2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 3.4 from North America


A Good First Car If You Don't Want To Spend A Ton


The only real problem with this car has been that the heat / AC fan kicked out at about 69000kms. It only works on the highest setting.

General Comments:

Decent performance from a non-performance car, good acceleration and top end, excellent passing speed. fuel economy is good if you keep the speed regular, but it has a tendency to suck back the petrol when you punch it. Good handling, steering is quick and responsive. Interior is roomy and comfortable and a good driving position is easy to find. My only complaint is the lack of dual exhaust on the SE option and the lack of a manual transmission (although the automatic shifts are responsive)

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Review Date: 29th January, 2006

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT Ram air 3.4L from North America


The car is junk


Start with head gasket at 54,000 miles. ($1000)

Had engine pulled twice. Had plastic piece crack bottom of engine block in the cooling system. ($500).

New brakes at 30,000 miles and they still grind and shake. ($300).

Now at 55,000 miles ABS light, traction control and service vehicle light come on randomly.

Front shocks are squeaky.

Monsoon system sounds good, but now a back speaker is blown.

General Comments:

This car is junk and is falling apart very quickly. I have done all the appropriate maintenance on the vehicle and only ran premium gas in the vehicle. It didn't do anything.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2005

15th Feb 2006, 20:26

I 100% agree with you in saying this car is junk. I have a 2001 grand am gt coupe, and I've had nothing, but trouble since I bought it a year ago. The window regulator assembly has gone out 2 times on me within the year (no idea how many times it happened to previous owner), the intake manifold gasket leaks something fierce, both back speakers are blown, there is loud wind noise, my starter has fried two times, even my coolant reservoir cap broke off when I was trying to remove it, as I was incredibly low on coolant, god only knows why. O2 sensors, plugs and wires, replace all 4 rotors and sets of pads 2 times within a year. I think I've said enough.

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT from North America


So far love it


Constant grinding noise when driving.

Constant coolant leak.

Plastic piece that held driver window in place cracked and broke in half while rolling up/driving.

General Comments:

Over-all, I've loved the car, with these small problems. Annoyed with the coolant leak, now have to fill every week. The grinding, confused about and really annoyed with the plastic piece in window just breaking and falling into door. Is there a window recall or anything other than the hazard light recall? Anyone else having this problem with the window? What $ am I looking at?


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Review Date: 4th December, 2005

14th Dec 2005, 12:27

I would be mostly concerned about the coolant leak. This could be either the head gasket or the intake gasket. Both of these can cause major damage. I had a 95 and the coolant leaked in to crankcase. Prolonged exposure to coolant will destroy the engine. Could also be that the rad cap is not seating properly. There is a test that can be done by sampling the oil to see if there is coolant getting into it. Don't find out the hard way like I did. If a vehicle is loosing fluid find the problem.

10th Jan 2006, 09:16

I have the same two problems, the coolant leak on my car was the intake gasket. The plastic thing in my window broke also, I have not had it checked yet because I have to pay about $500 for the intake gasket.

10th Jan 2006, 12:22

I purchased my GT new in early 2001. It has been very reliable with these exceptions:

-Replaced intake gasket at @55000- $800

-oil pressure switch - $10 I think the dealer damaged this when the intake gasket was replaced as it began to leak a week later.

-Goodyear tires (original equipment) were noisy

-Fan blower only worked on 3-5, I can't remember the name of the part, but parts and labor cost me about $50

-It sometimes turns over a lot before it starts, other comments I've read points towards MAF.

All of these issues seem to be very common with this car.

It gets a predicable 26 MPG which is a good mix of highway and city driving.

14th Jun 2006, 13:10

I also own a Grand Am GT (2001). I have owned it for about 3 years now, and so far it has been a pretty reliable car besides a few minor problems. I have had a problem with the coolant running out. I haven't been able to find a leak though and have been having to refill it every other month. I also just had to replace the fuse in my air conditioner control. It only worked on 3-5, which only cost me about $30 to replace. I have already replaced my tires with a different brand other than Goodyear and I am still having that bouncing, wobble when I come to a stop. I have had it checked out, but no one seems to know what is wrong.