2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 from North America


Don't expect to get over 100000 miles!


Bad hub, replaced with aftermarket hub, won't talk to the computer so traction control and ABS will not work and light is on all the time.

Car stalls randomly (or not so randomly) It just shuts off going down the road.

Replaced coils, brain, plugs, wires, ignition and it still does it. Go about 5 miles then dies 45 minutes later will start up an go another 3-5 miles then the same. If you can get it running again it acts as if it is running on 2 cylinders. Sitting at dealership for 3 days now, they go out and say it runs fine and no problems on their test drive. told them to have one of their techs take it home so they could be with the car when it dies, of course they don't want to do that! After looking over the net I think I will suggest to them a new crank position sensor and see what they say. Have issues with the directional/hazard. This vin number does not fall under the recall.

General Comments:

If the dealerships could get some people in who know how to fix a car, just not read a computer it would be helpful.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2008

27th Jan 2008, 11:10

Funny, yes I have had problems... nothing to get my drawers in a bunch about and just turned 130,000 2 days ago...

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 3.4 from North America


Great everyday driver... drive it hard!!


I was told the fuel pump would go out at around 70,000, and it did at 71,200.

My sunroof has a mind of it's own... open it and it eventually slooooowly goes back shut. I can play this game with it about 3 times, and then it refuses to open again. Rarely wants to open at all after sitting in hot parking lot at work.

On my second go around with the driver's side door actuator, door shims work nicely to hold up the window in the winter.

Passenger side front brakes had a noise; took to the dealer, they couldn't hear it. Soon after, a brake line blew apart and the rotor was tweaked. The dealer ate all the costs on this, since it was documented.

The ever prominent air intake gasket that fails and causes overheating issues. It's since been replaced, but the water pump went out within a week. The dealer ate the labor on that since it should have been caught when changing the gasket.

The cruise control works intermittently, and usually just kicks off while driving. I have attributed it to the constant "surge" in RPM's while driving, roughly 200 RPM which no dealer seems to see; I can see it on the gauge, they can't.

The high speed rated tires are a pain and have to be replaced more often than a normal tires; I'm guessing it's the softer compound.

General Comments:

Overall I enjoy the car, drive it hard everyday, hammer the foot-feet, 50 miles to work and back home everyday, and keep her pegged at 85-ish. She never misses a tick, and handles a clover leaf like a slot car. Relatively comfortable to drive.

As for any repairs, yes I have been aggravated, especially with the intake gasket that GM knew about, but did nothing.

Will probably let my soon to be driving age daughters take it over for high school.

Good looking car, and believe one should drive it like ya stole it once in a while, if not often.

Previous car was an '86 Olds Calais with 86,000 on it when I got it; I paid $500 for. It lasted 11 years, and gee I had to put money into it. It was well worth the money, but she just finally got tired and wore out.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008