1993 Pontiac Grand Prix Pontiac SE 93 from North America


I love this car! I'll die for this car!


The previous owner didn't take care of the car. It was dirty and I had to spend money on a tune up. But after the tune up; purrs like a kitten.

General Comments:

This is a great car!! I love this car... if you maintain the car; it will run smoothly always!

Even though this is an old car it runs perfect. I gave it a little tune-up.. spent a little money on replacing parts here and there, but nothing too crazy. This car is worth the investment because it will last me a long long time.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2007

15th Mar 2007, 17:27

The vintage of Grand Prix you have is really nice (albeit it is front wheel drive)...very distinctive of the late 80's early 90's. I might pick one up for nostalgic purposes, as I fondly remember that car from when I was growing up. Let's just hope your review ("I'll die for this car") is not a self fulfilling prophecy. Does your '93 have the digital dash? Best of luck with it.

17th Mar 2007, 20:40

I feel the same way about a 1991 Geo Metro convertible I have I just love it the way it sounds the way the engine revs when I shift gears.

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix LE 3.1 from North America


Good car if you have $ to fix it


The paint is chipping on rocker panels.

Left rear wheel bearing went at 275k.

Left coolant pipe replaced at 280k.

Drove the car home after the left coolant pipe was replaced, only to learn that the water pump is gone. Going to get that changed today. Hope that's it for a while.

There is a weird thumping sound coming from the rear of the car at low speeds.

General Comments:

The car has power and handles great.

The inside looks kind of cheap and fragile.

I burn most newer cars out there. If the car would stop breaking down, I would love it, but between this car, a wife and a 1 year old son, they do not leave much $ for me.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2006

30th Jul 2006, 09:24

280 thousand?? WOW... YOU got a bargain indeed.. I have 93 GP LE..with 94,000.. Good second car.. not that many problems here!!

22nd Sep 2006, 13:28

That's amazing that your ONLY at 280000 kms and you've had to do all these repairs. You would figure you wouldn't have to have any repairs done to the car until about a million kms. I'm being sarcastic if you couldn't tell. I just bought a 1993 grand prix se with 138000 kms for $600 and it needs $400 to get back on the road. So I'm just gonna wait and see what kinda maintenance this thing needs.

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 EFI from North America


Reliable yet flimsy


Blinker switch no longer works correctly, occasionally smokes, but lights can be blinked manually.

Alternator replaced.

Transmission line burst, was inoperable and had it towed.

Electric window motors seem warn out, have problems lifting window back up, although they still work.

General Comments:

Many of the interior parts seem low quality and tend to break easily.

But the engine is strong and powerful even after 174,000 miles.

Overall the car is reliable and and easily worth it's cost.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix LE V6 from North America


Sharp-looking, reliable car that's somewhat fragile


Passenger side power window doesn't go down.

Molding on driver's side door has come apart from door frame.

Some paint has started to peel on the lower panels.

General Comments:

This has been a good car. It's been reliable and it handles great.

Has sufficient speed and power.

Sharp looking car. Good looking body design.

Great, reliable car as long as it's taken care of. Only complaint is that it seems to be somewhat fragile. The window and lock buttons are kind of flimsy, along with the car's moldings, door handles, etc... Things can come loose or break fairly easily.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2005

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 V6 from North America


Great first car, not a primary car


The fuel pump went out,the trans and engine leak oil

The a/c doesn't work (been replaced twice)

Engine heat is extremely hot

The battery runs low all the time

The anti-lock brake sensor went out

The gas tank leaks

The tires seem to go flat overnight

The fog lights rusted thru

The mufflers rusted thru

The paint is starting to fade

General Comments:

I would say that this is the worst car I ever had and it's only my second car. I did have a 1995 Beretta Z26 and there was not a thing wrong with it, but the insurance was high so I couldn't afford it.

This car is just junk. The car wobbles at about 65 mph and also takes too long to stop. I would not buy this car ever again.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2005

23rd Aug 2005, 04:07

Sounds like your alternator's goin bad too.

5th Mar 2010, 16:21

You couldn't afford insurance on a 95 Beretta? Guess that explains why you most likely bought the cheapest, high mileage Grand Prix on the lot... guarantee it wasn't a champ when you bought it, and just went to hell overnight.