1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


A leaky, but reliable form of transportation


Power Steering leak.

Water Pump Failed.

Replaced the door handles 5 times at about $200 a door!! I did the labor myself.

Nasty oil leak.

Transmission leak that fixed itself.

Brakes don't last very long.

Wind noise from the rear window.

General Comments:

Parts are very expensive. IE headlights are $70.

This car rides great.

This car is quick.

This car is comfortable.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2004

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix LX 3.1 from North America


Pontiac needs J.Z. DeLorean back to whip them into shape..


I needed to replace the engine ONE WEEK after I bought it.

The brakes went about a month later.

The A/C unit died the day I bought the car.

The power steering keeps screwing up no matter how many times I take it into the shop.

The engine supports died about a week ago.

No amount of aligning the tire keeps them from wearing down.

General Comments:

The car is nice to look at, but that's about it. I like the trunk space I have, but whats the point of being able to carry a lot of stuff if the car won't go?

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Review Date: 31st March, 2004

2nd Apr 2004, 19:07

I agree with this persons review. The same thing happened to me when I bought one of these cars. Only then it was BRAND NEW!

4th Apr 2005, 23:43

Yeah the review writer really knows his car, Pontiac never made a Grand Prix LX!

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


Plenty of power and luxury for the price


The moon-roof worked once in awhile, then it quit working one day when it was wide open. The motor and relay switch both went out at the same time. Total cost was about $400.

The air dam completely broke off.

Mufflers rusted badly.

Center console broke.

Fog lights don't work.

Tires rub.

Paint chips off on the side moldings, but that probably has something to do with the previous owner repainting incorrectly.

General Comments:

This car has been very reliable since I bought it. It has only had minor problems.

It is a comfortable ride, but tall people like myself don't have very much headroom due to the moonroof taking up space.

This car also has a lot of road noise.

Other than these minor flaws, which don't affect performance at all, the car has been very good and reliable.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2003

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1L V6 from North America


Great, reliable and has the speed when you need it


Replaced Alternator twice once two days after purchase (under warranty) and again at 100 thousand miles. service engine light comes on for no apparent reason. emergency brake cable locked up, due to not using enough. oil pump drive replaced in 1999 started leaking again in 2003.Body in great condition except for hood, palm sized rust spot, I believe due to hood protector. Some problems with automatic windows occasionally shorting out. Oil pressure gage doesn't work. (I'm the second owner of this car and I take good care of it oil changes ect.)

General Comments:

Great car handles great, looks great, interior very comfortable. Handles great in the snow even with the wide tires, never gotten stuck. Verry reliable.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2003

1993 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 2.4 Value from North America


A great looking and performance car


Rear Brakes have been replaced. (1)

Replaced alternator twice.

Break in the Power Pump Line.

General Comments:

With all the miles I have put on this vehicle it is still as sharp when I first bought it.

All the time people think my car is a newer version.

2.4 liter V-6 engine can still beat most cars in a short race.

Very Comfortable on long and short drives.

Next car I will by will be a Pontiac.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002

12th Apr 2004, 23:23

I agree that the 2.4 Liter dual cam v6 is very powerful in the short distance, owned one myself a 93, one of very few that had a manual transmission, one of just a few hundred to be exact. Excellent performance and comfort. One flaw though, those engines were known for timing belt problems. I had mine replaced every 30,000 miles, other than that it was an outstanding monster of a vehicle.

7th Apr 2008, 22:23

GM made a 3.4L dual overhead cam 24-valve V6, but no 2.4L engines ever made it over here (or were made).