1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE B4U package 3.1 Liter from North America


Poor Build Quality


There was always water in the trunk where the spare tire is located even after being sent back to the dealership 5 times over the course of the time I've owned the car.

The paint peeled from the plastic body molding and had to be repainted.

The wiper switch needed to be replaced.

Brake calipers froze and needed serviced.

The interior panels sqeeked and rattled all the time.

General Comments:

I was very disappointed with the fit and finish of this vehicle. The car had an impressive appearance with the B4U package, but had little power to back it up. We upgraded various parts to enhance the performance:

Hyper Chip Street Runner

K&N Air Filter

Bosch Platinum Plugs

New Plug Wires

High Flow Catalytic Converter

Changed Tires to 245/50/Z16.

The car had good handling traits after changing to a lower profile speed rated tire.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2002

14th Dec 2005, 03:56

So how did you get the water out of the truck I notice that I have a lot of moisture inside of my truck as well. Other than that the car is a pretty good car. I have a 93 with an x-motor 3.4 liter and it handles the road pretty good and comments on what I should upgrade on my car. I already ahve the Bosch silver plugs makes the car rides much better. I notice that you changed your tire size is there a reason why. Did you put rims on or just went with the low performance tires.

Seattle, Wa.

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.4 V6 from North America


Looks sharp, drives sharp, is sharp


I had to replace the timing belt, chain, and gears at 121,000 miles.

Paint is chipping off the front passenger quarter panel, and the hood.

Service engine soon light comes on in the middle of a trip for no apparent reason.

Very expensive to fix.

General Comments:

Looks and drives great.

I am very tall, so the moon-roof restricts my head room.

The car handles well and can really fly.

I love it, it's great!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2002

30th May 2002, 22:39

I have the same car and engine and my service engine light also comes on during the middle of my trips, I had my car connected to a computer and it told me it was an "EGR" valve, which is an exhaust recycling valve, there was a tiny leak, my mechanic told me it is only a problem if the engine starts to stall while idling. Your problem might be different, but I figure if you don't notice anything and the light just comes on with no change in performance it's probably the same thing.

13th Nov 2003, 09:21

I also own a 97 Grand Am GT. I've read from various comments all of the problems I, myself am experiencing. The first week I bought my car with 71,000 miles. the check engine light came on. I got it checked out and was told that it was the O2 censor what appears to be very common with these cars. Two of my power windows have had to be replaced, the rug is worn out, and now it stutters very badly. The motor jerks badly when changing gears. Yes, I have put many miles on it because it stands at 112,000 miles., but I've kept it well in tuned. Now my EGR valve is open and I have to pay 225$ for another one. These parts are expensive. Anyone know if these is the cause for my car stuttering badly? Oh yah, some times it will start right up, and then others the fuel pump won't cut on and I'm stranded for hours untill it wants to start and I just replaced the fuel pump for 330.00. Help!

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1L from North America


Good car, good handling, just plain good


Front passenger window doesn't roll.

Electrical problem with internal lights.

Battery went dead as a result of previous electrical problem.

Replaced ignition wires at 93000.

Replaced rear brakes at 104000.

Transmission fluid leak at 105000.

General Comments:

After driving a '77 Toyota Corolla, this car was a welcome relief. It's fast, roomy, and handles extremely well.

Besides the normal maintenance issues (I'm sure a lot could've been prevented had I been more careful and watched more carefully) I've loved this car thus far.

The car has a nice bit of power, especially when you need it, and the handling's smooth.

All in all, a good car.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2002