2000 Pontiac Montana Ext from North America


Great family vehicle


Just minor things that were covered by warranty.

Bad third brake light, broken rear hatch handle, and a leak in the rear brake drum.

General Comments:

This minivan handles very well.

Like the quick pickup and gas mileage.

However, the body molding could have been done better.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2002

2000 Pontiac Montana 3.8L from North America


Great mini for the family!


Driver side power window began to stick half way up.

Dealer lubricated window track (under warranty)

Drive side window continued to stick half way up.

Dealer replaced window motor (under warranty - <35,000 miles) claiming a weak window motor.

Both cup holders have broke. They were just not designed to hold those 44 ounce Jumbo cups.

One was replaced (under warranty - <35,000 miles)

The other is still broken (vehicle is no longer covered by warranty)

Rear hatch latch broke (replaced under warranty - <35,000 miles)

Passenger seat belt cover broke (located where the seat belt is secured to the area between the two doors)

Middle seat arm rest cover keeps coming undone (Velcro was probably not the best design for securing this item)

Front brakes replaced with lifetime brake pads (49,500 miles)

Service Center told me that front rotors could not be machined and would have to be replaced.

I instructed service center to replace pads only and I would look to replace rotors in the next 6 months.

Front tires replaced (45,000 miles - I never rotated my tires since new!)

Rear tires replaced (49,500 - I never rotated my tires since new! - tires were beginning to separate)

General Comments:

I bought our Montana because it has a masculine look about it (blue with gray body mold) and the 3.8L engine (basically the same engine that was in my previous car)

Within the first 250 miles the Montana was driven to Florida and back (2200 miles) carrying 3 adults and 2 children.

Very comfortable ride and good gas mileage.

Since then my Montana has been to Florida two more times, Chicago once and Indianapolis a half a dozen times.

It is driven everyday by my wife who takes our children to and from school and to all types of sport practices.

One minor complaint - no leg room between the middle and rear seats (I got the bench seats not the captain chairs - wish I could have gotten the captain chairs)

My Montana does not have rear air.

I had concerns about this when we bought it, but the kids tell me to turn down the air a lot so it must be getting cold back there too.

Overall, I have been very satisfied with my Montana purchase. It has been and I hope will continue to be a great buy for the money.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2002

30th Dec 2004, 18:11

I ordered and purchased a 2000 Pontiac Montana Extended minivan from a dealer in NY. During my extensive research of the options for the vehicle, I found that the 3.4-liter engine was the only engine available in 2000 (or at least at the time I was purchasing the vehicle). I was very disappointed that I could not upgrade to the 3.8-liter engine or larger (for towing purposes)! So, I must make the following statement in a jealous rage: Either you have a one of a kind vehicle with the 3.8 liter engine, you have been mislead by the size of the engine, or I was lied to by my dealer in NY and the Internet websites where I performed my research.

Jealous in NY!

22nd Sep 2006, 23:28

I agree. Everything I've seen says the Montana only comes with a 3.4 liter engine.

2000 Pontiac Montana from North America


Comfort, great drive and easy on gas what more could you want


There was an intermittent air bag light, the dealer fixed it promptly.

My kids broke the drink holder by stepping on it, again fixed in one week.

Front passenger seat belt tightens up without stepping on the brakes.

General Comments:

This van drivers very smoothly. The suspension is very sturdy. Seven adults and not a complaint about the bumps.

There could be a bit more room between the rear passenger seats.

The drivers area is very roomy, and the 2 drink holders are great for left handed people.

As a professional driver this vehicle has a wonderful field of vision, very small blind spots.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002