1989 Pontiac 6000 LE 2.8 from North America


A reliable comfortable driving appliance


Caliper seized after sitting too long. Replaced it myself, cost $20 for a rebuilt caliper.

Ignition module failed at 106000 km. Cost $300 cdn.

Lifter collapse after running light oil on a very hot day (no damage).

Air conditioner compressor seized (after attempted repair)

Undetectable voltage drain.

General Comments:

Cheap car to buy, cheap to own, cheap to fix (except for computer stuff).

It had great gas mileage... don't know what happened. Its now average.

Accelerates good, brakes good, handles well if you remember what type of car it is.

Very comfortable. Great for commuting, or as the foul weather car. Strong driveline, suspension, chassis, etc. Overall good car.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2002

12th Dec 2005, 21:22

Update: 142,000 kms, no major repairs other than wear items. Has a external head gasket coolant leak (for the past 30,000 or so kms) that drips onto the coilpack, causing a misfire eventually. Rust is starting to take over. I just had a PS line blow, due to a rusty line and Canadian winters (cheap to fix).

1989 Pontiac 6000 STE-AWD 3.1L. MP FI from North America


Underestimated by far!!!..


1. Replaced gas tank.

2. Replaced exhaust system cat back.

3. Re-polished and painted everything under the hood, such as front brace bars over the battery and upper plenum, and anything else to revive it to new looking.

4. Added K&N air filter.

5. Added 8.8 Accel Racing plug wires.

6. Added Platnum +4's spark plugs.

7. Replaced all caps such as coolant reservoir and oil and radiator etc.

8. Replaced fuel filter.

9. Replaced 02 sensor.

10. Replaced fuel rail.

11. Had paint job redone.

12. Added sound system Boston Acoustic and new Sony CD decks ;) "subs on the way".

13. Had the car professionally cleaned and polished.

14. Replaced almost every light bulb in the vehicle.

15. Fixed an electrical problem due to someone screwing a screw into the center arm console through the back lighting wires, causing the internal lights to stay on whenever they came on, never to shut of!!! That was hard to find.

16. Fixed automatic door locks.

17. Fixed trunk cover under the spare tire.

18. Replaced all fuses.

19. Fixed weather stripping.

20. Replaced front fog lights. I need to replace the front head lights due to heavy pitting from salt!!! Damn New England.

21. Installed neon trunk lighting system with on-board dashboard switches; as if there wasn't enough already,

22. Fixed lumbar seats.

23. Replaced air conditioning compressor and converted it to the new stuff... from rj12... old systems...

24. Replaced serpentine belt.

25. Had rotors turned.

26. Replaced most of the bolts with stainless 316 grade...

27. Replaced 3 motor mounts, front motor mounts, and 1 trans mount...

28. Replaced 3 coil packs.

I am trying to put the original radio back in it... if I can find one... :(

I have done much more, almost over 3,000 something, and I plan to do more.

General Comments:

I think that this is one of the best cars ever built. Cars were made to be driven, no matter how valuable they might be. I found out they only made 1300 of these cars in 1989 with the AWD. I also found out that the SE edition could come with the AWD drive package, but it was a 4,000 dollar option.

Bottom line is I love this car. I never get stuck in anything. I love the all wheel drive, the independent suspension, the digital dash, the lumbar seats, the disk brakes all the way around, the electronic ride control, and the flipping list is endless.

Darkestimage@email.com if you want to know more about this car.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2002

17th Dec 2002, 16:16

I wish I had this car it really sounds awesome.

I know they are a rare species.

3rd Apr 2004, 17:30

RE: Stalling/Pontiac 6000.

I had the same problem with my '88 6000LE, 2.8L EFI and had my mechanic go over the car. He was unable to solve the problem, but I found it.

You should try replacing the Crankshaft Sensor. After I replaced mine, the problem was solved. This sensor is located between the firewall and the engine and is accessed from beneath the vehicle. You'll need a 10mm wrench to unbolt the sensor and a flat screwdriver to disconnect the clip.

Those sensors are known to fail according to what I've been told by other mechanics. You can get an exploded diagram of this parts' assembly from a GM dealer or repair manuals in a library. I replaced mine with aftermarket/Bosch instead of O.E. and it's been problem- free since.

As always, take the necessary safety precautions when working on any car. Hope that helps.

I need help with my heater though. It only blows air, no heat. I've replaced the Heater Core, Thermostat, Upper Radiator Hose, the heater doors work and it still doesn't work. This problem started long after all those parts had been replaced, during the very, very cold snaps we had this winter. Any advice/same experiences/tips? Feel free to email:


5th Jan 2010, 00:24

I hope you still own the AWD STE. I have two 85 STE's and they are getting harder to find. Keep up the good work.