28th Nov 2009, 09:30

I bought a Renault Laguna II 1.6 Dynamique 2 years ago.

Two coil packs have gone on different occasions, which pretty much leaves you stranded and with a nice bill.

I must say that I love the car, it's very comfortable, looks great and handles really well.

The mirrors are great too, I don't really have any blind spots at the back corners of the car like I would in other cars.

I bought it with 63,000 miles and it's approaching 95,000 miles now, and everything is starting to go wrong...

The spring in the door over the fuel cap has snapped, and so it doesn't stay open when refueling.

Bulbs are blowing all the time. Here's a good one, there are tiny bulbs in the back of the air conditioning controls, and I took out the air con controls and removed the bulbs. I then went to Renault to get replacement ones, and they said that they don't have those bulbs as a part, I would need to buy the whole air conditioning controls unit for about €400... What a load of crap.

One of the overhead buttons for the drivers light snapped off.

The ash tray in the back of the center arm rest, I had never opened it before and decided to open it and guess what? A small piece of it snapped off and now it won't sit back in.

The rear window sprayer snapped off when I was washing the car.

The ball joint for one of the front wipers has failed and is making a horrible noise when I use the wipers.

Clutch has gone, but that's okay considering the mileage.

The gearbox mounting has failed and needs to be replaced, apparently it's very common on the Lagunas.

The front right wheel loses power when taking a hard sharp left hand bend.

I just know it's going to cost me an absolute fortune to put all these things right so I can sell the car, but it cost me 5.5K to buy it, and it would be a shame to scrap it 2 years later.

Great car, but maybe the quality just isn't there in some parts. I still love driving it!

26th Apr 2010, 15:26

52 Laguna Dynamique auto... bought 3 years ago, £4,700... cost since...£shedloads.. .average £800 per year, minus MOT, which averages no less than £300 per year...

Anything that can go wrong has, gearbox has now broke down, at a cost of £1500 minimum... can't afford it, and more than the car is worth... I'm devastated to have to scrap a car within three years, it's just a nightmare...

Oh, and I still have finance on it... Thank you Renault, thank you so much...

14th Sep 2010, 17:02

Does anyone know what the sign means when the car flashes and there are little things going around it?

25th Sep 2010, 07:39

Bought my 2005 Laguna 2 1.9 dCi Dynamique, 120ch. in February with 56k and have traveled 7k without a problem. This is without doubt the finest car I have owned and driven, and I've owned and driven a lot of cars, both second hand and new, plus police vehicles, and my wife's company cars.

Comfort, style, performance, economy. I'm so glad I ditched my Peugeot 307 1.9 HDi for this solid, roomy and comfy car.

I'll let you know when it starts to play up though!

1st Oct 2010, 11:49

I recently got a 2005 Laguna 1.9 dCi estate. So far no problems!!! It has 44000 on the clock and is beautiful to drive, powerful and so comfortable... I hope I do not get any of the above problems later on.

Previously had a 2.0 DTi Zafira that had a traction/ABS problem and EGR valve that get stuck with carbon deposits. Nothing could be done for good, as it was a design problem, except pay the bill to fix it!!

So happy now with my Laguna!!!

18th Jun 2011, 10:40


I agree with your comments on the Laguna 2.

I/we have a 2001 Laguna 2 DCI Dynamique sport tourer. It now has 204,000 miles and runs like clockwork! It has average 48.5 MPG on the original clutch, turbo, gearbox and engine. Regular servicing and driving sensibly has its benefits.

The tyre pressure monitors are hopeless so have been replaced with standard valves and had a front spring break at 191,000, so accept that as wear and tear! I replaced both.

28th Nov 2012, 16:27

I gave my son the money he paid for a Laguna Estate, as he was having so many problems with this car. This car is a pathetic load of outdated junk. I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying one, to make sure you are happy buying so many technical problems, and also that it is a dangerous vehicle to drive. Even if your tyres are the correct pressure, you will have a dashboard full of flashing warning lights... and also expensive problems will make sure you keep spending your money on repairs until you get to the "JUST SCRAP IT" stage.

I have dealt with many cars in my lifetime. So please take heed... the only way you will understand this message is if you buy one, but then it will be TOO late.

I am not saying ALL Laguna's have this problem... but when I looked on the Internet and also talked to mechanics... who just laughed as soon as I mentioned LAGUNA. It was ALL the SAME story.