2003 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2 Ecotec from North America


Affordable Reliability


Aside from routine oil changes, maintenance done every 4,000 miles has included:

Check engine light has been on since a week after purchasing. Found to be a fuel evap issue or something to that effect. Not a driveability issue.

New tires and spark plugs at 125,000 miles. Spark plugs were replaced as preventative maintenance.

Both front struts replaced at 130,000 miles.

I replaced the battery in November of 2014, just as a precautionary measure due to the age of the battery that was in it.

I also replaced the serpentine belt at 145,000 miles, again just as preventative maintenance.

At 157,000 miles I replaced the front brake rotors, calipers, and pads as well as the rear brake drums.

I'll be needing a new exhaust and hangers here soon at 162,000 miles, as well as a new window regulator on the driver's side.

In all, considering the car's age and mileage, it has been very dependable, with only the usual wear and tear that is to be expected.

General Comments:

For the most part, I really like this car. It has always started up and been dependable, especially considering the car's age and mileage. I've put over 40,000 miles on this car in a little over a year and a half, and plan on replacing it with something newer soon, but will keep it as a backup vehicle. I've always done routine maintenance with quality OEM parts since owning and would like to make this car last to at least 180,000 miles. I believe it's more than capable of doing so.

The only ongoing issue is a pulsating in the brakes despite having replaced most of the braking components. Seeing as I generally do my work myself, I plan on taking it to a mechanic to have a professional look it over.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2017

2003 Pontiac Sunfire from North America




I'm not sure where to start, but I will never purchase another one again. The first 6 months of having it, the entire wiring system went. I have had a wiring harness put in, brakes replaced constantly, brake lines have been replaced due to rotting underneath or just breaking, the exhaust system is horrible, the struts have been replaced a few times since I bought it, and the spark plugs (I lost count on how times that they were replaced).

Now the most recent issue is the timing belt just went on it; it acts like it wants to start, but it won't. Even had someone tried to jump start it and it didn't work, and that's when my mechanic told me that it was the timing belt, especially after I heard something snap right before it just died at a light.

General Comments:

I would not recommend this car to anyone, not even to my worst enemy.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2015

2nd Oct 2015, 02:38

Both 4 cylinder engines available for this car did not use timing belts. They came with chains.

9th Jan 2016, 17:24

You do realize that the timing belt is a normal wear item that needs replaced at regular intervals right? The fact that it broke shows nothing about the quality of the vehicle, but that you don't maintain your vehicle properly.

2003 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 Ecotec from North America


Ehhhh, it's an alright car


Window motors have gone out & the switches later broke.

Exhaust hanger rusted apart. Replaced at 67,XXX.

Fuel pump had to be replaced at 78,XXX.

Inner tie rods replaced at 152,XXX.

Timing belt chain snapped at 155,XXX, causing the engine to seize. Had to replace the engine.

Front left coil snapped at 160,XXX.

Have had to replace fuel tank straps at 160,XXX.

Clear coat is wearing off the front/rear bumper of the vehicle (silver colored car).

Check engine lights never turns off.

Fog lights don't work.

Have had to replace multiple bulbs outside of the car.

Door locks inside of the car do not work.

General Comments:

My girlfriend purchased this car in 2005 with 43,XXX. The car came from California & now is in Minnesota. Car was great for a few years; then it's been down hill ever since.

The car itself isn't that bad. Decent look with alloy rims; basically your standard car with sporty features. It's built for a chick. Interior is nothing special at all.

Great on gas, but as you can see above with all the problems with our Sunfire, it is time to upgrade.

Would I recommend you buy a Sunfire? Hell no, too many common problems,

I'm sick of my girlfriend nagging about what's going out on it next, so we are looking at selling it soon.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2012