1995 Renault Laguna RT 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good all rounder


The exhaust was blowing when I bought it.

A wheel bearing had gone when I bought.

General Comments:

My Laguna is by far one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven.

The performance is OK at 0-60 (around 13 seconds) but it comes into its own on the motorways. I have often been cruising at around 90MPH and its so quite.

The handling is superb with the power steering it just loves going round corners at speed.

Even on the RT model (middle spec I think) you get a good spec, electric windows, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, power steering, headrests, heated rear screen, airbag etc.

I wasn't to impressed with the economy to start with, but now its pretty good because my friend gave me this tin of some type of special liquid, that combined with putting Super Unleaded in has drastically improved the economy.

Overall I am very impressed with my Laguna, it drives well and it also has one of the best petrol engines in it. The landlord at my local pub has got one exactly like mine, but his has done 175000 miles!

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2004

8th Sep 2005, 16:40

I have had my Laguna 1.8Rt for four years and it still runs okay it looks awesome with alloys, its still a head turner where I live in wales.

1995 Renault Laguna 2.0S RTi 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Quite capable, but poor general build


Door's Leaked requiring new membranes to be fitted at a cost of several hundred pounds (2001).

Clutch needed replacing at 70,000 miles.

Gearbox seal went (70,000 miles).

Speedo went requiring new cable although it still flicks about ever under reading or over reading by 5-10mph at times.

Catalytic convertor broke up (100,000 miles).

Drive shaft has popped out twice so far (100,000 and 110,000 miles) and seal also gone (110,000 miles).

Bonnet release cable broke.

Engine temperature sensor reads maximum all the time, but as this requires a whole new electronics panel to fix at 300+ pounds it's being left.

Drivers seat split and generally wearing out.

Needed new radiator recently.

A sensor went somewhere causing the engine to cut out.

Gets through engine oil quite alarmingly at times, especially if using all the rev range.

General Comments:

I've increased the power on the car up to around 160bhp with exhaust, induction kit, ECU, and EcoTek valve. Also have lowered the suspension and added 205/40 wheels and tires. The car actually preforms reasonably well now.

In standard form it was under powered and too heavy to lay down any quick 0-60 times and would get left beind by most hot hatches. It is still a bit slow to 60mph given its weight, but the mods have really helped it over 5,500 rpm in the higher gears, where it felt breathless before. It will pull easily up to the limiter (6,500rpm) giving 130mph in 5th. 5th gear actually feels a bit short and I am sure it would reach 140mph on the motorway with a taller final gear.

Given the weight it does tend to understeer in most situations when pushing hard, although the loss of grip is predictable. However, if cornering very hard at speed, it can viciously oversteer if you let off the power or have to brake for any reason. It's very hard to correct oversteer in this car and I have been facing the wrong way down a motorway slip road on occassion, luckily in some grass runoff.

Lowering it really helps me load it up into the bends and gets me around typical roundabouts a good 10mph quicker than standard.

The brakes are pretty good, but used to overpower the standard tires. With the 205/40's, standard brakes are reasonable although I have had some serious brake fade after a few hard drives.

The best thing about the car is that you don't get many other Laguna's that have been tweaked up, so it stands out from the crowd and looks surprisingly good running low on big wheels. Engine note with the exhaust and filter is also pleasing.

The worst thing about this car is reliability. Its broken down on me 3 times. The stuff I listed is just what I can remember off hand, but it has cost me thousands in repairs. The only thing that has been faultless is the actual engine itself, despite regularly hitting the limiter. Its no BMW in terms of build that's for sure. I won't be buying a Renault again.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2004

21st Jan 2005, 17:23

The best thing about my Laguna M-reg is that it cost £112, everything rattles and is falling off and doesn't work, but hey I can live with that and when it fails to proceed i'll dump it and run away - you can really chuck it into corners though, the reviewers a bit of a twit.

15th Oct 2005, 15:00

I agree with some of what reviewer wrote except he's got the wrong size tyres on his rims, they are a lot smaller than the recommended tyre size. With the right ones it should help with handling.

Most the other probs are pretty common though on this age Laguna and totally agree with the 5th gear prob, it is very low geared. I've had my standard RTi top out at 147mph on a track and could definately do with a 6th gear.

27th May 2007, 06:31

I don't understand why the reviewer has spent thousands on repairs on a car probably worth a few hundred on a good day, when he could have spent those thousands on something better (like a BMW, for instance)