3rd Apr 2010, 07:05

Update 56,500 miles.

Went in for short service (oil and filters), final warranty checkover with full inspection - all perfect.

Cost at the main dealer £60...!

I fell afoul of government twice this month; the MOT could be done a month MINUS A DAY before the due date, so had to rebook MOT, and the road tax reminder came through at the old rate for 137g/km - £120, not the new April 2010 - rate of £110. Trying to renew online was impossible as £120 was requested (even though new rate showing on new tax rates section), so had to wait until 1st April and do it in the Post Office. Then it was £110 - what a STUPID system. I wonder how many will have overpaid and the huge cost to the UK government of repaying/postage/man hours when it hits the media and everyone wants refunds?

Anyway, MOT passed with advisory for the original Sime NSR tyre getting near to the end of its life (56k miles is great wear), so all is well with the Myvi.

Midway through a cut and polish plus a hoover etc and this three year old budget car looks as new, and runs better than new, which is great considering the heavy use and high mileage.

The most notable thing about it is how well designed and engineered it is, so that even for a very cheap car, it is comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing to drive with light controls and great visibility, plus doors that shut first time every time and no squeaks, rattle, slack or wear.

I'm really pleased to have it back - it got even better with mileage!

24th Apr 2010, 13:22


Running very well, 49 average mpg, very smooth and light with no sign of wear.

Noted slow battery on remote and underside rattle on loose surfaces when weight temporarily lifted off front wheels - had asked Perodua garage to inspect, but they said they could not hear it and it was all OK.

Kwik-fit says rattle is wearing NS drop link as it moves around very easily with no resistance, but commented it is not an issue for the moment; is a wear item so unlikely to be part of warranty.

Rear tyres are both original Sime Astars, but nearing the end of their life at an impressive 57,000 miles, and showing signs of deterioration. The fronts are BF Goodrich G-Grips, and they do grip well, but my word they are the single noisiest tyre I have ever come across with thunderous tyre road on stone chip dressed surfaces - cannot wait until they wear out. I suppose jet-washing the arches and underside has removed all of the sound-insulating mud too, exacerbating the issue.

An ebay seller had the original equipment Sime Astars on for just £20 each last week - I contacted to order 8 but they had just sold out. Damn.

Some £&&^ stoved the passenger front door in last week, by reversing into it at my wife's works car park - huge black mark and two creases plus dent in door skin. No details left - they also smashed the van next to it. How do these people sleep?

Waiting on PDR (paintless dent removal) quote, but think it is too far gone.

Otherwise extremely happy and enjoying the Myvi.

Good news is that a new Perodua dealer is opening 20 miles away next month, which will save our family hours when services are needed - they are also advertising new metallic Myvis at £5999 on ebay, which is amazing.

If this 2007 one wasn't so good, I may have been tempted!!

11th May 2010, 13:16

All running well and enjoying the excellent engine and box on our local B roads; it is surprisingly quick at rapid overtakes.

A small dash rattle has been irritating me, however, I have just pin-pointed it as the plastic handle for the bonnet release, wiggled it and it is now silent.

They do grip well, but I am amazed how NOISY the BF Goodrich G-Grip front tyres are-the roar is immense and gets tiring-especially when compared back-to-back with our Goodyear Eagle NCT equipped 2010 Myvi. The 820 mile-old new car is a slug compared with this 57,000 mile car though-they are poor until run-in and then creatively THRASHED until eased up.

19th Jun 2010, 12:49


We have just returned from holiday in this and our 2010 Myvi, leaving the 2006 Myvi at home; this started instantly after 10 days of being sat outside.

One of the things that hit us while we were away, was that we could get by using only the one Myvi for day trips, as it just copes with four big adults and the (wide) child seat, whilst still accommodating a big travel system/pushchair and all of our coats, bags etc.

Having had experience of most of the cars in this class, there are not many that can do this, as usually the rear seat is too narrow, the rear seatbelts too short, and the getting in and out difficult. OK, it IS tight in the back with two large adults and the bulky stage 1 child seat, but it IS possible. The standard fit air-con makes it more comfortable all round, and the car has five 3-point seatbelts - not a centre rear lap belt.

When fully loaded like this and with the extra power sapping air-con on, the car still copes with stop start on 1 in 5/20% hills without issue, and has no problem with fast flowing traffic either.

What I enjoy about the Myvi is that you feel like you have beaten the system; you get decent Toyota and Daihatsu tech throughout - at the selling price this would be amazing for even a very basic spec 3 door car; however the Myvi gets a much bigger and much more comfortable cabin than any car in this bracket, and then also comes with niceties such as clever rear seats (push down, not flip forward to make flat loading area, which is great with the 90 degree opening rear doors), standard air-con, superb quality stereo, four electric windows, huge electric mirrors with LED repeaters, remote locking etc etc.

When you dig deeper into the car, you find all the wiring and ECU is Daihatsu, the paints are Daihatsu code, the engine is the Toyota Yaris 1298cc VVTi - but with a twist; there is no unnecessary over-complication; the clutch is cable operated and not hydraulic, the throttle is cable, not the drive-by-wire type, which gave Toyota all of the problems and so on. It seems like they have used the simplest and most durable parts in the Toyota group parts bin, put them in a spacious modern bodyshell, and screwed it all together well in a high tech facility in Malaysia.

Apart from a few issues with door switches and boot struts not liking British weather, it all seems to be too good to be true, but we have not found a down side yet - and we run three of them, including the Parents car!

We buy a budget car to fit in with a tight budget (my wife and I run two Myvis for less than the cost of one mainstream family car), and each Myvi surpasses each and every expectation we have of it, and is simply leagues ahead of anything near the £6250 new price (inc metallic), especially with the excellent cabin space and equipment.

It is when you cannot reasonably expect a budget car to be truly great that the Myvis shine; driving dynamically on challenging roads, five up, boot stuffed, air-con on, music blasting - doing everything you would expect of a car costing stacks more, and doing it exactly the same; comfortably, quietly and reliably.

Many people after owning their car for a while would not choose the exact car again; our high regard of the Myvi can be seen by our purchase of the second and third Myvi in the family.

My admiration for it keeps growing.