1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3 quad 4 DOHC from North America


Amazing performance with good fuel economy


Ac evaporator core has gone, but I live in Canada so no big deal lol!

General Comments:

When I first got this car I was disappointed, it was a purple sedan with a 4 cylinder.

But this car has prooven itself to me time and time again, and has never let me down.

It provides good performance, especially for a four cylinder all while giving me excellent fuel economy.

The handling was decent when it was purchased, but has become better since adding 17" rims with 225 tires, adding lowering springs and a strut bar.

Overall, I love this car and will continue to do so for some time to come. There has been little to no problems with it. Plus with a few simple modifications, its fun to beat mustangs and other sports cars in too.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2005

1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT quad 4 from North America


Coil tower and coils needed to be replaced twice. Car would idol funny and sluggish. Wouldn't accelerate.

General Comments:

This car has been good for the most part, but the coil towers had to be replaced twice and now the low coolant light won't go off.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2005

1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE from North America


I think the car is fast and very safe to ride in


A crack in my water pump an a broken heating core.

General Comments:

I think the car is very good and its taken me though 3 accidents and it is still in good shape.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2005

1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.8 V6 from North America


The car was a beautiful car, but needed lots of care


The problem started with a knocking sound. I thought the problem was not enough oil at first, then I started to feel a skip in the engine. I know-test afterwards the problem I had was one of my bearing rods have gone.

It lasted me about 1 week later until the car would stall out, and my steering would lock as I was driving down the road.

General Comments:

My comment towards the knocking sound take it into a shop to find the problem right away.

I could have caused an accident and injured lives.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2005

1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE Sedan 3.1 SFI from North America


I think it's a good car if you take care of it


My head gasket was bad when I bought the car, but I didn't figure it out until 30,000 miles later, at 115,000 miles.

I blew the transmission at 120,000 miles, but I could of been nicer to it.

I had to change normal things like ball joints and tires over the years. The brakes don't last very long on these cars.

General Comments:

I like this car because it is solid and reliable. Even if there is something wrong with it, it never has left me stranded. I have 194,000 miles on it and I still take it everywhere.

It handles well and it seems that it costs less to maintain as it gets older.

It's now 10 years old and the firewall has rusted out.

I find that the car is more reliable and lasts longer if you're nicer to it.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2005

1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.6 Quad from North America




I just bought my Grand AM a couple of weeks ago. I drove it to work on the toll road going 75 and the thermometer didn't overheat. It stayed a quarter up. When I came out of work, there was a pool of coolant under my car. I came back the next day to move it to another parking spot. It started up fine and I let it run for a half hour. Nothing happened. I looked the coolant tank and it was full. I'm afraid to move it. What could it be? Any input is appreciated! Bigsmoov84@wmconnect.com.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

28th May 2005, 01:46

Yup...check to see if the puddle is greenish. If so then it is coolant. If it's clear its water from the a/c.

29th May 2005, 08:03

If it is coolant it won't be green. It would have Dex Cool in it more of a pink or orange color.

27th Feb 2006, 06:37

I now own my second Grand Am, and both seemed to fall apart at about the same mileage (150,000km). The first was owned by my parents who took very good care of it. When I purchased it from them at 140,000km, it all of a sudden needed the water pump, the serpentine belt replaced, and then the coolant started to leak and mix into the engine oil. Nearly the whole engine had to be replaced. The second Grand Am was purchased used at 120,000km. Two months after buying the car the alternator and battery were replaced, and now all of the little problems are happening, like the door will seize shut, the automatic windows are not working properly, knobs inside the car are falling off...etc. If you are planning on purchasing a Grand Am, make sure you unload it before the mileage gets too high, or you'll have a money pit on your hands! Good car for a lease!

11th May 2006, 11:24

I purchased a 1995 Grand Am Se quad 4 in Feb. I bought it from a mechanic and he told me he had completely refitted the cooling system. Water pump, water pump shaft, radiator, thermostat, and overfill tank. A month later it started overheating and I took it back to him. He replaced the gasket on the water pump and said everything was okay. Last week, it started overheating again. The only thing that hadn't been replaced was the pressure cap on the overflow tank. I replace that and 2 days ago it overheated yet again. I refilled the radiator (where it lost the water, I'll never know) and have had no more problems since then, other than the low coolant light coming on for no apparent reason. After reading through all of the comments on this model, I realize this is something that is very common. SHOULDN'T THERE BE A RECALL?

18th Jul 2006, 06:06

Yeah, same problems with 97 Grand AM 2.4 DOHC.

This thing will never hold its water and always spills its guts. Now it is a busted heater core and water just pours out of the drain. Definite fault by GM. A recall should be in order.

30th Sep 2006, 08:27

I agree with the comment about a poor design, particularly the heater core. I replaced mine and was surprised to see that the inlet tube was made of plastic, while the rest was made of aluminum. GM might have saved about 25 cents per unit, but it's cost the rest of us a lot of pain.

Ditto for the radiator, aluminum core with plastic side tanks.

Engineered with the minimum specs & cheapest materials.