2nd Mar 2006, 06:13

Buy a foreign car.

Cars cost too much to be dumping a lot of repair dollars in them.

GM will get the message eventually. Toyota Camry's, while boring, are terrific cars. And, purchasing them put Americans to work, unlike GM.

Peace. by the way, I'm a happy Nissan owner. Seven years, 140,000 miles, no major problems.

2nd Mar 2006, 17:04

It sounds like the vast majority of your complaints are related to a bad brake job. It sounds to me like you got ripped off by whoever did your brakes. Sure, they replaced the brake pads, but it doesn't sound as though they ground down the rotors to insure that the surfaces are flush. When you replace brake pads without grinding the rotors to make a new, smooth surface, your brakes and front end will still shake and chatter. Not the car's fault, it's the garage's fault.

27th May 2006, 21:19

Before buying my 2001 Grand Am I owned a Japanese car and an American Muscle car. The Grand Am is by far the best car I have ever owned. At 50,000 miles I have had not one single problem. The twin-cam 4 delivers almost as much acceleration as my V-8 Mustang, and without jarring my fillings loose with the harsh ride. The Mustang got 15 mpg, the Grand Am gets exactly twice that. The dumbest thing Pontiac ever did was to replace the Grand Am with the boring and slower G6.

5th Jun 2006, 20:10

Blown speakers and replacing brake pads frequently are due to owner abuse, not the car. The only way you can wear out brake pads/linings in less than 50,000 miles on any car is by constantly riding the brakes.

19th Sep 2006, 19:54

Some years back I decided to "buy a foreign car" as one comment suggested. I bought a much bally-hooed Japanese car and it lost fully half of what I paid for it in one year. It was also such a nightmare of reliability problems that I traded it after the first year (for an AMERICAN car, I might add). Yeah, go buy a foreign car if you want to throw your money away.

20th Sep 2006, 21:06

To 19:54; your review states no facts at all. You do not even mention what foreign car you had, and what American car that you now own.

3rd Oct 2006, 20:02

2001 Grand Am GT, Replacing rotors and pads approx every 10,000 - 20,000 miles, dealer admitted bad design not bad driving, 57,000 needs a new rack and pinion, new bearings in drivers side front, new Tie Rod ends, right rear speaker blown. Intake manifold gasket replaced at 48,000, both window motors replaced at 30,000, vent fan speed switch position one not working. It's a real peach. A simple $3000 should take care of most of this.

6th Oct 2006, 12:28

I also have a 99 grand am GT and have had nothing, but problems. I have gone thru 4 sets of brakes on this car. Again, like the previous comment, the dealer stated it was due to the design of the vehicle, not the driver. My transmission also went out at 60,000 miles ($2,500 to fix). I also recently replaced both of my back trail arms which broke due to defects in the metal. I have put more money into this car then I paid for it. I also have a lovely feature on this car called PassLock. It is suppose to be a security feature that prevents thieves from hotwiring your car. Nice thing is, it has "glitches" which caused my car to not start when I use my key and I have to wait 10+ minutes for it to start. There has been numerous complaints on this feature yet Pontiac refuses to fix it due to the fact that it does not affect the "safety" of the vehicle. This car has been a nightmare since the day I bought it!

21st Nov 2006, 09:03

I agree with a the comments it's a great car, when there is nothing wrong, I have replaced the intake gasket twice within 50000 kilometers,700.00$ job, don't be cheap when it comes to brakes I bought the best brakes possible and 60000 kilometers they are still going, as for the lights coming on, it's a sensor in the wheel assembly, cheap fix. All in all I like the car and my wife loves it, because its sporty, fast and cheap on gas, (and she doesn't pay for the repairs.

9th Mar 2007, 15:03

Smooth ride, good stereo, horrible engine and wheel sensor. I bought this car a little over 1 year ago and since than I have put in a wheel sensor ($375), had to flush the coolant not even 2 months after owning it ($50), and now the good old intake manifold gasket problem (around$650). When is GM going to stop screwing over the people that buy there cars? I mean, to be replacing the intake manifold gasket at 77,000 miles is absolutely ridiculous.

12th Mar 2007, 01:35

2001 Grand Am GT, nothing, but problems since. Overheating and low coolant problems, 3 times now. Rack & pinion leaked and I lost power steering. Yesterday, heard a strange noise, power steering pump pulley is about to come off. Not too mention the small things, like the turn signals sometimes work or don't work or stick. The blower doesn't work on settings 1 & 2. The rear speaker is blown even though I never have cranked it loud. Have replaced calipers. Oh, and the cruise control no longer works. Very disappointed with GM. Wish I had my Ford Ranger back : (

26th Mar 2007, 08:23

I have a 2001 Grand Am GT and up until about a year ago. I absolutely loved my car and thought it was the best car I have ever owned.

Then my blinker started making noises after I would use the blinker and sometimes it wouldn't stop. I'm pretty sure there is a recall for this (which I was never contacted about). Now, my coolant is going somewhere and I have to refill it every other month. From other entries, I believe it might be a common problem with these cars with my mileage (78,500) and costs anywhere from $600 - $1000 to fix. Then about a week ago my 1,2, and 3 switch on my heater died.

Going to the mechanic this weekend to find out how much to get all these things fixed will cost me. I finally pay off my car and now I have to pay for all of these repairs... WHY GM, WHY? It seems to me that they don't make the Grand Am any more for a reason... Definitely getting a Toyota next!!

26th Mar 2007, 09:05

2001 Grand Am Gt bought in Jan 2004 only had 26,100, now it is Mar 2007 I only have 61,582 miles, so far I have had to replace gaskets in intake manifold at 56,000 miles (at least this was still under warranty),replaced both power steering lines at around 52,000 miles, replaced motor in window on drivers side @ around 50,000 miles. Now window only works in it is cool outside, as soon as it is above 60 degrees the window won't work. All brakes and rotors My blower also doesn't work on settings 1 or 2. I really like this car sporty, first car I bought and now it seems as it is going to be taking all of my money for repairs. I think I might be time to get a new car, but I still stuck with this one for another year and half until I pay it off.