7th Aug 2003, 11:45

I purchased my 95 Neon used, but with only 70000 km's on it. I loved it at first! I got great speed and pick up, the a/c kept everything nice and cool in the summer, and most importantly, it looked nice. Now in the three years I've had my car, the starter has been replaced 2x, the trunk leaks, the driver side door leaks (and no longer rolls down!), the paint is peeling in patches, the a/c stopped working within the first 6 months, the radio stopped working 3 weeks ago (which is lovely for my long commute), and lastly (but as every Neon owner know, not least) my head gasket cracked. I bought this car because, as a student, I needed a reliable car that could get me from point A to B in one piece. Unfortunately, between the cost of tuition and repairs, I never had any money to go to point B!! Never, never, never will I buy a Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Chrysler again!!!

10th Aug 2003, 11:21

I have a 96 Plymouth Neon, I had a lot of problems with my car too. First I replaced the Head Gasket in the last two years. The first one was free the second one I paid for. My car leaks water, I will like if someone tells me how much it should costs to get sealer, for this problem, my whole back floor is wet and smells. I would like to know how can water get in the back lights and how much would that cost me. I think they should do a recall on the car. And give 50% for the purchase price and repairs that are not consider normal wear and tear on a car, Or give us 50% off a new car. I think it's cheaper then a lawsuit. So if anyone wants to start one, My email address is MynKathy07@aol.com.

10th Aug 2003, 13:33

I've recently purchased a 95 NEON, not a speck of rust (oil treated every year), 135 000 km. It runs great except for this following intermittent problem: engine loses power and hesitates for variable periods of time when hot, but it does not shut off completely.

Any suggestion to remedy this problem?

Jacques from Montr

10th Aug 2003, 17:10

I own a 1995 Dodge Neon, which I purchased used 4 months ago. I did not notice any major problems when I first bought the car, but within a month of purchase I noticed a few.

Of course, I had the water-leaking-into-trunk problem. It was easily fixed by applying sealant around the tail lights and between the lights and metal trunk. I removed the carpet from the trunk and cleaned it, and allowed the interior to dry out... no more smell or mildew.

At the same time, I was advised by another motorist that my tail lamps did not light at night. The brakes and reverse lamps work, just not the tail lights. I bought a wiring diagram and had a friend look at it to determine the problem. We believe the problem is in the light bulb housing itself... it is burnt inside, which may have caused a wire to melt. Either way, it hasn't been repaired yet, so I am currently attaching flashlights inside my light assembly at night in order for others to see me in front of them. Kind of dangerous since brake lights do not show when I do this.

Final problem, my a/c went out the other day as I was driving to Dallas, TX in 109 degree weather. After going back home (about a 45 minute trip each way) I noticed a burning smell coming from under the hood. My neighbor says it is my compressor and that it will continue to get worse until my car leaves me stranded.

If anyone has any advice on the wiring or compressor, I would appreciate it! I am a college student woth bad credit who needed transportation in a hurry. Now I see why the neon is such an affordable price... they get their moneys worth in repairs!!

29th Aug 2003, 18:26

I bought this heap (1995 neon sport) used for $2000 and it has lasted me 2 years.. It died today (for good I assume).

Heres MY list.

1. Head gasket (friend helped me fix)

2. Water in the trunk (1 can of fast gasket... never opened trunk again)

3. I have rust stripes down my car that make it look like a super sport. (I guess that adds the sporty style to it)

4. Gages have a mind of they're own???

5. I lost the passenger side tail light a couple months ago (fuses & bulbs don't seem to do anything)

6. I tore the dash apart to rig the A/C to work.

Bottom line is...

I Bought a cheap car & got a cheap car, I would have spent $1000 a year on the subway if I didn't have it.

You get what you pay for.


18th Oct 2003, 20:03

I also own a 95 sport coupe. same problems.. head gasket/leaky trunk/radio died 2 ys ago/exhaust broke/and at least $1500 in other repairs..belts/sensors etc. lost count how many times that lovely "CHECK ENGINE" light came on. bought mine used with 40,000 in 97. $12,000 BOY! did I get soaked! oil changes every 3,000 miles. It now has 133,000 with a freebie 98 OEM Chrysler radio, out of a Cherokee I got from a friend. I threw on a K&N drop in air filter $35 and "its" actually getting 38 mpg on hwy/"new" was suppose to have gotten 33mpg. and it a little peppier! smelling oil now a stop lights. I guess its been a "good Car" when it running right. Any of you get excited when your NEON runs longer than 2 or 3 months without the "check engine" light coming on??? I'm at 3 months and I'm thinking "WOW" maybe this how these cars are suppost to run! Any of you have the Battery Drain Ghost? after about 4 months my battery dies I've had 2 shops check the wiring NO shorts, alt is good! they say! (smile) buy a new battery (wave good bye!) 4 months later.. drive it on a FRI, park it! start it on Mon, DEAD!!! if economy was better I'd buy another car. Until then I'll cross my fingers, wear my rabbits foot & clip on my 4 leaf clover pin. and put my foot in the gas as long as that "CHECK ENGINE" is off. it owes me that much!

6th Dec 2003, 18:26

I bought a used 95 Neon about 18 months ago, mainly for my daughter to use. There were no major problems until she called to tell me that it stalled about 5 miles from home and she could not get it started. When we got it home, we found that all of the engine oil was gone (I added 4 quarts to bring it to full). Now it won't turn over. I am wondering what I should do with it - I don't want to put a lot more money into it, but it only has 85000 miles.

25th Feb 2004, 19:50

I got a 1996 Plymouth Neon Sport. I bought it wrecked and its now complete. It's a fun car to drive and has way more room than my saturn, but the transmission is pure junk. It shifts when it wants and makes whining noises. It takes it about half a minute to go into gear when its selected. The car only has 18000 miles on it. The wreck it was in was minor, only body damage. I would like to let you know if your fuel pump and taillights aren't working they are on the same wire which is grounded in the trunk. This one took me about a week to figure out. I don't know why every time I turn the heater on it blows out some nasty white flake. I can't ever see buying another doge product again. The drivetrains are angry and ready to die in every one I've seen.