2002 Renault Clio 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Problems with car stalling and juddering in traffic. So dangerous!

If Renault realise that they might kill somebody, why don't they fix this. I have an Espace as well, and both are going to be sold within the next month.

Renault are clearly only design led, and deserve their place at the bottom of the customer satisfaction league.

I have had so much advice from people along the lines of 'Don't buy a Renault' I agree.


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Review Date: 16th July, 2008

2002 Renault Clio Expression 1.2 from UK and Ireland




I have looked after the car, having regular services.

When driving, the headlights flicker on and off, and sometimes go out completely on the motorway. I have had them checked on numerous occasions and every mechanic assures me they're fine.

I never had a problem with it starting until one morning when I thought it was the cold. Wouldn't turn over, then I thought might be battery - no. Took to the garage, and they managed to start; it made me look like a dumb woman. And it was fine for them until I picked it up, then it did it on the mechanic. He couldn't work it out, so said keep battling with it!! Lights and everything come on; just the engine won't come on. Does this frequently now when it feels like it; going to get rid!!!

My friend also bought a brand new Clio; 5 miles on clock and it did the same thing; an electrical fault??!!! Renault need to sort this problem!!

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Review Date: 8th April, 2008

3rd Nov 2011, 19:49

I had a similar problem, all electrics/battery working, but the engine wouldn't start - first time it happened, it fixed itself after few minutes of trying (thought might have been problem with the key). The next time it didn't start at all, so called the RAC - they fixed it in 30 seconds! It was a loose cable going to the starter motor, apparently quite common, so I thought I would mention it for others - just in case!

2002 Renault Clio 1.2 liter from UK and Ireland


Great car, poor reliability, dealers have little knowledge


I purchased this car for my driving school, but had three driving tests terminated because of warning lights coming on. I like the car, but not the unreliability.

Was informed I would find the diesel more reliable. This was a big mistake, because the same problems persisted.

Still, I got the 2002 petrol recently, and took it to the dealer once again regarding the warning lights. The lights went out when I took it to dealer. I paid them £40.00 on collection, and was told they could not determine the fault with the lights off.

Rang Renault to complain, and they suggested I leave car with them for a week. Reluctantly I did this, and was informed on collection, "no faults". On the way home the lights came on. With a diesel car they informed me they can only detect when the light is on, and this came on very intermittently. We must bear in mind that driving examiners would not take this vehicle on a test with warning lights on.

The warning lights came on, so I went to a dealer at 8.15am on Saturday morning. I said, "please put the car on your computer to find the fault". They said, "sorry we are too busy".

This car has full dealer service history.

General Comments:

I will never purchase a Renault car, and would advise everyone to steer well clear; the dealers will take your money for general servicing, but they are very unwilling to help, and have very little knowledge.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2008

2002 Renault Clio Authentique 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Nice car; can have problems. especially electrical


My Clio is a 2002 1.2.

I have a solution to anelectrical problem that should help a lot of you out of a sticky situation.

If you have electrical problems, IE the car won't turn over or the engine maintenance light is on, and you're stuck on the side of the motorway or having to call out the AA too much.

What you do it disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes and then re connect it; by doing this it will reset the on-board computer, therefore temporarily fixing your fault.

This has helped me a lot, as I bought my Clio from having an accident. Since then the service light is on.

This is a tiring task; keep disconnecting the battery, and I must get it sorted by Renault. I'm hoping they don't mug me!

Also I have had a new gearbox due to a crack??

General Comments:

Nice car otherwise.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008