2004 Peugeot 206 Sport 1.4 16 V from UK and Ireland





1 month after getting it the clutch cable went and I needed a new one.

The locks kept unlocking themselves

The CD changer kept skipping, got it replaced and found a dent where the idiot mechanic had wedged his screwdriver to get the old one out

Side panel came loose

Engine CUT OUT

Doesn't always go into reverse. Gears VERY crunchy.

General Comments:

It's a really bad car for reliability.

The Peugeot Mechanics can't find any problems. They don't even test drive them to find the problems just leave it in the garage and play about a bit.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2005

1st Feb 2006, 09:20

You hit the nail on the head with this review. I have nearly identical issues with my car. I'll not be getting another. I enjoy driving the car though, but its just got too many little issues about it.

20th Feb 2008, 15:36

I remember Mike Brewer on the TV Show Auto Trader said the 206 has a tendency to unlock itself.

2004 Peugeot 206 XSi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Bitter disappointment!


My car was scratched by vandals and cost a small fortune to repair at a Peugeot dealership.

When I collected my car the drivers seat seems to have developed a dangerous problem in that the seat won't remain in position and has twice slipped out of position while driving.

The car creaks and shakes when reversing and feels like a bumper ride when in reverse gear.

General Comments:

I am very disappointed with this car and would think twice before buying a Peugeot again.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2005

2004 Peugeot 206 XSi from UK and Ireland


My car was vandalized and the cost of repair for 1 panel was exceptionally costly for me. I was unhappy with the patronizing and sexist attitude of the dealership. It will take 2 weeks to repair my car. For a nearly new car I am unhappy with the noise from the engine and the poor rear space. I would not buy another Peugeot again.

General Comments:

Expensive to run and a disappointment.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2005

13th Aug 2005, 02:54

Buying a (nearly) new car means that you can test drive it and see if the engine is noisy and if rear space is adequate for you... before buying that is. I would also expect some comments on reliability (4/10) and performance (6/10) just to understand better. Being patronizing/ having a sexist attitude as a dealer is sad, but that's hardly the car's fault- I'd say change the dealer not necessarily the car.

21st Aug 2005, 06:38

How can the back seat be smaller after it's been repaired?

14th May 2007, 09:28

The mechanic probably moved the drivers seat back.

2004 Peugeot 206 XRP 1.6 petrol from Dominican Republic


The best for the price


Air Conditioner went wrong the first week, seems to be a leak in the compressor, bring to the the dealer for services 5 times from now and still the problem, all they do is to try sealing the escape, but come on it's a new car why not replacing it. Worst Dealer in the country.

General Comments:

Awesome car, performance is beyond any on the same lineway, tiptronic works flawlessly and speed between gears is awesome this have turn in my dearly beloved car.

It handles like angels in the sky, cornering is awesome.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

6th Dec 2010, 21:07

I wrote this review 7 years ago, and I still have the car.

In 7 years I have faced several problems on this car, but yet the car have proven to be a good quality car, and a great shot for the price.

There is something you should pay special attention on this vehicle, specially the 4 gear Automatic Tiptronic transmission.

The transmission breathing hole, which is located under the battery, which means, avoid floods and passing the car through water pools.

The first time the car sucked water, which mixed with the ATF and destroyed my gearbox, my car was under warranty so they replaced the whole gearbox.

The second time it happened, the car was out of warranty, but I quickly flushed the ATF and filled with a fresh Motul one. My mechanic also made an adaptation to the breathing hole so it stands higher.

Another issue with the car was problems with the fuel pump located under the rear seat; it cracked on the top, leaking gas.

I fixed it for a year with epoxy, and lastly replaced it. The cost of this fuel pump goes from 200 to 300 USD. Around 170 GBP in U.K.

Another issue found on the car was a leak of the aircon refrigerant gas. The leak was located in the hose secure pin in the bonnet. The local distributor of the car never detected this problem, and claimed that the problem was the evaporator.

Another issue on the car was a faulty COM 2000; it suddenly started to turn my lights on and disabling the horn. I fixed this issue by spraying a contact cleaner inside the light stalk. That fixed the problem for like 2-years, but lastly collapsed and was replaced by a new COM 2000 DAV.

Another issue on this car are the connecting rods, which starting to squeak, this issue was found after the 5th year, which is fair enough, it simply needs a replacement and you are good to go.

The Peugeot 206 2005 XRP is a good car, just take good care of it, and as soon as you notice something weird going on, take it to your mechanic. In my case, the local distributor is not the best place to repair the car, you better do find a trusty one.

Soon I will sell my 206 and probably switch to a bigger car, since my college days are over :)

Love your 206, and he will reply you back!