17th Jun 2002, 12:00

Re: 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE.

I just recently bought this car the reason why I bought it is because of the mileage it only has 23,000 KM'S. This car has only caused me problems. Along with the car I bought a Gm Extended Warranty. I was so happy that I bought it because the first week I had it the Transmission Failed on it, So it was in at the dealership for a week. After that it was the alternator then the A/C and now it is in because the driver side power window went of its track! I was just wondering if anyone else has had these problems?



1st Aug 2002, 03:42

The rubbing noise in the front end might be the bearing packs. I had a rubbing noise in mine and it would also shake at highway speeds, we replaced the bearing packs and no longer had the problem. This was not cheap, but it worked.

30th Sep 2002, 09:01

I also have a 1999 Grand AM with multiple problems. I have had the transmission fixed, it jumped into reverse and would not shift; the drivers side power seat went out; the trunk leaked; the brakes were bad and now the alternator went out and I had to be towed. The car only has 30,000! When the car was towed in there were 2 other 1999 Grand AMs that were also towed in that same night! I have talked to several people with Grand AMs and it seems funny that everything is going wrong in 3 years.

30th Sep 2002, 11:03

My Grand Am started shuddering every time I would hit the gas from a stop. It turned out to be my transmission mount, which broke a week after the car started shuddering.

The automatic security system shorted out, which caused the fuel to be shut off, and the car wouldn't start. Once they fixed that, my gas meter stopped working once the tank is under 1/4 tank. The dealership tells me it will cost over $700 just to drop the tank out of the car to see what is wrong. This doesn't include the cost of actually fixing the problem!

I was rear ended at about 15 miles/hr by a tiny little Honda Accord and the small collision completely knocked my alignment out.

I've had to replace my front disk brakes four times, and my rotors twice, and I'm not even at 90,000 miles yet. The back drum brakes have to be adjusted every 5,000 miles.

I got a new car so that I wouldn't have to invest a lot of money into repairs. Boy, did I make a mistake in this car!!

Also, about the cup holders, I totally agree! Who designed this?! Have they been fired yet?

The levers to my seats, both driver and passenger, which make the seats lean back, both broke.

Oh, and now, my Check Engine light came on yesterday. Back to the dealership! I guess I'll have to get a second job to pay for this car!!


15th Oct 2002, 10:54

Check engine light comes on for people who know jack about cars, and so you will take your car in to get a check up once in a while. If it didn't, then the common joe doesn't know to take their car in to get a check up. People now a days think cars should run fine forever. Well stuff happens, and its mostly the drivers fault for the problems.

28th Oct 2002, 18:15

I have a 2002 Grand Am GT1. I am also am getting rubbing noises when braking and excessive vibrations at highway speeds. The car has 60,000 kms, has had regular service and I just had a complete inspection done at the dealership. No problems were noted. I am very worried after reading the number of similar problems with Grand Ams. I had a Sunfire prior to the Grand Am which had numerous problems at a low mileage. I will likely not purchase another GM.

6th Nov 2002, 18:18

I am the owner of a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT and I had the same irritating front end noise.

I took it to the dealer they could not fix and only said that they'd heard the complaint from lots of grand am owners.

I got a new set of tires and the problem has been resolved.


I have had problems with my front wheel assemblies, the wheel bearings are bad and the entire assembly has to be replaced at $400.

23rd Feb 2003, 14:35

We bought our 1999 Grand Am SE 2 years ago with just 18,000 miles. Luckily, we purchased an extended warranty also. Within a month after buying the car a "security stall" happened. This is what GM calls it. The car would start up and then shut down. GM's reply: put the car in accessory mode for 20 minutes to reset the computer.

Well, this problem has happened many times resulting in replacing the entire battery assembly, body computer, starter switch, starter solenoid, the alternator (died at 40,000 miles) and the Electronic control module. In this time I also had a rubbing noise in the front tires, but they could not figure out what was wrong.

I did seek an attorney, and was able to file a claim through the "breech of warranty" section of the Lemon Law. At first GM wanted to settle for a measly $2,000. But once we filed to sue, their Attorney's offered to buy back the car and compensate us. This is the best news I have received dealing with this car. I honestly would not trade this car in or sell it privately. GM has gone downhill when it comes to Grand Ams. I had a 1986 Grand Am that I loved. It was reliable and just your routine maintenance is all that had to be done. That car was nine years old when I got a new car (and there was nothing wrong with it). I am now "soured" by GM. Yes, their customer service is poor, but if you get through to their Attorneys you will get somewhere.

2nd May 2003, 12:42

Bought used 99 SE in 01/01, 29k. Its obvious the brakes suck. Its even more obvious GM won't do anything about it. Put new pads twice in 01 and early 02. Rotors/pads 07/02; its 04/03 and time for new pads again. Anyone try Ceramic pads??? I'll try in about 7 months and let everyone now. I have low profile tires, maybe that's why I've never had the other noises. Radio probs, yup, water pump, belt, 1 battery, tail light, oh-the new pads squeal like a stuck pig.. Car drives great and I like the power and handling, but I'll go foreign next time. Enough complaining lets get the piece of crap fixed: try low profile tires. Brakes? like I said "ceramic" next time... anyone have any other suggestions other than using a block of C-4 would be great!

4th May 2003, 01:31

I purchased a 1999 Grand Am SE and also encountered problems with the noise in the front-might be the brake pads plus the molding under the windows in the back seems to be shrinking and I feel like super gluing it. This is the first time I decided to buy another type of vehicle from my usual Toyota type.