9th Jun 2003, 13:27

I have a 2002 Grand Am GT1 with 21,000 miles on it. While driving on an Interstate at a speed of 70 MPH, the engine stalled. I barely made it off the road without being hit, as my power steering went out. It is currently at the dealership. They are telling me they can't find anything wrong with it, but are claiming that the problem could be my fault, as I had a lot of keys on my key ring. GM just sent out a voice mail message to all of it's dealerships, telling them that they are finding this to be a common problem. Since the ignition is in the dash as opposed to the steering column, If a bump is hit, the weight of the other keys causes the key in the ignition to "jump" and disengage the signal from the key's electronic chip. I don't know if this is true, but I have since taken all the other keys off the ring and have to admit I'm scared to death to drive the car again.

4th Jul 2003, 10:16

Our GrandAm is definitely nothing short of a lemon tree. We have replaced our brake pads and rotors three times, our shifter has been stuck before and would not shift in to park, the ignition key (which by the way, we only have TWO keys on our key rings) would not turn. We take great care of the car - inside and out. I can't believe all the problems! Also, the seat lever has stripped and broken off, our interior trim is warping, and the CLICKING sound coming from the hazard light area is very annoying to say the least. Now we are having problems with overheating!!! Anyone wanting to purchase this car, should run before they even get to the dealership!

2nd Aug 2003, 22:07

We bought our 99 Grand Am in Oct of 2000. Since then we have put brakes on it every year. We had lifetime brakes put on them only 10 months ago and once again they need replaced! Now we are having trouble with a humming noise in the front end. We replaced the tires thinking that would help, but the noise is still there. Most likely its the wheel bearings according to our mechanic; we will find out when it goes in for yet another repair in two days! I love the car as far as looks goes, but it definately has bad brakes and front end problems! GM needs to look into this before they end up with a lawsuit! I wouldn't recommend buying a Grand Am... they look great, but who wants to replace thier brakes every year?

8th Aug 2003, 10:04

I too have had multiple problems with my 99 Grand am, practically since day one when I bought it new in October of 1998. The rotors pretty much stay warped, there is a scrubbing sound in the front end that gets louder the faster I go. The sound compares to mud tires on a truck. We have rotated the tires and nothing changed. We will look into the bearings now after reading other comments. The doors are still leaking, while under warranty I visited various dealerships 6 times with no resolution to the interior flood of water.

22nd Jul 2004, 16:14

I own a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE. Since the purchase in 2002, the car presented me with a few problems. The water pump is out (over heats and leaks coolant). After driving the car, at any given time, it will chug and the brakes will give out (once the engine dies). This only happens when coming to a stop or operating at a low rpm. From what it appears, I cannot complain since it does not leak water inside the driving compartment or make rubbing sounds. Further, the car has 120,000 miles. Not bad, depending on the previous service history (prior owner did not disclose). I wish everyone luck. If you have any tips on the water pump, please let me know. Thanks.

15th Nov 2004, 17:51

Engine overheating and losing antifreeze. intake manifolt has been removed twice to replace gaskets. still loosing fluid and engine overheating. what do I do next.

18th Feb 2005, 07:15

I received a used 99 Grand Am GT from my boyfriend for my birthday, fall 2004. The low coolant light comes on shortly after I start driving every 2 months or so, we just keep adding coolant as there are other problems at this time to take care of. The alternator went last week and a resistor in the heater fan a week or so before that. During the last month a ticking sound has developed like the hazard lights or the blinkers are on. It isn't a fuse inside the car or a relay under the hood. It is in the dash somewhere. Thankfully no lights are actually flashing and the blinkers do work, but if I click on the high beams it stops. Does anyone know how to fix this?? Also shortly after getting the car the tire pressure check light kept coming on, but that turned out to be the result of nails in the rear passenger tire. I was surprised the dealer didn't notice something as simple as that. I love my car, but hate the expense. Brakes are also a problem and there is a metallic rubbing sound in the front end.

9th Apr 2006, 02:57

1999 Pontiac Grand Am Gt

OK, after owning one of these for over 100,000 miles, I can tell you all the major faults of this car. First of all.. the brake rotors are too soft.. and they warp too easily. If you get them resurfaced.. they will only warp again in about 10000 miles or less. The cure.. buy premium rotors from the auto parts store.. not GM..they are too soft. Install high grade semi-metallic pads also. Now, for the rubbing noise in the front end.. hey dude..its the factory installed tires actually moving and against the rim.. the cure..install a different brand than factory installed. You will get a intake manifold gasket leak.. the front wheel bearing will go out at about 60k.

21st Jul 2006, 21:19

I agree with everyone on here. I have a '99 Grand Am SE and it has been nothing, but problems. An alternator, brake work, the same rubbing noise, lights on the dash come on and won't go off, have to keep re-setting them, injectors out, all kinds of things, I am not happy with it and will never buy another one.

31st Jul 2006, 13:55

My Wife and I also made the mistake of purchasing a 99 Grand AM in September of 2000. Like many others, our problems are exactly the same. So far we have managed to get 124,000 miles out of it. I will mention that it was an expensive 124K at best. Like many others, we replaced the brakes and rotors every year. We have tried BENDIX brand ceramic pads and rotors with still the same results. We were experiencing the same humming noise, replaced tires with new BF Goodrich last year, which pacified the noise, but it still came back. The lifters have been clacking since 30K, even though we keep up on oil changes. The air conditioner never on worked on the 1or 2 setting, only on 3, 4, or Max. Also the anti-lock brake system has not worked for about 2 years due to the computer failing. This is about a $1000.00 repair.

To date we have replaced 2 alternators, 3 power steering pumps, both power steering lines, intake manifold gaskets due to coolant leaks, water pump, both front wheel bearings, rear struts went out at 60K, 3 batteries and both oxygen sensors. We also had to replace the rear tail light bulb housing, which warped from the heat inside the trunk and would not hold the bulbs in any longer. I have replaced every light bulb on the outside of the car at least once.

As far as the interior is concerned, the dash and door panels have been peeling since we have purchased the car, the paint is peeling off the radio buttons and the LCD display on the radio burned out about 2 years ago. There are also vertical scratches on all of the door windows from opening and closing them and the rear view mirror fell off the windshield twice.

The exterior of the car seems to be OK and has held up nicely over the years. The 2 gripes that I have about the exterior are; the black air dam under the front bumper and the passenger side mirror blew off on the highway.

We plan on dumping another $4000.00 into the car this year to fix all remaining issues. We really do not have a choice since we just paid it off in January of 06 and have no desire of having another 5 year car loan.

I too will never buy another new GM vehicle. In my opinion, they use cheap plastics and decorating techniques for interior parts which crack and peel and do not hold up to th elements, the glass for the windows is cheap and scratches very easily, and from my experience, they are not mechanically engineered very well at all.