1995 Renault Laguna RXE 2.2d from UK and Ireland


A costly car to own, but nice to drive


Spare wheel compartment filling with water. The cause was found after removing the rear bumper - it was an air vent under the rear wing.

Heating matrix blocked. New matrix fitted.

The above were fixed by the dealer for no charge as I had just purchased the car, even though it took them 5 weeks to cure the faults.

Total gear box failure with little or no warning! Cost to replace gear box in the region of £1500 including labor.

Have been advised by a gear box specialist that this is common problem with the Laguna as to the way the gear box is designed.

General Comments:

The car is nice to drive and responds well.

Routine serving expensive, cam belt change was £350!

God help your bank balance when it goes wrong.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2003

20th Sep 2006, 11:06

How can someone say that changing the time belt cost 350 pounds??? Are you crazy???

I have a Laguna, and I changed the power steering pump, ignition leads, oil + special treatment, spare plugs, stabiliser on front wheels, thermostat and many many more, and it didn't cost me even 200 pounds.

If anyone need some parts, please contact me on gbandyno@yahoo.co.uk.

1995 Renault Laguna V6 3.0 Injection from Australia and New Zealand


Beauty and the beast combined


I had this car for a week and it broke an engine mount. I got a 3 year warranty with it, so I can't tell how much it was, but I had to wait for 2 weeks for the part because they had to order it from France. These cars are really rare in Australia and it's hard to find parts for them.

I have to take it back to the shop in a few days because the sunroof got stuck.

General Comments:

Value for money. It's full of electronics and little things that make it easier and more enjoyable for driving.

Leather on the seats is like new, it handles really good and people don't believe that this car is as fast as it is.

It doesn't take much petrol having in mind that it has a 3 litre V6 engine. It takes about 8L/100km freeway driving and between 10 and 11L/100km in the city.

ABS brakes amazed me. This car has better brakes than most of the Japanese and Australian cars I have driven.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2003

8th Aug 2004, 22:56

Parts availability for Renaults in Australia is (generally) not now a problem since the brand was relaunched in May 01. Call 039 797 4111 for your nearest dealer.

1995 Renault Laguna RT 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Cheap yet comfortable. Still looks modern


Rear boot lock failed... new lock motor fitted. £30 second hand.

Recently rear door leaked causing big puddle in the back, this appears to be quite common.

Heater fan failed... this turned out to be the resistor unit behind the glove box which cost £55 from Renault.

Indicator flasher unit failed.

I have a strange knocking noise coming from under the car when I go over bumps... I have recently had a new exhaust so I know it's not that... if anyone has or has had the same problem it would be interesting to know what the hell it is.

Bulbs have blown behind the dash, which is annoying, but far too fiddly to bother with.

General Comments:

The handling is good and is reasonably quick for an 8 valve.

Quite economical and very comfortable.

Despite all of the faults above, the car has never broken down and has always started at a flick of the ignition.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2003

5th Jun 2003, 14:20

Your knocking noise could be the steering rack or one of the suspension link arm had this problem and now its gone.

21st Jun 2004, 08:11

I too have the knocking problem on my 1994 Laguna 2.0 RXE. I have taken it to several garages for an opinion on what the cause is.

The conclusion was that the suspension 'drop-link' bushes are worn and these will need replacing - although it is not dangerous to drive with this issue, it will become an MOT failure.

I have had several quotes on how much this will cost to fix, and the prices have been varied.

Renault themselves have quoted £50 each side for the part + VAT + fitting!!! - DON'T GO TO RENAULT!!!

I have found the parts on the web for £20 each side, and they are reasonably easy to fit (recommend having a mechanic fit the parts though!).

Another issue I have also had is with the LED dash - they have faded on one side, and are only visible at night! Fortunately this does not require the fitting of a whole new control panel. They are backlit with LED's and are replaceable, but apparently fairly fiddly - but possible.

Just to reiterate - Renault garages are over priced, there are places to get parts cheap - and Haynes Manuals are a life (& wallet) saver.

Oli, Portsmouth.

26th May 2009, 09:38

The heater resistor can be replaced by soldering a headlamp bulb instead of the resistor. I did that successfully. Make sure the bulb is away from anything which can melt. It illuminates the back of the dashboard nicely...