25th Feb 2004, 01:23

Sounds a very similar problem to what I've experienced.

I to have a company owned Laguna 2 Dynamique.

I've done 45,000 mile in it from new ans I'm on my third clutch. The first lasted 15,000 miles, the second 23,000 miles. Every time my Renault Dealer in Cardiff has had the car to change the clutch it has come back with steering rack problems. The first time the rack was damaged where it wouldn't centre itself as you drove. I thought I was driving an early landrover. The second time it came back with a grinding sound from the rack which they eventually cured. But the noise is back and it's going back to the dealer next Monday to be fixed again.

The dealer has no idea what customer service is and it took me to make a pain of myself in the service eception before they would take my concerns seriously. Something I don't like doing.

There are numerous other problems with it, but I won't bore you all any more.

Safe to say I won't be having another Renault. I think it'll be a Ford Mondeo next time!

20th Sep 2004, 05:52

I have had a Laguna II from new - 36 months ago. Much as I love the car, I would like to point out the following work, which has been undertaken in the last 3 years of ownership:

1. NSF wing required refitting due to poor alignment.

2. NSF door trim replaced (loose).

3. Engine under tray rear retaining bolts fitted (were either missing on delivery, or fell out).

4. Three recalls for throttle peddle modification, ECU reprogramming and checks for water ingression into the ABS computer.

5. Entry card replaced (intermittent central locking function).

6. NSF door electric window switch repaired (retainer unclipped and switch fell back into door).

7. Drivers seat base recovered (broken retaining string).

8. Headlamp washer assembly replaced (nearside kept sticking in 'up' position).

9. Tailgate struts replaced (leaking).

10. Replacement tailgate strut replaced (leaking after 1 week).

11. Drivers seat lumbar support repaired (failed).

I should add that the car has covered a massive total of 21,000 miles during this period!

21st Mar 2005, 14:58

My experience with a Renault Laguna Expression 1.8 has been quite different because I bought it new in 2001 and have now covered about 50,000 miles with virtually no problems at all. It has been serviced by Renault Leeds and I have found their service facilities and general service to be excellent.

I regularly get over 40 mpg from this car on long journeys and between services it uses no oil. Altogether an excellent car and I would certainly recommend it to others

(I am a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers so do know a little about cars!)

30th Aug 2007, 13:11

I bought a Laguna II 2.0 IDE, and found out that ECU is bypassed with some wires. Don't know what to do next. I'm desperate to fix and drive it, because I love the car.

2nd Nov 2007, 18:39

I have been unfortunate enough to buy one of the 51 plate 1.8 16v Dynamique cars. It looks fantastic and for the first 3 months drove like a dream (apart from the tyre pressure sensor light being on constantly). It was eventually sorted and again ran well for a couple of months, but then the fun really started...

After driving a couple of miles, the electronic warning light came on and the car stalled at 30mph; hence, the PAS ABS were immobilised and I had a fight to stop the thing. When I restarted the engine, it was like a ghost was in the car just revving the engine at around 2000rpm.

I had an auto electrician come out to look who said I had 3 faults; throttle potentiometer failure, flywheel sensor problem and catalytic converter sensor faulty. Renault dealer quoted me around £1200 to fix the problems. I contacted a local supplier and sourced the parts for around £75 for all three. Renault must supply solid gold parts I think!!!

However I then took it to another specialist (Renault auto electrician) who found nothing at all wrong with the car apart from the tyre pressure was set to summer instead of winter! I left it for three days and was running great until today, when it has started doing the same again. Can anyone help with my problem as I am losing the will to live?

13th Nov 2007, 09:22

I too have had the same electronic problems on a 52 plate 1.8 Laguna dynamique. Sometimes the car cuts out whilst decelerating and just recently the car idles at 2000 rpm and will not accelerate or decelerate when using the throttle!

Did you solve this problem?


Andy, another Renault victim...

17th Nov 2007, 12:41

Renault Laguna - 2001 model (Y Reg)

Pile of steam. Problems with electric; electric windows; stupid - very stupid computer. Not had such a bad car in a long time.

19th Nov 2007, 01:56

Lots of technical advice on Parkers or RenaultForums.

11th Dec 2007, 01:54

Hmm this is all very interesting. I have just bought a 52 plate 1.8 16v dynamique Laguna. From the day I bought it it has had the tyre pressure warning light on. Constant trips to and from the garage has only given me about 20 minutes driving without the warning light on in 2 months. I am back to the garage again this saturday when hopefully the problem will be sorted. This morning I had the 2 front sensors out, with a flashing warning light and blinking drivers side rear tyre sensor warning. I am hoping this was due to the minus temperature. I am hoping beyond all hope that I don't get a run of problems that other people have had with this car! So far I love the car, but am worried that it seems to have a history of niggling faults that work out expensive...

17th Dec 2007, 15:06

I have a laguna 11 on a 51 plate, and it has been nothing but an electronic pain.

It drives fine and it is comfy, but has cost huge amounts as it is continuously having electrical faults: tyre sensors, dash display, sun roof, windows, interior lights, key cards.

Do not make the mistake of thinking they are value for money. You will spend more than you saved on a more expensive brand in the first year, plus the dealers don't know how to repair the problems that crop up.

23rd Jan 2008, 09:09

Just bought (from Renault dealer) a '02 Laguna 1.6 Authentique - 160,000 miles up on the clock - one owner from new (who I also knew) - lovely car - drives like a dream - and a bargain price - incld 6 month bumper to bumper warranty "on everything"...


20th Feb 2008, 13:18

I have the Laguna 2 Prestige T on an 52 plate. I have owned this since 2004 and had very little problem, certanly none of the type sensor problems of above.

Now at the 54,000 service I have various problems; the headlight washer replacement around the £130 mark, which I will try and fix myself first. Also, water in the boot switch. it's a 5 minute job easy to do yourself.

I've also had no errors with the ECU; the only thing is the turbo stutters and cuts in and out a bit at the 3000 rpm mark.

I used to have an old Laguna 1 which was great and gave no problems in the 8 years I had it, so I bought a II, and haven't liked it at all, although I haven't had many problems, but couldn't recomend the car.