2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 V6 from Germany


It is a good town car, but no more


I was going down the autobahn (highway) about 140kph (87 mph) and the hood popped off and went into the opposite line of traffic and hit a ford ka. one time I was in town and I slammed on brakes and the brake lights didn't come on and a car slamed in behind me at 40kph (25mph). the seat belts didn't lock and the airbags didn't come out. every time I slammed on the gas real hard the car shuts off the dealership saids that they can't find the problem. I have been to over 4 dealerships now to check on this problem. the brake rotors have to be changed every time the pads do. the radio sucks. the speakers in the back don't work so I had to buy new ones. the doors leak in the rain or when washing the car. the engine blew up because the transmission wouldn't change from 1st to 2nd. this caused me to pay for a new engine and transmission and that cost ed me $2453.54 in American dollars.

General Comments:

This car is a great car when it is working right. I hate the steering wheel and I hate the radio. the car looks great. I like the way the headlights and the fog lights look. the speedometer says that the car will go 240kph (150mph) but I have only got the car to go 201kph (126 mph). this was when the car was new. my BMW would go a whole lot faster than that piece of junk that I bought from Pontiac. my BMW will go over 250 kph (155 mph) and it has a smaller engine. this grand am sucks. and when you get over 160kph (100 mph) the car starts to shake and the steering will make your hands go numb. and the wind noise is awful.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2004

16th Apr 2005, 01:22

How can you compare a grand am to a BMW?

11th Mar 2008, 09:29

Actually it depends on what motor is in the BMW! Also you need to take into consideration that BMWs over here cost more than american vehicles, because they are made over here. Well over there in Germany, the BMWS are around the same price as American cars that are "supposely" built over here. Yes GM sells a lot of products over there, but if the car is going to be in the same price range as say a BMW, I would have chose the BMW over the Pontiac any day!

2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4L V6 from North America


It's a money pit, but I love it


The entire fuel system (pump, filters, hoses, etc.) had to be replaced at 42,000 miles. Cost $1200.

The power steering pump and high pressure hose went out at 36,000 miles. Cost $500.

The Ball Bearings went out at 49,000 miles. Cost $750.

Drivers side window broke brackets and fell off track at 54,000. Cost: Unknown at time, from researching looks around $600.

Car does not like to start at colder temps even though it is fully winterized and is either plugged in or in a garage.

Dome Light brackets broke at 30,000 miles, have to replace entire dome light to fix. Unknown cost, have not fixed yet.

General Comments:

I love this car, it's very nice. Very fast, and handles great. But something is always breaking. I had to buy another car, just for backup. I will have a hard time getting rid of this car, but it's getting to be too expensive and I'm tired of it getting broken.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2003

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 3.4 Ram Air V6 from North America


If this is representative of GM quality in the new millennium? Good bye GM, hello Toyota


Ran out of gas 4 times and the fuel sensor has been replaced twice. Due to the fuel starvation, the fuel pump had to be replaced out of warranty at my own expense. I cannot depend on the fuel gauge to be accurate.

Front struts were making a noise and GM 'packed' them with grease. This quick fix worked long enough to get the vehicle out of warranty and I had to replace them at my own expense. I put in Munroe struts rather than GM parts.

Engine coolant leaked into the engine while under warranty. GM only topped it up. It did it again the following year, but this time GM fixed it under my extended warranty. By doing this, GM did not have top refund my extended warranty as I had now 'used' it. 10 months later, it did it again and I had to get it repaired at my own expense.

Rims and tires are not compatible. At about 40,000 km (25,000 miles), the wheels started to make this strange grinding/squeaking sound. GM was aware of the problem right away and removed my tires from the rims and re-installed them using a lot of sealer. This lasted until the Goodyear tires had to be replaced at 72,000 km (55,000 miles). I replaced the them with Michelin. GM fixed this in subsequent years, but probably just introduced a different problem.

General Comments:

Great car to drive when it has gas and starts.

If this is representative of GM quality in the new millennium? Good bye GM, hello Toyota.

Far too many major problems far too soon.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2003