2000 Pontiac Montana Extended V6 from North America


Electrical nightmare


25,000 miles:

- Transmission slipping, but no problem found by dealer.

- Engine idles rough; reprogrammed PCM & cleaned fuel injectors.

- Both sliding door glass panels shake when open.

- Noise in steering noted; but no problem found by dealer.

28,200 miles:

Vehicle would not move when put into reverse or drive; no problem found by the dealer.

30,710 miles:

- Check engine light on - dealer said it was a broken connector to EGR.

32,033 miles:

- Battery leaking acid - replaced battery under warranty.

- Air bag light stays on; replaced air bag pre-tensioner.

- Replaced inoperative shocks for rear hatch.

- Replaced lower intake manifold gasket for oil leak on top of engine.

- Replaced driver's power window module; window was going down by itself

32,242 miles:

- Engine light on; replaced EGR valve - do you see a pattern yet??!

35,465 miles:

- Second notation for noise in steering; no problem found by dealer.

- Replaced loose weather strips on both sliding doors.

51,281 miles:

- Interior & exterior lights pulsates when on, along with engine idle; replace a generator voltage screw per bulletin

- Now a clunking noise noted when turning; dealer states that it was a noisy A/C compressor & replaced that.

56,954 miles:

- Both sliding door lower hinges are rusting (perhaps due to faulty weatherstripping previously replaced??!) Not under warranty!

- Steering is noted as noisy and loose; no problem found.

- Replaced leaking rear wheel cylinders.

- Alas! There IS a transmission problem! Replaced trans under GMPP extended warranty

60,504 miles:

- Rear driver's taillight in-operable; not covered - replaced on my own with GM parts

This is where it gets good...

62,805 miles:

- Check engine light on; EGR valve code set - The dealer wanted to charge me for this repair after the three previous repairs!!! I refused and demanded to speak to the Pontiac representative, to no avail...

63,307 miles:

- Got Pontiac to buy the EGR valve replacement, but now the battery is leaking again!!!

Pontiac refused to pay for the THIRD battery in 36 months! I tried to explain that there is some type of electrical problem with this van due to the numerous problems, but they would not admit that there was any correlation. I purchased a new GM battery, and pray that this will be the last one for at least the 60 months that they are supposed to last!!!

General Comments:

I have been a Pontiac owner since my first car 18 years ago. I now plan to purchase a Toyota when this is paid off in a year. I can't wait for the dealer to say the steering needs replaced and it won't be covered, either!

Other than the obvious electrical, transmission and steering problems, who wouldn't like this van?

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2004

23rd Jun 2004, 10:53

I would tend to agree with the writer. I bought my 2000 Montana in August of 2003. Unfortunately did not buy the extended warranty. Within one month the van would not start, fuel pump out. Had to pay $600 to replace this. Approximately 7 months later same thing happened. Fuel pump replaced again and also fuel filter. Less than a week later, same thing. This time they said they replaced the fuel pump relay switch. Less than a week after that, same thing again. Are you starting to see my pattern. This time it was a corroded wire. They drove the van for a day, same thing again. This time they said it was a short in a wire. They have now had my van for nine days straight and do not have it fixed. Since the beginning of June it has been towed three times and basically I have only been able to drive it for about 10 days total. I have had the van for only 10 months and they have replaced 3 fuel pumps, fuel filter, fuel pump relay switch and I still do not have a van that runs.

30th Jul 2004, 07:44

I also owned a 2000 Pontiac Montana. Within two months of purchasing a brand new vehicle, the sliding door fell off. Yes, completely off. I was on a cross country move from California to Virginia. Practically, taped it on and continued on. Several minor things happened through the year. Then, the engine light turned on every time I started the car. I took it to the dealer, 6 times in seven days. Each time, they wiped off the gas cap (who knows the reasoning?). Finally, we got stranded on the highway when all power stopped working and the gas gauge fell to empty with a full tank of gas in. Got it towed yet again. The rubber stripping around the doors fell off numerous times. The back door made significant creaks each time it was opened. Pontiac issued me an extended warranty since the car didn't work most of the time. I had more time to sit in dealerships than they did. I finally got the engine light off for a period of two days and traded up to a Honda Odyssey. What a blessing. It has been about 2 1/2 years and I still cringe when I think of people purchasing a Montana. I have three small children and a husband who fought our van most of the way.

2000 Pontiac Montana Extended 3.4 Liter V6 from North America


Excellent quality and low cost maintenance


Cup holders are useless, so I purchased an aftermarket center console. Problem solved!!!

Replaced tires at 60,000 miles.

Interior noises, but I can live with it.

General Comments:

My wife and I love this van so much that we are about to buy a second one. No cars for us, just Montana vans!

Our dealership is the best as well. Very honest about repairs.

Great power on this van. Can blow other cars off of the line, which shocks people because it's A VAN!

Plenty of room for the kids and their stuff.

Easy to get car seats in also.

Love this van!

Take care of it - regular, normal maintenance - and you won't have any problems.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2004

22nd Jun 2004, 19:22

Have you ever had a problem with a water leak in the back? When at a car wash, for instance, you can see water rushing in from just below the outside red light that's located just below the roof, in the middle of the car. We can't tell for sure from where or why. Any ideas?

19th Sep 2005, 21:01

Based on my research into this van after my unfortunate purchase of a 2000 Ext, don't push your luck and buy another one. I babied my van more than any other car I've owned and it hasn't helped one bit. I have already replaced the intake manifold gasket. The transmission has a bad pressure control solenoid ($90), but the labour to replace it is $1200. I've had an ABS wheel sensor go bad, the radio lights burned out and you can't buy bulbs for it, only reconditioned radios. My dash warning lights randomly go on and off, the airbag light is on, the RH signal light works intermittently. The seating and utility are great, but mechanically its poor, and electrically it's a disaster. If I could only just get it to all work for a day or two I would dump it as a trade in at a new car dealership ASAP.