10th Feb 2010, 01:27

My 04 GTO is at 31K, and it's still more fun to drive than anything I have ever owned. I drive conservatively, so I have had no issues with struts, brakes, tires.

Interior is quiet with no rattles or noises.

Mileage is respectable for a car with 350hp. If I were to power shift it, do burnouts, slam the brakes, etc it would break like any other car would.

All the speed mods done on some owners cars if not properly done can cause all kinds of problems like premature tire wear, handling issues, and especially engine problems. I can just see someone complaining about poor brake design when they t-bone someone else while flying down the road at 90mph.

11th Feb 2010, 06:50

8:18 A 22 year old can buy and barely afford monthly payments, and then no money for good maintenance. My kids worked and could make the payments with me supplying the good credit and car insurance. I did the same with my parents; worked 2 jobs and going to school. A major repair though meant it was parked until I had money to fix. A better car is one I have sold as an old guy; over maintained, not beat.

29th Mar 2010, 00:06

06 owner here. Come on people, every car out there can have problems. It's just a fact of life. The GTO is a great car and it entices you to abuse it. I beat on my goat, knowing damn well something is going to break someday. Yes there are some failures that just should not be, but you can't tell me you walked on the lot and said yep, I'm buying a GTO and I'm gonna drive it like a granny.

The GTO overall is a fantastic car with a great engine and smooth ride, and the interior is unbeatable. With anything folks, if you use it and abuse it, they are going to fail eventually.

2nd Apr 2010, 09:11

I have had my 2004 GTO for a couple years now. It's now up to 56,000 miles. There are some mods, but it's mostly because I like to improve things.

Everyone that is commenting about the strut rub issue; Pedders, HSV and some other companies have very cheap fixes for that exact issue, 400 dollars or so for the stiffer bushings. Almost every car out there has sissy bushings and some good poly ones will do wonders for just about any car.

I have not had to repair anything in mine at all that I didn't opt to just up and fix. My only complaint is the lack of stopping power, but there are several options out there for that as well. It stops as is, and operates just as well as any other car, but since it has the ability to be pushed, weaknesses become exaggerated. Things that would be the same molehill issue in another car, get turned into a mountain on the Goat.

But at least the very minor problems experienced in GTOs are never serious or fatal, such as what Honda and Toyota are going putting their customers through. Even most American cars have fatal issues. People should really put their complaints in perspective. Sure strut rub, 400 bucks and a few hours in a shop plus alignment and you will never ever see the issue again, problem is done. No more tire wear, no rub, better handling and breaking. It pays for itself. Things could be so much worse.

9th Apr 2010, 23:48

I have an 06 automatic, and the tranny went at 27,000 miles. I am a 29 year old professional and I have my fun with the car, but usually baby it. I am very disappointed that I have destroyed this transmission already. Is there a way to permanently override the T/C? I really think this is what is shredding up these tried and true old GM 4 speeds. This is my dream car, and I am beginning to wish I waited for the Challenger SRT8. I always tell myself that the performance of the GTO outweighs the Challengers gnarly looks, but lately I have been rethinking this.

15th Nov 2010, 20:55

I'm a 16 year old kid looking for a car that is within 15000 dollars, and will set me back in my seat (V8). I'm all about American, and can't stand those ricers. I am currently looking at an 05 GTO for around 13k with 80k miles on it. I thought it was an amazing deal until I found this website. I've looked at it and really like it. Suggestions would be welcome.

17th Nov 2010, 08:42

My suggestion is that you find a car you can handle. At 16 you have little experience driving, so getting behind the wheel of a 400 hp car is dangerous for you and everyone else around you. I had my first brand new 5.0 Mustang at 22, and I was crazy with that car. It had nothing compared to the power of the GTO. I know I sound like your Dad right now, but trust me, at 16 the last thing you need is a pile of tickets, a totaled car, or a trip to the hospital... or worse. Plus, how are you ever going to afford insurance on that car?

Normally I wouldn't say much, as you could be responsible, but since your first line was all about the set you back in your seat V8... well... you're really just asking for trouble.

If you decide to ignore my advice, maybe you'll come back and read this post later on... I just hope it doesn't say "I told you so!"

29th Nov 2010, 21:37

I have been drag racing since I was 10 years old. I know how much 400 horsepower is. I am a responsible kid and have been saving my whole life for my first car. I would just like to know if I buy, am I going to have it in my garage every week dropping bank?

24th Mar 2011, 13:42

Automatics belong in minivans and SUVs, not sports cars.

25th Mar 2011, 08:20

"I really think this is what is shredding up these tried and true old GM 4 speeds."

Tried and true? GM AT's are the worst. They have used virtually the same tranny for decades and it is garbage. I have known many people who have had failures with them. Why they put 400 HP in front of this tranny is beyond me. You should have gone with the 6-speed manual on this car. Much better transmission, and much more fun to drive on top of it!

26th Jun 2011, 00:14

I own a 2005 GTO 6 speed, and I love it, but the problems with the shifting into 1st and reverse is the clutch master cylinder; it does not pump enough fluid into the clutch. For those who want smooth shifting, check out Tick Performance GTO clutch master cylinder.

27th Sep 2011, 17:21

Love the g35, but my 400 hp GTO can blow the doors off it. Haven't had a single problem yet. I actually like the interior of the GTO, especially compared to other Pontiac products.

27th Sep 2011, 17:22

Totally agree. I don't know why so many people say get an automatic. I LOVE my 6 speed, and would die if I had to drive a boring manual.

28th Sep 2011, 16:42

I had the same problem with my 05 GTO a while ago. I am a tech, so I pulled it in my shop and threw it up on the lift, and took the tranny out to inspect. If you do the same, there is a very good chance you will find that your clutch pressure plate bolts are coming loose and the pressure plate is crooked, making it so that your clutch does not disengage fully. (remove bolts, and you might as well replace and upgrade the clutch while you're in there, I did, and torque the new bolts to proper spec. reinstall).

I had the problem at 60K miles, I am now at 96K miles and still doing gravy. As for all the other problems, they have been slim to none. Mostly just basic maintenance or broken parts from opening up those 400 horses.

31st Oct 2011, 19:36

As a used car dealer that has both cars, I'd say you should have picked the GTO. The G35 has severe uneven tire wear, due to the fact that you can't adjust camber. The acceleration is OK, and the throttle position sensor goes bad every 20,000 miles. Will cost about 700.00 at the dealer. All parts on the G35 are expensive. Headlights for example are 800.00 each. The GTO parts aren't as expensive for an American car.

1st Sep 2014, 23:57

You may have gotten the 4.10 gears already, but I had the same problem, so all I could get was a set of OEM ring and pinion set with a 3.91 ratio from Central Diffs for a decent price from AUS. You can find them on Facebook.