2004 Peugeot 206 CC 2.0 Gasoline from Dominican Republic


The air conditioner failed. It was very expensive to fix it.

The roof leaks water when it rains hard.

General Comments:

It handles very well, and also looks well like any other sport car, but the maintenance is a lot cheaper.

I use it every day, and the fuel consumption is not bad.

The back seats are not adequate to sit an adult. But are good to put papers, a briefcase, or maybe an umbrella, or golf clubs. Other sport cars don't offer that space in the back.

When the roof is up, I feel secure (it is a metallic roof over my head), and when the roof is dawn, it's eye catching and the sensation of freedom is unbeatable.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007

2004 Peugeot 206 GTi HDI 110 1.6 diesel from UK and Ireland


Good all-round warm hatch


No problems so far (only owned car for one month).

General Comments:

Good points: -

Running costs are fantastic for a sporty hatch. According to the trip computer I am getting over 55 miles per gallon, and insurance and car tax are low.

Ride and handling are excellent, and I have had no problem getting a decent driving position.

Interior and exterior are smart and sporty, without being over the top.

Quality seems okay.

Bad points: -

The gear change can be awkward. I am finding it especially difficult changing down from 4th to 2nd. I am still messing this up even after a month of driving.

You do miss out on the instant throttle response and engine note of a petrol hot hatch. I had expected to be compensated with big mid-range punch, but to be honest this car is not quite as quick as I expected it to be.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2007

6th Aug 2007, 07:40

Original reviewer update.

I have now owned the car for four months and had no problems with it.

I have modified my view on the performance. Acceleration in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears is impressive enough. I think coming from a petrol hot hatch background, my original comments were influenced by the lack of sharpness in 1st and 2nd. I guess you have to accept this in a diesel.

The gear change feels slightly sloppy, but not to the extent that it irritates.

Running costs continue to be the cars strongest point. Getting 55 mpg is easy.

7th Dec 2007, 07:22

Original reviewer update: -

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! One week outside the three year warranty and the clutch main bearing went. The car's only done 24000 miles. Peugeot were not interested, and I ended up having to pay £628 for a new clutch.

10th Jul 2008, 11:04

Another owner update:

No further problems thankfully.

20th May 2010, 06:57

Another owner update: -

No further problems and I'm even on the same front tyres as when I bought the car (will need changing soon mind).

Quality wise - ignoring the clutch problem, I'm not noticing a lot of difference from my previous two VW Golf GTI's apart from a few interior rattles.

With the price of fuel these days, I'm glad I went the diesel route!

21st Jun 2010, 05:17

Thank you for this. May I ask how many miles you have on it now?

628 pounds sounds very expensive for a 206 clutch. Was it only the clutch? I ask this because I had to replace the fly-wheel on mine and it was about 1050 euro (flywheel + clutch + handwork).

25th Nov 2010, 07:14

Original owner update: -

Sorry for the slow response - I don't come here very often!

Yes, the cost was for the clutch only - it is much more expensive on this car that other 206s due to difficult access. The car has done 44000 miles.

No other problems to report, and the gear box has loosened up in recent times and is now a lot more user friendly. Can't believe it has taken so many miles for this to happen.