11th Sep 2007, 17:41

Hello to everyone..

For those of you that say we don't know how to drive or care for our car, well your opinion is out.

GM is aware of all of the mentioned problems list in all of these comments. The brakes have been re-designed and they have a re-build kit for those existing.. which consists of replacing everything. But you will only get the new parts if you are getting your rotors from the dealer.

The over heating and water pumps.. LOL. NOT AT ALL THIS, IS THE INTAKE GASKET PROBLEM. The block has a V design which has a problem with leaky intake and head gaskets. Yes all mechanics give you the thermostat, water pump diagnosis. But it's NOT!! And by the time you find the problem, well the whole upper half of your motor.. with your aluminum intake is junk. This is why GM only manufactured this engine for under 3 years. They are aware... but can you imagine the cost to recall... this is what they call a silent bulletin... but anyhow while the top half of the engine is going, then there goes everything on the front of the block.. PS pump.. etc...

I have been told that if you drain the entire water system, replace the intake.. pump heads etc all at once, that it's cool after that.. but I don't think see where this makes sense at all. I mean your still using the v intake design..

So either be happy dumping cash into it.. or dump the car...

17th Dec 2007, 21:12

I own a 1998 Grand Am. I purchased it used in 1999. I have not had all of the problems others are complaining about, thank God! I have replaced the brakes 3 times in 8 years, I have had to replace the heater core, new radiator at 161k, new starter at 157k, drivers window motor, and rear passenger window motor, etc. All of the repairs that I have had done were after years and many, many miles of driving. My car currently has 196k and for the past few months I have heard a clunking noise in the right front passenger wheel well. It is very noticeable when driving over roads that have small dips and when I am turning to the right, especially when I am backing up. I have had my car at the mechanics shop twice. The first time I could not replicate the sound. The second time, the sound was replicated, but the mechanic could not find the problem. He said that everything is tight and that everything appears to be in order. The noise does not affect the drive-ability, but it is very annoying. I meticulously maintain my car and I would like to get rid of this noise so that I can continue enjoying my car. Anyone have any problems like this or help to offer?

12th Jan 2008, 19:19

I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM SE. My turn signal flasher needs replacing. There is no information in the manual as to where it is located. I have asked numerous people and no one can find it. I refuse to pay big bucks to plug in a $13.00 part. If anyone knows please contact me at mrosezelle@yahoo.com.

12th Apr 2008, 08:40

I have a 1999 Grand Am SE. I have nothing but problems with it as well.

I have a rubbing noise in the front. I know it is the brakes and rotors, but how many times does one have to replace it. I wait and do it once a year.

I know I am good to my brakes because this is the first car with this problem, and I am an over the road truck driver, so I know I can drive. I had to replace my front hub's 3 times on both sides. Then a wiring harness for the ABS problem.

I am also seeing a water leak in the truck that I am trying to find. I have not have any problem with the engine though. I have about 83,000 miles on it so far. I will never have an American car again; I will have a foreign car next time.

27th Jul 2008, 01:11

I own a 2000 Grand Am, that I purchased in 2003 with only 13K miles. As many people have problems and many say the dealerships do not know what it is I am here to hopefully help.

To begin with, I am the only driver of my car it is now 2008 and I have only replaced spark plugs once. and Have obviously changed the oil many time. From the get go here are my problems.

1) Power steering- cost me about $250

2) Brakes many times

3) Many people have a humming sound which sounds like mud tires on a truck. I was told it was a wheel bearing. The DEALERSHIP replaced a wheel bearing. The noise was still there. So I took it to a small town mechanic, he also said a wheel bearing. And I told him No it wasn't. he said yes its the right one. The dealership changed the left one. So yes it was the wheel bearing and car is fixed.

4) Driver side window motor

5) clanking noise when I turn. this noise cost me approximately $1800. I was told the axles/joints, shocks, and even the entire lower control arm. After replacing all of those, the noise was still there. After going to about 30 different places, I ran into someone with the same problem. believe it or not, the "Intermediate Steering Shaft" was the problem. Not the main steering shaft, but the intermediate one. The problem there is that Pontiac vehicles from 99-2003 have an intermediate steering shaft that the lube tends to wear off. so when you turn you hear clicking sounds. they can be loud. from what I read it is not a danger, but to fix it you need to put lithium grease on the steering shaft. I put grease on it about 1 1/2 years ago and its still quiet. this was a problem the dealership and a lot of places never seen.

6) window motor for driver side has went out again.

This car has been good except for the brakes and that darn intermediate steering shaft.

Other than that, everything is is normal wear and tear I would say.

Please email ski_dude19@yahoo.com if you had problems with the intermediate steering shaft as well.. just curious.

13th Apr 2009, 19:57

I own a 2004 Grand Am. As for the brakes, I too had the initial problems with having to replace the brakes constantly and hearing the rubbing noises that have been mentioned in past comments.

The rubbing noise can be fixed...it's a little costly, but it is the factory calipers. For some reason they are too weak to retract after braking, gradually getting worse until they basically keep the brake partially pressing against the rotor while you drive. When I got the calipers replaced, I not only got rid of the rubbing noise, but my gas mileage also improved dramatically.

Hope this helps! Also... FYI 2004 Grand Ams have 4 disc caliper brakes instead of the rear brake drums... so be thankful for the earlier year Grand Ams... at least you won't have to buy four calipers... :)

Other than that I love my car! Owned it from the start and I'm going to keep it as long as I can... it's at 169900 miles now and still running.

10th Sep 2010, 14:32

My daughter's 1999 Grand Am has experienced water leaking inside the driver's side of the car. I have asked her to make sure that the drain from outside and under the hood of the car is clean of debris and not plugged. Has anyone experienced the flooding of their compartment?

As a side note, I replaced the tie rod ends on my daughter's car in order to get aligned. Those that are experiencing vibration problems should have those checked. I also had a similar problem with my wife's Chrysler 300M to solve similar problem. Good luck.

20th Apr 2011, 19:42

If you are still losing antifreeze, try checking the water pump or thermostat.

20th Apr 2011, 19:51

The clicking is coming from the hazard switch. You have to replace it, it's real easy to replace and inexpensive, amazon has the hazard switch for 17 bucks. Did this on my 2000 Grand Am. Just remove the plastic cover that covers your radio, you'll need a screwdriver to pry it off. Then you'll see where to disconnect the hazard switch.