1995 Renault Laguna RT 1.8i petrol from UK and Ireland


Stylish, Comfortable and Smooth!


Steering shakes and rattles over bumps. Also Knocks over bumps. New rack needed. £195 to fix, Still to do.

Gearbox feels sticky and lumpy, but not all the time, sometimes is perfect.

Just replaced front brake pads. (120k)

Catalytic Converter went at 114000. £190 to replace.

Rear Near side wheel bearing went at 123000. £90 to replace.

Had to replace power siren fuse for Alarm system (factory Option when new).

General Comments:

My second Renault Laguna now. Overall I am Impressed with its looks, equipment and drive. It does have a few typical Renault faults such as a fierce and stiff clutch and the engine is starting to sound quite tappy, but it has been looked after well and has got many years left in it! I hope!

Performance from the 95 BHP engine is average, you really have to rev it high before you feel anything to shout about, but is smooth, refined and quiet.

The Stereo is the original unit and has many features, but sound quality is poor with not much bass. But the steering wheel remote control is very useful.

The seats are very comfy like most Renaults and I have just fitted some rear head rest which I got from a Scrap Laguna. it was so simple to do as the holes are already there! (finishes the car off nicely!)

Overall a nice looking stylish car.

Would buy another!

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Review Date: 21st March, 2004

1995 Renault Laguna RTI 2.0 S 2 litre from UK and Ireland


Sturdy good looking workhorse, with a bit of poke for when its needed


The things that have gone wrong with the car so far are the aerial was a bit loose and when I attempted to put it straight it came off in my hand, I stuck this back on, but have to re-seal around it every now and then where it meets the car roof as water gets in very easily if it is not done.

The stereo remote doesn't operate at all.

Lastly the bonnet release is a bit stiff and you really have to pull it hard to get the bonnet to release.

General Comments:

One little niggle is this, when the ignition is first turned on the temp guage gives a reading of oil level, this is not accurate and should not be used to fill the engine, good old dipstick is best for this!

Apart from that the car is in perfect working order and doesn't suffer from any of the leaky doors that I have heard about on other laguna's.

Very pleased with the car and it having the Volvo engine fills me with confidence that it'll go on for quite a few miles yet.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2004

1995 Renault Laguna RN 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic sensible motoring


Middle section of the exhaust rusted and needed replacing.

Battery kept running itself flat.

Distributer gave up the ghost.

Tailgate solenoid was replaced.

Heat-shield rusted to nothing and replaced.

General Comments:

Bought with the insurance payout from the Mazda, Jean-Pierre (as he is known) has been the perfect compliment to our Z3. We bought the car almost a year ago to the day for £950. It was a nice aqua blue metallic, was mechanically sound, but was starting to show its miles on the outside - a few dents and scratches.

The car has proved a truly superb buy and this is despite spending £800 on repairs over the year + £200 on a new stereo after the other one died with the battery.

It is an absolute giggle to drive. The body may roll, but the car stays planted to the road with remarkable composure. Under-steer can be promoted, but it is unadvisable considering the lack of feel from the steering.

The engine, although only blessed with 95PS and covering 156000 miles, is still running well. At 80mph it is still possible to travel without the radio. Fuel economy may only be 37MPG, but then again I don't drive him particularly economically. On the motorways of Europe he has seen the heady side of 115MPH, and is actually quieter and smoother at 95mph then at 80mph.

Inside the cabin is roomy and the seats (front and rear) comfortable and with plenty of leg and headroom. Boot space is fantastic and has swallowed (with seats down) a dishwasher with consummate ease. Countless trips to the dump and B&Q have been completed with car almost begging for more. The faulty rear tailgate solenoid which would only work now and then has been fixed (the part was purchased in France for £35 - UK wanted £50 + VAT) - which made the B&Q trips something of a lottery when bringing things back.

The car has been much maligned in the media for being French and I am not denying that the car will probably not be running in 5 years time, but for the money we have spent I could not have asked for a better car.

Overall the car has been a fantastic bargain costing about 25p per mile to run including insurance and petrol - and that is if I throw the car away.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2003