22nd Mar 2006, 09:10

The problem with the alleged 2008 model is that it looks as boring as the current model.

GM needs to offer great looks in addition to great power and such. In my opinion, that's why the current GTO failed in the first place - it's not a bad car, but compared to Chryslers it looks anonymous, something you simply don't want in a muscle car.

28th Mar 2006, 18:15

I have a 2005 gto love the car super fast, but two transmissions later and tire wear that is crazy. gm is getting it back the car has way too many problems. ITS JUNK!!! To put it nicely.

10th Apr 2006, 19:09

In response to the Aussie gent who wonders why GTOs have issues that Holden's don't, dealer service in the US often doesn't manage to sort things out on cars they are supposed to be very familiar with. This isn't just a GM problem, and there are some very good and knowledgeable service departmetns out there - finding them is the problem.

Now, take an oddball car in the range like the GTO and see whether the local dealer's service department actually has a clue about how to fix a problem.

"Hmmm...well... we'll try replacing the right hand furble stabiliser and see what happens..."

"OK that didn't fix it so now we'll replace the crinkle-pin adjuster before testing the...oh. dear... it's on back order for the next six weeks and we've just taken the car apart completely. Let's hope the customer doesn't notice we haven't fixed the problem..."

30th Apr 2006, 20:55

I own an '05 standard and am proud to have one. It's extremely fast. At this point, it's been very dependable. Everywhere I go, people take a second look at it. Anyone who wants to be inconspicuous should not own a GTO! Just starting the engine in a parking lot will cause people to turn and stare. With the traction control off, when I white-smoke the tires, it would be easy for the car to get away from me--it's that powerful. Lots of fun to drive. The gas mileage is 24-25, which is great for a sports car.

17th May 2006, 16:10

I have a 05 GTO, the first 10k were great, no real problems... sure when I picked the car up it had a vibration in the steering wheel (I work at a shop, so I rebalanced them myself), but that was it... till I hit 10k. then nothing, but problems...

Check engine light on for 02 sensor, tranny won't shift into reverse, both seat tracks jump, aliment was off from the factory (less than a year all highway miles and Lf inner part of the tire showing cords) parking brake lever broke, alum. sport pad for the clutch won't stay on, blower motor making noise, a/c compressor making noise, brake rotors warped (vibration while braking) cruise in-op (took it twice to the dealer and the only response was" well have to call gm and think about it... bring it back another time").

I think there's more but that's all I can think of off hand, none have been repeat complaints other than the cruise, so I don't think I can get it bought back, they don't give out loaner cars so I can't leave it there for 20 days (it's my only car) so I guess I'm pretty unhappy.

And every time they order parts, it takes a month... so I'm still stuck with the problems... and in between all the orders more things go wrong. It's a never ending cycle. I work for Mercedes as a tech. I see cars where the customer is just nit picking everything, I never wanted to be one of those people, but good god I still want a car that will shift into reverse... it's sad to flintstone that thing out of my garage every morning!!!

2nd Jul 2006, 23:21

I have to say I am VERY happy with my GTO. I am only 16 and ever since they came out, it has been a dream car. Somehow I lucked out and bought mine in perfect condition, with only 2300 miles and it was FULLY paid off for just $7,500!!!

Don't ask me how I did it... I think that the woman I bought it from was selling it for so cheap just to spite her ex husband, who bought and paid off the car. Runs and works fine. All I've done is I bought an aftermarket electric blower off of ebay for $100 and had my GTO DYNOed at 410 HP at the rear wheels!

I love it!!!


10th Aug 2006, 22:53

This is for The Australian Bloke who wrote the sixth comment, I am an Australian as well and I can't understand how you could own a 1995 model of a car that didn't come out until 1998?. The Monaro is based off the VT commodore, which didn't come out until 1997, 2 years after you say your car was built, in 1995 they made VS Commodore's...remember?.

11th Aug 2006, 10:54

GTO vs G35, generally speaking the GTO is the faster car however the G35 is more reliable, especially as the car ages. Why anyone would compare these 2 cars doesn't make sense as they are both quite different.

25th Aug 2006, 13:11

Bought a new GTO on July 17th, the cars front struts blew 2 weeks into it. Now try to find parts for it. Brought the car to a good dealership and they told me the parts were on national backorder. 2 weeks now and many phone calls later, still no answer from GM on when the parts will come in. I am sick to my stomach about this considering I paid 33,000 for the car. I told GM they can have the car back because there is oil all over the brakes and the under carriage that has formed a goop. The car is garbage to me and I will not BUY another.

15th Dec 2006, 12:04

Well I bought an 04 automatic and was impressed so much I bought it without really thinking about it. 1 week later and wow I really hate this GT-ohhh! I should have got the g35 or an Audi a4. Problems: trunk won't unlock, battery is dead intermittently and car unlocks itself (not good). rattles everywhere, squeaks from everywhere, and brakes I'm certain are warped. I have to figure out how to get rid of this crap soon before I lose more money. Any suggestions?

30th Dec 2006, 17:25

I have an 04 gto, and you know what I think most of you guys don't ven own one. I know 20 guys with them and no one has had major problems with the car. except for strut rub issues and as for me I had brake rotor warping at 23000 miles, simply fixed with a set of power slots, I'm glad to say 30000 miles and no issues at all really. so there.

23rd Jan 2007, 06:22

The Pontiac GTO, first that's not a true advertisement.

With all due respect to our Australian friends, the GTO was America's premier muscle car. For Pontiac to make it into a import was a real kick in the teeth for real American car enthusiasts.

Pontiac knew 04' was coming and could have done something really great for the GTO, instead they made a hasty decision to cobble something together to ride on the success of the Mustang.

And what's worst was marketing it to compete with BMW and Lexus as a potential sale to those people who would normally buy that kind of car. People who buy a BMW or Lexus buy one to impress their friends and would never buy an American car.

A final note, I have owned 4 Pontiacs, 2 of which were 65 GTO's. My first new car was a 06' Mustang.