23rd Jan 2007, 11:15

<<People who buy a BMW or Lexus buy one to impress their friends and would never buy an American car.>.

This is a bunch of crap. American car buyers have the herd mentality, not the BMW buyers. Read the reviews here. There are parts of the country where if you buy an import of any type you are ostracized by your friends because you didn't "buy American" - of course, doesn't matter where the car was made, as long as it has an American plate on it.

BMW buyers buy the car because of its superior handling and other features. I know, I've owned five of them and not a single one was bought to "impress" other people. If that was the case, my BMWs' long-term stablemate would not have been a Ford Festiva.

23rd Jan 2007, 12:39

In November '05 I bought an 2004 6spd GTO w/3,500 miles. I hit the highway, and had to immediately bring it to a GM dealer who ended up fixing a security light that was flashing on occasion, no harm no foul. At 9,000 miles I needed new rear tires, mostly from me spinning them, but also cause alignment was off and the inner side of the rears wore while the outside had plenty of tread. At 10,000 miles the brakes began to warp, (mind I live on an island with a top "legal" speed of 45 mph), sadly at 13,500 miles the car was totalled. I now own a 2006 6spd GTO, I bought brand new on 7/29/06, off the bat, the front left ABS harness was rubbing and the driver door lock lever pulled out, both problems were fixed and did not return. At 2,500 miles I had a b&m shifter installed, immediately after noticed a rattle from the transmission when rolling on the throttle in any gear, double checked shifter and found nothing, (I would still recommend the shifter up-grade). Around 5,000 miles the clutch slipped bad for the first time, and I've been able to smell it since when driving hard. Now at 5,700 miles a very loud rubbing noise comes from the front right wheel well when backing up fast to the left or when turning wheel quick in a common parking lot maneuver. I love my GTO, but they do have a lot of problems.

12th Feb 2007, 16:32

I have not so much a comment, but a request. trying to find 4:10 or 4:11 gears for the gto 2006. I work in parts and am sure I saw gm offering 4:? in one of there 2004 or 2005 models. really could use help.

8th Apr 2007, 19:20

I'm thinking about buying a goat and am looking around to see potential problems for the 04-05 because I thought they were very reliable except for the brakes... it has been a scary read...

24th Aug 2007, 08:56

Hi, I am living in Germany since the last 20 years of my life. Before I came here, I drove a 66 Pontiac Lemans with a GTO motor. Due to the gas prices ($6.00 a gallon) and taxes I could never afford to drive a dream like this here.

I am on my way back to California in a few months, and my dream was a 2006 GTO. But I have read too many horror stories already. In Germany I drive 160 miles a day and I have always driven Preludes, Civics and Accords. The most reliable cars ever. The broken down cars with the hood up on the autobahns were the BMWS, Mercedes and a lot of VWs. Maybe I should stay with Honda... but everyone has them in California... boring.

I am looking for some good old reliable american muscle. I thought the 2006 GTO was the pick. Should I drive the new Mustang or what???!!! Very sad... Jeff.

20th Oct 2007, 10:56

I own a 2005 M6 Torrid Red GTO.

It just hit 11,000 miles yesterday.

Driving style: Like I stole it, from day one.

Problems: shifter leather boot came loose from front of bracket. Probably because I shifted hard (warranty).

Passenger side door suede is coming off from the Louisiana heat (warranty).

Tran/eng light came on (Reset. I fueled my GTO while it was running a few times).

That's it. I noticed an actual improvement in power after about 4,500 miles. I learned to drive a manual transmission on this GTO, and I've had no issue with the clutch/shifter/transmission.

There is a strut rub issue with the GTOs that I'm aware of. It took forever, but GM is actually doing something about it now.

I'm part of a GTO enthusiast website with about 300+ GTO owners locally, and I visit the ls1gto.com forums a lot.

If you want non-biased answers and information about the GTO, you should go to the forums.

2nd Dec 2007, 19:38

I am 24 years old and am looking to buy an 05 or 06 GTO.

After reading all of the comments the owners have posted, I am really having second thoughts about continuing looking for one. I might go and get a 2006 Honda S2000. I know it's a huge difference in horsepower, but getting a good turbo would fix that problem!

Maybe posting more positive comments will soothe my doubting.

6th Dec 2007, 19:59

I bought my 06 GTO in Oct o6 and since then I have put 17000 miles on it (mostly highway) and have had all kind of problems. I know a lot of other GTO owners with none and I don't understand.

It started with my front left shock blowing up and having both front suspension everything replaced.

The seat motors on my driver side sounds like it is about to fall of the track.

I have a knocking noise coming from both my gas tank area and my a/c unit.

I just drove it through rain for the first time and my driver side floor filled up with enough water to fill the backseat and slosh to the front.

I never drive it hard, but it will pop out of gear occasionally.

All My tires are wearing extremely fast, and cannot get anyone to properly align my car.

Does anyone know if I can do anything about it? I love the car and would like to keep it, but I am getting frustrated with all the problems. What can I do?

9th Jan 2008, 18:58

I am also 24 and looking at buying a GTO. It's hard to take all the negative comments seriously because I don't know any of these people personally, so who knows, they may drive the cars like their on a nascar track and not be very good at driving manual, or don't maintain the cars like they should. Who complains about the tires being worn out when they admit they smoke them out?!?!?! Duh. I don't understand the whole seat moving issue, I rarely ever move my seat. I find a position for the seat and leave it, so it sounding weird isn't a big issue. Also people are quick to voice their negative opinions of a car, so I think I'm still going to buy one despite these reviews.

2nd Feb 2008, 18:04

I have a friend that bought a brand new one, and lost his driving privileges about 3 months later for 1 year. I've had muscle cars before, but never had one yank my feet off the floor so hard and fast. I am 6`2` 350 pounds, and it pinned my big ass in the seat so hard I couldn't believe it. I am impressed.