31st Mar 2007, 07:56

The Grand AM GT I can't say enough about how bad it is. My wife got her Grand AM GT in 2002. It is a 2001 with all the typical problems with it. The brakes went and we had 2 brake jobs done on it. The front end has been nothing, but trouble, with the ty-rods, wheel bearings and the steering. When will GM help their customers with true problems. By the way, anyone with a Grand Prix GTP 1999-2006 and more have a tendency to catch on fire. NOt all of these cars burn, but the government is checking out approximately 72,000 of them. I know this because my other car caught on fire. The fires are related to the engine area. The GM rep told me that they had not heard of any car fires in that model. Our next cars will not be General Motors.

16th Apr 2007, 12:52

I have been having some problems with my 2001 Pontiac grand am gt. The oil light comes on along with the cruise control light. I've checked the oil level and it's fine. When this happens, it won't go into second gear. I can only go 20mph, any faster and I'm afraid I'll blow my engine.

I've had it towed to a mechanic and when he started the car to test drive it, it was fine. This is happening more frequently and the day after it happens it is usually fine. Every time I go to take it to the mechanic to have a diagnostic done, it won't act up! Very frustrating. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

11th Jun 2007, 09:15

I have a 2001 Grand Am SE and I have never seen so many problems in my life. I have done 3 brake jobs to my car in a year and I drive my car like a grandma. I now am having major over heating problems with it and needs new head gaskets. And that's not cheap 1,300-1,500. This is my only GM and THIS WILL BE MY LAST.

10th Jul 2007, 12:02

I bought my 2001 Pontiac Grand AM in June of 2004. I'm sorry to see that so MANY people have all of these problems. Unfortunately I am also one of them. I have contacted the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, GM and about 4 Attorneys. The first day I bought the car and I drove it off the lot and returned an hour later because all of my gauge lights were on. They told me that it just had to be re-set (yea right!) 2 weeks later I went back to have a new Blower motor put in. I told them to check out the noise it was making when the air conditioner was on. They said it was "nature of the beast" since then the car has been in for a new computer, another blower motor, ABS and Traction Control & Service lights (3 times) Stalling (4 times) at intersections or on hills, 2 Hub sensors, Cad. Converter, Gaskets, Fuse kit, power steering pump, rack and pinion, water on the floor, and most recently the automatic locks locking and unlocking as they please when I step on the gas and now the car won't stay running. It is pretty bad when my certified GM dealer has to call GM tech department to make a formal complaint because they can't even figure out what is going on. I will NEVER BUY A GM PRODUCT AGAIN!

14th Aug 2007, 21:12

Too bad none of us realized these cars were junk before we bought them. Despite the new engine (the old one had all of its oil changes and still blew), nothing major has gone wrong with mine except some clunking sound in the front. I'm sure I don't want to know how much that will cost. On the lighter side of things, it opens the trunk whenever it feels like it and the turn signals don't always work unless I apply pressure to the top of the hazard light switch.

4th Sep 2007, 15:17

I bought my Grand Am GT new back in 1999 and still have it at 118000 miles. I just did my first head gasket last week and the intake manifold gasket last year. My factory brakes were garbage so I bought good brakes that lasted me 50000 plus miles. My signals don't always work unless I press the hazard switch in and out. Just recently changed my gas-air flow sensor which was triggering improper gear changes. The gas gauge only worked properly for the first 75000 miles. Installed a new alternator and new water pump at 60000 miles and haven't failed since. I love the car and didn't think twice about ever getting it fixed. My advice to all Grand Am Drivers, ignore the little things that GM wants you to fix as soon as something goes wrong, just drive it until you really have to fix it. It's not worth fixing every little GM glitch. I will drive this car till physically cannot drive no more and then will get rid of it for a foreign car which gets better mileage. Sorry GM, you have sold me your last car, but thanks for the memories!!

3rd Dec 2007, 07:45

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT and it's the worst car I have ever owned. The Pass-lock system is horrible. It would be a great system if it were a thief trying to take the car, but when I try to turn the car on using the key, I don't want it to lock me out. This has happened on many occasions.

Now the Lower Manifold Intake Gasket is going bad. This has been a major source of pain with all the antifreeze I've had to put in it, and now to replace it is over $800.00.

I had a wheel bearing go out which was expensive to replace. I have also had to replace the whole system that allows the window to go up and down, which, by the way the dealer charges an arm and leg to fix.

Then, if you call a dealer and ask them how much to fix something, they won't even tell you (over the phone) the cost. Even if you already know exactly what's wrong. I think Pontiac is trying to rob the consumer blind with that one.

Once this car is paid down it's history and I will tell all my friends not to buy Pontiac cars.

3rd Dec 2007, 17:02

To 7:45.

Stop taking your vehicle to the dealership for repairs. Once the vehicle is off of warranty the dealership is far to expensive. Find a reputable local mechanic and have him address your issues. Dealerships are in the business of selling car parts. The L.I.M. gasket is a known flaw with these engines, but you should be able to have it done with the revised gaskets (featured on all 2004+) for around $500.

I have had my 2004 Grand Am for 3 years now and have not had any issues other than routine maintenance. Good luck.

7th Jan 2008, 11:32

I will never buy GM again!!! I own a 2001 Grand Am Se bought it as a lease return. Nothing, but problems!!! ABS light and traction light have come on at least 10 times, replaced intake valve gasket 900$, replaced blower motor 2 times, head gasket leak external, brakes have been a nightmare from day one, even with the best brakes and new routers car still brakes like an old dump truck, water leak on passenger floor, security system did'nt let me start my car had it towed 300$ later realized it was the security system needed to be reset, gas attendant did'nt tighten fuel cap properly service vehicle soon light came on had to bring it to shop get computer reset twice, presently have heating and coolant problem replaced all hoses and thermostat still losing coolant heat not working right, with my luck needs new head gasket 1200$. what a piece of garbage and during all these constant repairs paying off a car loan. I should light it on fire and send it in the canal!!!