2nd Mar 2010, 16:44

Ordered the Myvi over the weekend, and with the Scrappage Scheme it came out at just under £5,500 for Metallic Grey. I wanted non metallic, but the dealer didn't have any left, and to make up for it, gave me free mats, remote locking and side door trims, so not bad at all. I would not usually go for a new car, but given many 3 year old cars with 20-30k on the clock are the same price, I think this makes sense.

I would be interested to know if it is possible to fit bluetooth - do they need to pull apart the dashboard to get at the stereo power supply? Did you ever manage to install this on your previous Myvi?

I will keep updating on my experience with my Myvi. People at work scoffed and had a good joke when I told them what car I had bought, and no-one had even heard of Perodua - but I've done lots of research, and couldn't care less what other people think.

Having lived in Japan for a number of years, I found people's mentality for cars is quite different to that in the UK. Internal ergonomics, reliability and practicality are valued more than power and image. One thing I liked about the Myvi was the sense of space and the light fabric.

Anyway, will keep you all updated on a new 2010 thread!

3rd Mar 2010, 02:19

Cheapest I could get on a scrappage was £5380 including metallic, but the side strips are worth having and about £80, so if your dealer is close, the £40 is worth it!!

PS the mats are standard fit and so is remote locking-good salesman!

Agree re: Japan attitude. I removed the DVVT ABS and Myvi stickers and everyone just thought it was a new Toyota model (is sold as a Toyota Passo elsewhere).

Everyone warmed to our Myvi instantly even though they say Prod yer what?

Great choice - hope you enjoy it!

I recommend upgrade bulbs, rear de-badge and posher wheel trims.

3rd Mar 2010, 02:48

These are the same wheel trims we use, but ours were £16 in the local car shop and do not have the chintzy chrome ring.


NB if fitting these, carefully remove the metal fitting ring off these and replace with the much thicker, stronger ring off the original Perodua ones - they do fit and will then not fall off or come loose.

The only downside is that reaching the tyre valve is fiddly with these fitted, but they look 100x better than the cheap original.

My choice would be a white car (available next in May) with the gunmetal grey versions of these trims.

4th Mar 2010, 01:44

Meant to respond to the handsfree query...

If you have a Parrot kit fitted professionally by a dealer, it will cost around £250 all in and will give you iPod capacity and Bluetooth. They will have to pull out the stereo, but they will find out how to do this without damage and should do an excellent job. Make sure they fit the microphone securely on the A-pillar (windscreen pillar), not just tape it to the headlining by your head.

Not had one of these fitted to a Myvi, but they have fitted my other similar stereo set ups.

Other things to add:

Parcel shelf string and clip

Phillips Xtreme +90% H4 headlight bulbs

6 LED white sidelight bulbs (complement the whiter H4s)

Homemade cushion floor boot mat

Anti slips mats for central cubby and glovebox

Rain-X glass treatment

Anti chip film.

I took one of my shelf strings and clips of my Sirion when I sold it, drilled a hole in the shelf and I fitted it. These are not available from Daihatsu without the shelf (£80), so search a breaker, or see if a Suzuki Ignis string (£8) is long enough.

I collect a small piece of lino/cushion floor from the carpet shop and cut this to size to protect the boot floor.

Buy a roll of anti slip matting (like latticed foam) from Halfords - they sell it as boot liner which is much cheaper than buying individual mats, cut out a paper template to fit the centre cubby above ashtray and the inside of the glovebox, use this to cut the foam to shape, attach with double sided tape. The centre console is really useful with this done, as it is backlit and you can put mobile, camera etc there without it sliding.

Rain-X and glass cleaner best bought off ebay, follow instructions to get rain repellent glass.

Anti chip film off ebay - the Myvi has a straight front and is vulnerable to stone chips. With the backing still on, cut to size to cover the lower lip of the bonnet up to crease line, cut out round badge, also do both front door sill tops as you will catch your heel getting in and out.

Once set up properly, the Myvi is far better than many other more expensive hatchbacks and you can be smug that you paid so little!

12th Mar 2010, 15:07

Further to the above report on the Myvi I bought new and sold to my Parents, which after 55,000 miles was due to go in as part-ex for another new Myvi for them...

I have now bought it back off them as it seems such a good car for the money; it has been well sorted and should give good service for a while. Seemed too good to miss!

I will now be able to update this thread and comment on what might be the highest mileage, most used and tested Myvi in the UK.

We will do a new report for my Parents 2010 Myvi, we get it tomorrow after waiting an extra week for the dealers to sort a rattle in the strut-top mount found on the pre-delivery inspection. We all hope the new one gives as good service as this 2007 Myvi (after the initial issues were properly sorted by the UK dealer). I think it is fair to say they come with a few minor QC queries, which Perodua UK are keen to sort out. Once done, they are great cars.

14th Mar 2010, 01:54

Now have this Myvi back as my own car again, and have a few things to sort to undo 55,000 miles of use from my Parents, who are not interested in cars, so just service it and put it through the car wash;

Few chips and scratches.

Loose rain strip above NSR door.

Squeaky clutch and accelerator pedal.

Some dash/door trim rattles.

Otherwise, it seems OK and is lovely to drive compared to the brand new 2010 Myvi I drove back 150 miles from the dealers yesterday for my Parents - the new ones are stiff and sluggish for the first few thousand miles (like most cars), and generally improve with use.

24th Mar 2010, 15:25

Now at 56,000 miles and running like a dream, with fuel economy now 49mpg and linear, instant pick up.

Compared to our other 2010 Myvi, this one is beautifully run in and silky smooth to drive after a few little jobs:

Drivers sill repainted to remove damage from heels dragging across - recommend self adhesive sill tape protector when new.

Wiper blades replaced and return springs and pivots lubricated.

Clutch cable adjusted (took 3 seconds - simple winder)

Air filter removed and filter/box hoovered.

General lubrication of moving parts/hinges/pivots/cables.

It is going in exactly a month early for its first MOT test tomorrow, and I have booked a short service and in-depth component check before the end of the warranty - £105 all in.

I can't see any reason why it won't pass, will update soon.

Really enjoying the Myvi - so light and easy, quick, responsive, intuitive and relaxing for a small car.

UK tax now £110, 50ish mpg, low insurance, cheap to service, no cambelt to change, minimal depreciation.

No wonder we ordered another one to replace this, took delivery of it and then kept this one!