2004 Renault Megane dCi 1.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Love it


The driver's side air bag failed. Worst part is the smell - have driven most of my life without air bags!

Driver's side dipped headlamp bulb failed. Reference the reviews on this subject, I changed it in circa 30 minutes using the access through the wheel arch. Yes it is difficult to access, and yes it is bad design, but NO WAY should Renault dealers charge to remove the bumper etc - with practice any mechanic with a bit of dexterity could change the bulbs in around 10 minutes.

The manual needs a decent sketch of the arrangement, so that you know when to push and pull etc (eg. to release the spring push towards front of car then move to side (RHS for the one I did) and it will come free and fall backwards. Orientation of bulb should be clear (notch up). I found getting wire connector on most difficult (took 3 attempts).

General Comments:

Relaxing to drive, but is quick enough when driven enthusiastically.

Fuel efficiency good - around 60 mpg average.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2008

2004 Renault Megane 1.6 petrol from Singapore


Good ride with disappointing reliability


Power windows failed on 3 occasions within the first 2 years (35,000km), twice on the same window. However, I think this design problem has largely been resolved; the problem has not resurfaced.

Engine sensor failed in the 2nd year (45,000km). This caused the engine to shut off below 1k rpm.

Door seals were worn in the 2nd year (45,000km), resulting in water ingress on 2 doors during heavy rain. Seals were replaced.

Throttle valve was clogged in the 3rd year (50,000km). This caused unstable rpm at idle.

Ignition coils failed in the 3rd year (55,000km). Engine power dropped significantly. 2 coils were replaced.

The problems within the first 3 years were fixed under warranty with no recurrences.

Transmission solenoid failed in the 4th year (60,000km), after warranty. This caused gears to be stuck between 2nd and 3rd gear.

The rubber finish on a few surfaces (hand brake, door handle, glove box) started peeling after the 2nd year.

General Comments:

The interior is roomy and seats 3 passengers in the rear comfortably. Ride comfort is generally good.

Sound insulation is good. You will hardly notice the engine or the noise outside.

It has a spacious boot and many small compartments to stow items. With the rear seats folded, it becomes almost flush with the boot floor, allowing bulky items to be transported easily.

Handling is fair, but don't expect it to handle like a racer (which it isn't).

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Review Date: 1st February, 2008

2004 Renault Megane Sedan Privil├ęge 1.9dCi 120HP from France


Stylish family car, with poor build quality


- Wheel bearing for right front wheel needed to be replaced.

- Both front indicator sockets needed to replaced.

- Failing door handles, not working hands free.

- Horn not working.

General Comments:

OK lets just start with the good points of this car:

- Fantastic looks, both interior and exterior. Love it or hate it, I love it.

- Roomy passenger cabin for its class, good rear legroom.

- comfortable seats with fantastic headrests.

- The driving position is quite high, I'm in favor of that.

- Very well equipped for the price.

- The climate system works great, no draft what so ever.

- Drives comfortably on smooth roads.

- 6-speed gearbox, low engine noise at high speeds.

- Powerful and refined diesel engine.

- Engine sound is very well isolated from the passenger cabin.

- Very economical, 41mpg without driving like a granny.

- Powerful brakes.

- Superb radio control at steering wheel.

The bad points:

- Clunky gearbox.

- Unresponsive steering, no drivers car at all.

- Straight driving stability is poor, needs too much steering corrections.

- Suspension is rubbish on bad roads, car gets jumpy and makes clunky noises.

- Poor radio reception.

- Squealing breaks, especially when reversing.

- Rattles and squeaks in the interior, without radio you go crazy on bad roads!

- Poor build quality, interior and exterior.

- Renault dealership lacks professionalism and competence.

The Renault Megane is in general a good car, it has many good points that make you forgive the bad points. But it does have serious shortcomings that are mostly due to poor build quality, lack of decent quality control and the lousy Renault dealership.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2007

7th May 2007, 06:26

I forgot to add that the rear tires wear out as quickly as the front tires. I mentioned this to the Renault dealer but they said it must be my driving style. I wonder what driving style could result in wearing out the back tyres quicker then the front tires with an FWD car, without using the handbrake.