12th Aug 2006, 16:36

It is very scary reading all of the other comments. I purchased a 2002 Pontiac grand am three years ago and have problems ever since. First thing to go was the passenger side wheel bearing, can't tell you how many times I've had tire problems, brakes replaced every 10 months or so, suspension horrible, whole front end shaky especially over railroad tracks, sounds like the car is going to fall apart!! Now I have just found out there is oil leaking in to my coolant because of bad intake manifold gaskets!! I thought about purchasing an 06 grand prix, think that's out of the question now. What next GM!

13th Oct 2006, 14:42

I had to laugh reading these comments, I had to ask myself "did I already submit something on here about my car?". I have a 99 Grand AM SE, I have had to replace the brakes many, many times. Replaced the Wheel bearings twice on each side, my interior is peeling away from the doors, my rearview mirror fell off, replaced my water pump at around 60,000 miles, and also lost the black air dam under my front bumper. Just last week my power steering went out and I am told it will cost anywhere from $500-$650 to replace.

It is amazing that so many people have been experiencing the same things and nothing is done about it. I will be looking at foreign cars when I search for a new one, I just hope this thing holds out until that time.

6th Mar 2007, 11:58

My 2001 Grand Am has been absolutely flawless with nary a problem in 6 years. I have never owned a car I was more pleased with. At 60,000 miles the brakes have never been touched, and the pads are still only about half worn down, if that much. As for comment 08:48, you might want to check for a misaligned caliper. That can sometimes cause both vibrations and rapid pad wear and rotor warpage. Your car should not have any vibrations. Mine is smooth as silk right up to 120mph.

6th Mar 2007, 13:03

To commenter 8:48.

Have you tried having your wheels balanced? The vibration that you're describing is a classic symptom of an unbalanced wheel. They don't even have to be off by that much in order to get a nasy shimmy. Also, 3 brake jobs on an 8 year old car is not bad in the slightest. Try upgrading the quality of pad and rotor that your putting on. It will make a difference.

24th Mar 2007, 22:33

I also own a 1999 Grand Am. I have to put brakes on about every three months. The rotors also need changed about twice a year. My ABS system hasn't worked in years. I also had a weird vibration from the front and was told it was a wheel bearing had that replaced and it still made the noise. So I just kept on driving it. Now the vibration is horrible and it feels like the whole front end is going to fall off the car. So yet again another trip to the shop to see what it is and if it is even worth fixing yet. Does anybody else have this bad vibration? You can only hear it inside the car while driving it and it shakes the floor board. However the I do not feel the vibration through the steering wheel. Any suggestions on what is wrong?

25th Mar 2007, 05:57

To commenter 22:33.

Either there is something very wrong with your car or you are exaggerating the frequency of which you have to repair your brakes. Rotors and pads every 3 months? But from what you have written it seems like your the type to drive a car until it requires massive repairs as opposed to staying on top of the little things. Your ABS not working is most likely the sensor in the wheel hub and your vibration is probably unbalanced tires. Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you.

19th May 2007, 08:36

I have a 2000 Grand Am SE. I have to replace the brakes and rotors and possibly the calipers. My problem (s) is, I have a loud noise in the front of the car, when moving, but it isn't all the time and stops when I apply the brakes or turn the steering wheel to make a turn? Is this rotor problems? Also, both my rear fog lights don't work, replaced the bulbs with no effect, is this a fuse or relay problem? Front fog lights work fine.

21st Jul 2007, 03:32

I have read everyones problems with their Pontiac Grand Am's and found that I must own the best grand am ever. I have a 99 Grand Am SE. I have had it for 5 years. In those 5 years I've changed the brakes 3 times rotors once just because. I replaced the spark plugs of course and changed the oil. Standard work. My car has 276,000 miles and has just started to have a little bit of labor knock. I already have a brand new motor coming and I couldn't be happier with this car. I guess I just have good luck, or yall just can't drive. I wouldn't trade this car for anything.

21st Jul 2007, 03:55


Those are reverse lights. lol whats the point in fog lights in the rear. use some common sense.

24th Jul 2007, 12:02

I have a Pontiac Grand Am SE (1999) and I have a humming that comes from under my hood. I can only hear it strong on the high way. I have power steering fluid in... and when I turn it is kinda hums too... Any suggestion?

23rd Aug 2007, 16:44

Driving excitement! Not so sure about that, but it is a fun car to drive for what it is. Mines a 99 SE 2-door and I love the car.

Yes it needs front brakes a bit more than normal, and in 125 thousand miles I have replaced the front wheel bearing assembly on both sides and the front struts all around.

But I drive it hard, and consider brakes, struts, tires and bearings as normal wear items. If you want to drive a car for nothing, then buy a Corolla. But if you want to have a lil bit of fun and still collect 33mpg on the highway, a Grand Am is a good choice.

Some of you folks need to find new mechanics. The prices you talk of are ridiculous. A hub assembly cost $120 bucks and takes an hour to replace.

Frankly I'd rather buy a cheesy car from an American company than the best foreign car.

11th Sep 2007, 14:01

I have owned my 1999 Grand Am SE for 2 years now, and as far as the driving goes... I haven't had problems there. I do feel my car vibrate like others have mention before. It vibrates when I'm going about 70mph, but it's never been a huge concern of mine. Besides that my main issue with this car have been the motors that move my windows up and down. I've had to get all of my motors fixed or replaced except for my passenger side window... which sounds like it's about to go. And my back driver's side window motor is broken again too. I've spent at least $2000 in fixing this car... I think that's more money then I've paid towards buying the car.

So besides the electrically problems I've been having...it's a good car. It has taken my to Texas and back and to Ohio and back within a short period of time. And it's a good drive...I'm just sick of replacing all the little nick knacks that seem to need constant replacements. Has anyone experienced problems with their window motors like I have?