10th Feb 2011, 09:02

Hello, I bought a 2004 Renault Clio Dynamique 1.2 16 Valve on the new year.

It was driving perfect with no problems for 2 weeks until I parked up got back into the car, about 10 minutes later, I got back in and the car would just crank but not fire up. AA told me the crank sensor had gone, which me and my dad replaced the day after and it started up straight away. Drove about half a mile down the road and it felt like it was cutting out every time I changed gear and then just died. Called the AA again and now apparently my fuel pump or fuel injector is not receiving any signal.

I called up Renault and whether or not they fix it, it would cost me, called up my reliable garage, same thing and even if the parts are fine I would have to get new ones just to eliminate problems. What a joke.

First and last French car!

Can anyone help? I have got quite a lot of info off this site...

11th Feb 2011, 04:32

I have had the same issues with the engine slowing down on my 1.2 16v Clio.

I found the solution is revving the engine as hard as possible for as long as possible.

I drove it hard for about two weeks, and it has not done it for about 4 months.

Good luck...

12th Feb 2011, 13:12

Hello again, the thing is it has not started since then, what do you think it might be now? Mark.

27th Feb 2011, 08:22

I had a Clio W reg. Had it for 9 MT. Didn't spend a dime on it, sold it and just brought a 2002 Expression, cost me £350 already. It was misfiring, so I adjust the plug with a feeler gauge 0.8. Now no more misfire. Will post other problems when I get them.

8th Mar 2011, 07:54

Renault Clio Expression + 1.2 16v.

I have been having similar problems. When slowing to a stop such as at traffic lights, the engine management/electrical fault light (orange coil) comes on. The engine then starts spluttering and the revs go up and down, and then it will cut out. Restart the engine and it will keep cutting out until I do one of two things:

1) Hold the throttle down so the revs are above 2000

Or 2) get to about 30 MPH in low gears (again so the revs are high), and after about 10/15 seconds of the revs being high, the light will go out and the engine will behave as normal… Until I get to the next set of lights.

However it does not happen at every set of lights, or each time I come to a stop. It started as something that might happen once a week, or would do it 3 times in a day and then not again for a few weeks. Wondered if this could have been due to cold weather or rain. But it has now become so bad, it does it at least 1 in 3 times I come to a stop in traffic for example.

I have researched the issue on the internet, and it seems to be a common problem, and blamed on the loom and the tamper proof box, which seemingly cuts into the wires to the ECU and causes this fault. See the Renault forum as this may solve your issue, but not mine:


When I looked in my car, the box had already been removed, which suggests the previous owner had the same issue and solved it by removing it. However there no signs of any wires fused together or shortcutting, so it may be a different issue.

I am running out of ideas now, and I'm close to selling the car, but realise I will lose out because of its fault. I'm cautious to attempt to get the problem fixed, because of what I have read, and how some people have spent the best part of a grand trying to fix the problem, and have failed.

Would appreciate any insight.


24th Mar 2011, 15:50

Hi there. I have a Renault Clio 1.2 16 valve. When it's idling, it sounds like it's missing like hell, but when you drive it, put your foot flat out on the throttle, and there is nothing, and then it just kicks in. Any ideas would be very helpful.


25th Mar 2011, 05:33

Mine had the same problem, needed a crank sensor, seems OK now :P.

28th Mar 2011, 10:33

Sounds like a faulty indicator stalk. Try replacing this first - it shouldn't cost a great deal.


31st Mar 2011, 15:49

Most of the problems are caused by the throttle body. It can be cleaned, and is not a costly job.

1st Apr 2011, 12:48

The sunroof has two drain holes at the front of each corner. They may be blocked?

Be very careful pushing anything down, as the tubes run inside the A pillar, and you can puncture them, which means stripping down the inside of the car.

10th Apr 2011, 13:51

I have a 2002 Renault Clio. When I turn the ignition, the orange coil light comes on, and when I try to start up the car, it just turns over, but won't actually start. If I turn the ignition off and on a few times, the light goes off and will start, but sometimes it will just stay on, therefore doesn't start. Most times though, the light doesn't go out, but if I go to it a few days or weeks later, the light will be off and the car will start fine. When the light's off and the car starts, there is no problem at all with the running of the car, and it never cuts out or judders.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? I've barely been able to drive it since I've got it, and can't drive far! I had it on a diagnostics machine, and the man at the garage fixed the errors it came up with, but I still have the problem, and when put on the diagnostics machine again, it's come up with different errors!

22nd Apr 2011, 14:28

I to am suffering from these dreaded issues, and will be embarking on the adventure tomorrow to sort this out trying the various solutions. But just a thought, will let you know how I go, but has anyone changed the fuel filter if there is one? As there can be water sensors on the fuel filters or sensors to indicate reduced fuel flow, which could be triggering the engine management fault light, and of course will have spluttering due to the reduced fuel flow. This is why the issue is happening perhaps at low rpm. I'm hoping the filter is inexpensive if there is one. Anyone know how to ask for a fuel filter in Italian? Good luck all.

22nd Apr 2011, 22:42

I had the same problem with my Clio. The hazard light switches are rubbish! Inside is a tiny huck that locks the switch in place when it's pushed in; it's weak and breaks easily. The switches are about £17 new to replace; don't buy a second hand one, because it will just happen again sooner.

Cheers Matt B.

22nd Apr 2011, 22:48

If this ever happens to you and your Clio won't start, simply check fuse 15 in the engine fuse box. If it's not blown, it'll be the female connector that it slots into has opened up too much, so it's not contacting the fuse. Simply get a fine screwdriver and close the pins in more.

Matt B.