interest, what are you getting in mileage per tank? I'm getting 310 miles to a tank if I drive like a saint - miles off the 400 claimed in Perodua literature. If I drive 'normally' I get about 250.

9th Nov 2010, 05:35

I don't know about tank, but I get 46-49mpg depending on weather and type of driving; guessing at about 350??

5th Jan 2011, 03:28

My Myvi is very lousy. Encountered lots of problems with this car. Rattling noise from the sun visor roof area, rear door noise, brake caliper noise, door sensor switch malfunction, and the ride is horrible. Very bumpy.

5th Jan 2011, 05:14

Agree with door switches; just peel the rubber back slightly and it works fine.

Not sure why you are having rattles or noises, but the car may still be under warranty to get them sorted - what is the mileage reading?

The ride is great for a small light car, but choppy compared to a larger, heavier car, and the Myvi is strongly affected by tyre choice; the 2007 car we had was fitted with Sime Astars new, which were hard as nails and lasted forever, but rode horribly. Our 2010 Myvi was fitted with Goodyear Eagle NCT3s new, which make it ride far better.

So, peel the switch rubbers back, get rattles checked, look at your tyres.

We have done 100,000 miles in our Myvis without any major issues...