4th Nov 2002, 11:35

I have a 1996 Plymouth Neon. The paint has almost completed come off of the roof and around the doors. There is also rust around all the edges of the windows. I went to the dealership and they told me that it wasn't even worth painting, to just go get a new car.

30th Nov 2002, 11:15

I loved my neon and had pride in the fact that it did not have any major problems.Until the past 2 weeks. The head gasket #4 is cracked, the a/c & heat fuse was melted in the fuse panel, the headlights don't work, power locks do not work and the paint pealed before the exhaust had a big hole in it.. and the O2 sensor was replaced once and the computer reads that it is bad once more... Thanks for showing this Chrysler fan a thing or two about her judgment.. I am now stuck with a 2yr old in the country and no vehicle...Thanks.

21st Jan 2003, 19:06

Hi I also have a 95 Neon and I also hate mine. Many things have gone wrong with it. The clutch, brakes, windows leak, starter, ignition coil, spark plug wires. After all that and more my neon is still a piece of crap. The engine revs itself when you start often dies in second gear. Jump when going anymore than 20 mph. Can't take this car anywhere. I don't trust this car for anything. It is an embarrassment to drive anywhere. I won't even drive this car 10 miles away. I don't recommend this piece of junk to anyone. I refuse to sell it because of how crappy it is. Dodge I'm VERY disapointed!

12th Apr 2003, 12:41

I am an owner of a 96 Plymouth neon and have the same problems as the comments I have read, such as water flooding in the trunk area as well as the passenger side front and rear. The paint is peeling on drivers side door and quarter panel, as well as the gaskets around the windows are faulty. Do to the comments I have read and the countless responses about the lack of professionalism of the dodge company, I will be looking into making a small claims action against them and I strongly suggest that others do the same.

I want to thank you for all the comments that have been made on this page.

I want to note my disgust in the dodge company.

26th May 2003, 21:44

Since purchasing my 1996 Neon I have experience several problems. One week after I bought the car my rear left strut snapped and was completely broken ($180 in parts and labor). One month later I noticed I had an oil leak, I soon found out that my head gasket was shot. ($780 in parts and labor). I also have several other problems with my car which I have yet to get fixed..I'm wondering if anyone else has these problems: the air conditioner makes a passive whistling noise while its running, the speedometer chooses when it wants to work, the rubbers on my strut are no long in tact, my engine make a boiling noise after I turn the car off. I'm 18 years old and I didn't know too much about cars when I bought this my first car. But one thing I do know for sure is that in the future I am never going to buy another vehicle that has made by Chrysler.

29th May 2003, 12:31

We just bought our 95 neon and have had no problems as of yet. The only thing was the driver side window leaking and the speedometer comes and goes, it's been in 3 times for the same problems, not resolved as of yet. For the window the mechanic (who was like 12) tightened the the door, but harder to open kinda worked not 100%. I'm not completely disapointed in the car yet.

5th Jun 2003, 14:09

I have a 95 Plymouth NEON and it works great. Its quick, roomy, handles great and reliable. My only complaint is my fuel consumption. Brad Truro, NS.

6th Jun 2003, 17:14

I have a 95 Neon, and I like my car. I bought it second hand from a kid I think who rather abused it, but have had no real problems with it. The only thing is my horn has stopped working, and when I looking the fuse box there is no fuse marked for the horn. I wondered if anyone happened to know which fuse it was, just to save me from pulling them all out to figure it out. Please, if you know post a message on here, and I will be sure to check.


Amber Nurse

British columbia, Canada.

25th Jun 2003, 14:34

I also own a 95 neon. I wonder how the designers and manufacturers sleep at night knowing they built such a piece of crap. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK, DAMN IT! Talk about a mistake. All I have to say is thank God I bought an extended bumper to bumper warranty. Since I bought my car, the head gasket went (just like ever other neon ever made), water leaks into the trunk and soaks the floor in the back (making for a very pleasing odor which I'm sure girls find very attractive), the brakes go quickly, my whole transmission had to be replaced, and white flakes shoot from the vent when I turn on the a/c. I'm sure there were more things that went wrong that I can't think of right now.

2nd Jul 2003, 11:10

I too have a 95 neon, in fact I have two of them the same year. The trunk leaks in both cars and the speedometer reads 0 MP all the time. We have replaced calipers, brake pads on each car about 3 times a year, the horn on one. It makes a grinding sound in 2nd and 3rd gear, we have had to replace the starter in one 3 times and the thermostat 2 times in one year. We had to replace all four fuel injectors and the fuel rail. the radiator fan has malfunctioned 2 times in 1 1/2 years. they both drink the oil like they drink the gas. There are many other problems, but not enough room to list them. I am a mother of two and having a neon, I Make sure I ALWAYS have AAA! Robin, Ne.

29th Jul 2003, 10:13

I have a '95 Neon. At first I loved my car, it was in great condition. I have only had it for 8 months, and I had to replace the spark plugs, right when I got it. The power locks work on and off. The seal is broken on my driver's side door, which causes the air to come in the car, and it leaks water when it rains. The car shakes. The steering wheel, and pedals vibrate really bad.

My gas gauge is broken. I have to get gas 4 times a week. I go through a quart of oil a week, it burns the oil like crazy.

Now my fuel pump is humming when I turn the car on. It only hums for a few seconds, but that is just annoying.

I have replaced the A/C belt three times in Three months, and it still Sqeels when I turn the A/C on.

Right when I bought the car my radio went out, and I had to buy a new stero.

Now whem I turn off my car the Gages all stay up. The RPM, the gas, and the collant gauge.

I know The car now has over a 100,000 miles on it, but I just bought it, It costs more to maintain then the car is even worth.