1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3L Quad-4 (4 cylinder) from North America


As long as you take good car, it'll treat you good


- Power windows are about shot. Front driver's, passenger's windows only go down slowly and half-way. Rear passenger window is stuck completely.

- Heating core shot, I rerouted when I bought the car, I'll replace it next winter (In Florida, so no biggie)

- Replaced Radiator last weekend, $131 or so and about 3hrs worth of my time to fix.

- Blinkers don't work correctly, think its in the fuse block, replaced and checked lights, wiring and relay.

General Comments:

When I bought the car, it was well kept, dealer serviced up to 114,000 miles (all logged in the book) and ran quite well. Windows are my next project and near winter I'll replace the heating core.

Its quite speedy for a Quad-4 and tho many people have had problems, mine seems to be in top shape. Good compression, quick auto shifting, stiff suspension. Over all I'm happy. I'm prolly up for repairs soon tho. Possibly a head gasket, may take me a couple of days to complete. I don't think so as of yet tho, since there is good compression.

The seats are pretty comfortable and the car offers some nice room, but it can be cramped and a little un comfy for long distance trips. Cruise control helps, since there is a good amount of feedback on the gas.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

28th May 2003, 10:23

I find this all so funny. I too have just replaced my head-gasket and water pump. Just this week I replaced the thermostat. Setting me back $2600. My windows are crappy, they don't go up all the way, so they leak. It also sounds like I have a birds living in the dash with all of the raddling. I have had the car for almost 5 years and with 150K. It is a runner. I do have to agree the seats are comfortable! And my white paint is peeling. There was a recall on the paint, but since I was over 100K, so they wouldn't cover it. I haven't been impressed either with the Ponitac dealerships either. The mechanics DO groan when you tell them you have a quad-4! Their junk!

29th Mar 2004, 19:54

Sounds like it's a good thing I have the crank windows on my 95 Grand Am SE 2.3L 4-cyl.

19th Jul 2004, 23:14

Oh wow! I can't believe your 95' grand am has the same issues as mine.. go figure...I just recently had the heating core replaced... the radiator is busted, the windows only go down a couple inches (power windows). The electric locks don't work, the trunk fills with water when it rains (so I drilled holes in the bottom of the trunk..hah!

Very amusing.

1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4 Quad from North America


I would NEVER buy another Pontiac Grand Am!


I agree with a lot of the other consumer's that have this car.

My car blew a head-gasket too, (which the company DOES know is a defect in the car). Along with this my radiator needed replacing and my water pump. $2500.00 later and they finally got the car running right.

My Power locks no longer work.

The power steering line went in it, had to have that replaced.

Right now, I have another problem with it shaking badly when in idle.

When I go to get parts, or bring it to a mechanic and tell them I have a Quad 4 engine, they groan. They have told me it's a piece of crap engine.

Good Luck to others out there!

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Review Date: 17th March, 2003

28th Mar 2003, 12:12

Does anyone know why the car shakes when it is idling?? Mine has been doing for a couple months now, my mechanic can't figure it out... I am taking it to a new garage next week. I have spent about $700.00 trying to get this car fixed.. HELP...

30th Mar 2003, 20:48

Since it is the Quad-4, they are large 4-cylinders, and the are renowned for being REALLY shaky engines. Until they came out with the twin balance shaft, the quad-4s almost made the car uncomfortable to sit in. hope this helps some.

16th Apr 2004, 11:21

I have a 1995 grand am I have replaced the whole water system in my car I spent 2800 dollars. Picked my car up drove a mile it ran hot again. Spent 400 dollars more. I turned around took it back and was told these cars do this. It was OK, I frequently kept calling them and they thought I was crazy. I drove it 2 weeks then and parked it for a year. I decided to try again. This time I spent 1500 dollars and drove it another week where this time the wheel cylinder started, control module went Bezerk and the timiming chain caused my motor to go out. Well least to say the front end is messing up too it shakes. I gave the pontiac people 8,500 for the car and I have drove it maybe 6 months out of the whole time I have owned it. I have had it since 1999. The body is is pretty and inside is clean as a whistle, but what's under the hood is the pits and I would never buy another aluminum motor again. Who ever created them needs help!