2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 from North America


It's not bad I guess


My brakes vibrate when I try to stop, and I just had them done last fall.

The blinker noise goes off on its own; drives me nuts.

General Comments:

The performance is OK for a four cylinder.

The seats are very uncomfortable and cheaply made.

My A/C does not work; the evaporator is gone behind the dash. What's that crap? Had it looked at and toped up 3 times with 3 different garages, and they could not find the problem, so I put the refrigerant in myself. Oh joy.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2008

2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4 from North America


So far, I really like the car, except that I cannot use my sunroof


My Grand Am has a sunroof, but does not work. I bought it 3 weeks ago and the guy never told me anything about the sun roof not working. I live in Wisconsin and it has been a rough spring so far. I don't think he had the car that long to know if it worked or not. The passenger side of the sunroof looks as if it is off track. I can push it back down but it pops up right away. I plugged the switch in but it still does not work. Is it more common for this switch to go or is it more likely the motor itself?

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Review Date: 21st May, 2008

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 Ram Air V6 from North America


Good Looks doesn't = Good Car


Some of the interior has malfunctioned or broken. A list would be: 1) The dial for the fan speed came off. 2) The passenger seat lever to recline the seat broke 3) The floor mats that come with the car have a hard time not moving

4) Foglamp button was extremely flimsy and broke off

5) Door deflectors fell out...

Moving up the bigger problems...

Anything engine coolant was a constant problem. First the container was leaking all over the place and nearly ruined the engine like in a lot of these cars, got that replaced for a nice price. Then the next engine coolant container WAS LEAKING AGAIN. This time it was even worst because the cap to it broke off. The dealership was perplexed by this problem and has claimed that "it wasn't a problem in their cars".

The turn signal would go haywire. Just randomly one day it decides to turn on and off whenever it feels like it. Sometimes when its off the clicking tune for when its on STAYS ON. If you don't think this is annoying try driving in a car that has this problem for an hour non stop.

The re-defroster didn't work. Extremely hazardous in winter conditions.

The fuel cap just like the engine cap broke off (refusing to lock on). I don't think this should of been a problem but a smart gas station guy might of cross threaded it. What was the real problem is gas started leaking out of the fuel tank right under the cap. As soon as you were filling the car up some gas would trickle out right on your foot.

General Comments:

Everything on paper is a winner for this car but unfournately the execution is FAR LACKING. The trunk is big and was able to fit a futon inside with the seatback down. The backseat is quite comfortable for a coupe and the access to it isn't as tough as most cars. The front seats are very comfortable with thigh support and hug you well for fast turns.

The interior was always disgusting looking (looked like it was put together with clay and legos) but what was worse is the fact that it would fall apart quite easily. The cars exterior is beautiful and one of the better looking cars on the road today. Still this didn't help it win any awards since the black finish would sun bake especially on the hood and leave marks. The performance matches the looks with some exhiliration at the full throttle of the 3.4L but it isn't going to be beating up true muscle.

The problems with this car have been common problems that I read everywhere has been happening. The used car dealer we bought it from stands behind "quality" and refuses to hear anything with the turn signal problem and engine coolant leakage. Most of the problems in this car don't hurt the driveability but are nuisance's and expensive ones. As good as this car looks I'd never buy it again or recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2008

11th Sep 2010, 21:29

It's the person that owns the car. If you take care of it, it won't fall apart.